Spirits and the mundane human life/world

I’m curious. If spirits are so invested with helping and aiding us on our journey, do they understand what human life is like? I would enjoy granting a spirit that experience. After all, I think that would be fair.

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fuck human life is the most mundane and boring especially for non spiritual atheistic folk who carry on pointless life’s where they go to work school college pay bills taxes get into the same boring relationships marriage divorce alimony etc also spending time arguing about stupid pointless shit like politics gender and race issues etc etc… fuck just kill me if I lived my life like that suicide is the best answer to these people and their pointless mundane lives…


got off track but goddammit do I hate being human…


I wouldn’t call their lives pointless because they’re living how they want and if they’re enjoying it then all the power to them.


From my experience, they do understand human life but its not their cup of tea and i don’t believe they’d trade what they have to be human

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Actually Spirits help us BECAUSE we are human. We can exist in this physical world and return when we want, they can’t and some have never had physical bodies.
I believe Azazel told EA humans are the ones who can truly become God’s. Belial has said something similar to this as well.


A lot of people have this assumption being human sucks and everything is better.
I just don’t get that.
For example how many rules or laws can we break and still be fine but not so for a Fae.

Most Spirits have chains (so to speak) that we will never have. It doesn’t mean they are weak but it shows we are different and shouldn’t throw away our differences like we do.


If I recall, Azazel refers to the material world as the place where the astral/otherworldly concepts become actually material, and thus more difficult to maneuver. Which is why we are in a seat of power, in that if we are familiar with the material world AND the astral, we can create our own.

Kinda took the source material from Book of Azazel and went off the reservation and explained it how I think of it.

If things like rent, jobs, or your personal mental state kick your ass, a lot of otherworldly things can too. That is why a lot of the competent magicians have a lot of things together, because they’ve learned this world well enough to where they can explore the other worlds.

(The above mentioned problems kicking people’s ass are still kicking mine, so no need to aggro, theres no high horse on my end)


Spirits envy the physical. That is why an offering of the experience of something we take for granted, like eating or drinking, can be a powerful offering.

As @anon48957109 stated above, in the Book of Azazel, EA was told by the grand demon that the physical is the exalted state because it is the only one in which true godhood is possible. He chided EA for always trying to escape the flesh:

"You have become obsessed with escaping this world, escaping your body, flying away from it instead of
embracing the flesh. When this world is miserable, when you see the misery around you, rather than acting as a God would act, rather than commanding the tempest to cease, you instead flee. This is the final incarnation, the world into which you have forced yourself, yet rather than fulfilling your purpose here – which is to become a god in this, the only realm where that is possible – you instead struggle to leave this world and disappear into that infinite nothingness, the omnipresent quandary from which you descended. This world, this life of yours, is the next phase of your existence. Eternity is not a cycle, but is an ever-constant expansion of the self. Now that you have achieved both the realization of your infinitude, and the singularity-state of the physical body, you can begin to expand from that singularity.”

And: "Have you not considered that perhaps there is a work at hand which transcends you and your desire to see into the Mysteries? Have you considered that perhaps it is the work of the Mysteries to understand you?
Because you desire so strongly to travel into Our world, it is difficult for you to understand how fierce our desire is to travel into Yours. The mystery does not lie inwards, in that from which all things came, but instead
the mystery lies outwards, in that which has become.”

Personally, this spoke deeply to me. The LHP is supposed to be about embracing the physical, understanding that there is no dichotomy of “spiritual” versus “material.” If you want to reject the physical life, then the RHP goal of merging with Source would more fit with that line of thinking. @Lady_Eva described in one of her earlier posts that when she was walking the RHP, the more she began to reject the physical world, the more the physical world began to reject her.


Every day I try to keep this in mind.


Thank you for the direct quote and sharing your info


Lol Belial always has nuggets of wisdom. He keeps saying to me “I am no one’s King but I am without a Master”. I’ve heard it so many times I want to say Okay, I get it!
I’ve realized though, if he keeps saying it I probably don’t “get it” yet :wink:

You can look at the Egyptians as well. They believed the physical body was a shard of the soul. The gods were no longer able to use their physical bodies so the Egyptians built them statues as temporary bodies.
The Emerald Tablets talk of the god’s bodies forever asleep.


most of them don’t enjoy it they continue and do mundane activities out of habit

the grass is always greener on the other side

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@anon48957109 To the Norse the body was called the lich (LEEK) and it was a part of the soul complex. I believe I’ve heard Vodouissants say that the body is part of the soul but I may be wrong on that account.



Are you me? :joy: I’m feeling the same way as you lol.

I really question this reality and all the bullshit stuff like “you are here to learn lessons”… What lessons? Playing on my xbox all day? Studying hard for an exam and failing it?

I feel like we are on reset mode because our connections to the astral world are turned off by default. I really think my higher self chose a shitty incarnation. I mean there is no karma, it doesn’t exist. What’s the point of being a “good” human. There will be no other incarnations or lives which will pay off your remaining karma etc

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I can confirm this Azael has told me embrace the physical and learn to enjoy at least tolerate it don’t work up so much on escaping it and stay grounded in reality physical realm and the Chakra for Saturn I have been working with is the root physical Chakra


also with Azazel I get urges to drink booze and eat candy both Azazel and Lucifer love offerings of sugar and candy… :beer: :lollipop:

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Belial’s words have been ringing in the back of my mind lately, keeping me on track. My life is not great, but I no longer want to die or escape it, just make it better. I understand now that working magick for physical and material ends is Ascension. There is no separation between the two.

EA echoes this in Evoking Eternity, when he says Ascension is the elevation of the whole being, not just the “spiritual” part.

Some final words from mighty Belial: “You must understand that the material and the spiritual are one. This must become a deep knowing.”

I’m still working on the deep knowing part lol


I’ll drink to that.

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Why not? I did. Means to an end.