Spirits and the mundane human life/world

Not sure what you mean by “why not”- clarify? I’m a bit slow smh

This thread has become a sort of synchronicity for me, since the words of Belial have been on my mind lately.

Cheers to that :beer:

As humans were at an advantage because we can learn from demons, angels, loa and pretty much anything else. We have zero limits when it comes to that and spirits know it. We literally have access to unlimited power.

Also , I’ve learned from a few different entities just why they not envy us per se but would wish to be able to experience their abilities in the physical realm.


I’m not planning on abandoning the physical. I just don’t want to be limited by it.

However, what I’m talking about is sharing experiences with spirits.

You thought it wouldn’t be a daemons cup of tea to ‘trade’ being incorporeal to incarnate. I said “why not?” as in, why not incarnate? There’s lots you can experience as a human that you can’t otherwise. We take permanence so much for granted for one thing - spirits can’t have material things, but they’re kind of fun, why else do we hang on to materialism so much? The other thing is the extreme duality, talk about a double edged sword. And, It’s not like it takes long, in the grand scheme of things, so… why not? Get on the roller coaster and hopefully it’s thrilling and a great experience more than traumatising.

I personally think it’s a bit risky, so that it’s rather like doing extreme but exciting sports like sky diving, car racing, mountain climbing or snowboarding. You’ll have a great time but you might have a bunch of healing to do when you get home too. More seriously, being human is described as as a ‘fast track’ to spiritual evolution - whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Risk vs reward, experience as a means to an end.

Belail’s got he best approach IMO - wait to incarnate until the whole planet has raised in vibration so we can manifest reality to suit and not manifest genocide at the same time.

I fail to see the advantage in being at the DISadvantage of having forgotten everything so that learning it all over again is necessary at all. Belial intends to walk through that gate as he is, intact and knowing exactly who he is. That’s the way to do it.

I was just talking from my experience with the beings I’ve come into contact with. They weren’t interested in being human.

There are no atheists (aka non believers) amongst people the path of magic :grin: and we do believe more than traditional people of faith who follow Abrahamic religions. We have 3 bodies while spirits have just 1.
They’re pretty jealous of us,imho.
We can ascend …dunno about them…

That’s not true. There’s no rule that says you must “be a believer”, whatever that means, or you can’t do magik.“There are no rules”. There are people who approach it purely as a quantum and/or psychological phenomenon, particularly among chaos magicians. I seem to recall Bill Duvendack mentioning he thought Luciferians were atheists… hmn, can’t remember why. I’m still mulling that one over and I can’t find the video now.

Then there is the difference in what “ascent” means, and it’s not the same for all people. To be ascended AND keep the physical means to regain what the spirits already have - while not dying to do it. The thing that’s special about Ascent, is that we descended first.

Spirits haven’t descended, so I don’t think we should think of ascent as this special thing other spirits can’t do necessarily (depends on the spirit but a lot of the ones we like talk to just don’t want to descend and be incarnate)… so it’s more like the opposite - bringing the spiritual down into the physical so we can regain what we lost coming here, while also having density. With the added challenge of being made deaf, blind, numb and amnesiacal, it’s a bit tricky.

(I’m not talking about the kind of ascent of the “Ascended Masters” who were human and died, EA’s intention is to ascend higher than AMs and yet retain the physical and I’m getting on board with that slowly. )


You wrote a whole book to answer me but you didn’t understand a simple sentence from me.
“Didn’t understand” is harsh …sorry…my bad…When you visit astral world do you consider yourself a non believer? You have such privilege to know there are other beings in the Universe.
If that doesn’t make you a believer(at least to believe in existance of spirits) then we don’t see magic with same eyes.

The point was, that regardless of my personal stance, I don’t think you can assume “there are no atheists who practice magik”, given that I know of some who define themselves as such. I think its up to others to define themselves, and neither you nor I get to make the decision for them, see?

No need to say something and then apologise. Say it and stand behind your words or don’t say it.
I happen disagree with you on both counts is all. We’re both allowed our opinions, that’s fine.

When you visit astral world do you consider yourself a non believer?

Depends what you mean by a “believer”, which you didn’t define, but I suspect not, so no. I didn’t actually say whether I personally was either a “believer” or a “non-believer”. That’s because I don’t find that word useful because of it’s ambiguity and it’s connotations of religion, and I’m very much NOT religious.

If “believer” as is stands opposed to “atheist” in this conversation, requires belief in deity and gods… then again, no I’m no believer. I see the entities I interact with not as gods but as people. I’m in full agreement with EA’s gnosis from Azazel (and other daemons as I work with them) that there is no hierarchy, only roles we (we as in ALL people, I have a very broad definition of ‘we’) choose to fill., based on skill, interest and aptitude.

In another sense, that “belief” means having faith, I don’t. I know my truth, and I have questions. There is no room for mere belief in my philosophy. Belief implies there can be doubt, and you can’t either doubt or believe your magik will work, you must KNOW it works and then it does.

You have such privilege to know there are other beings in the Universe.

But it’s not a privilege: it’s a human birthright and completely normal. I find this attitude lacking in understanding of our power as the incarnations of the very type of occult beings we interact with.

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You do talk a lot and I hope you practice magic as much as you write :clap::clap::clap:
I keep it simple and you go on and on.
As you mention on your profile that you are Aquarius and Mr.Capricorn is here.
Maulbeere,don’t know if you are male or female,you can’t blame me.
At least I put my real picture,so no need for me to hide from others.
There is a name and there is a face.
One day in this or next life you might show me who is behind your mask.

Sounds like a you problem. I think you could use more words to explain your position better, and then I wouldn’t have had to caveat so much to compensate. But I wasn’t going to stoop to criticising your communication style, because I have no problem dealing with it.

I don’t see what you’re getting at with the rest… did you have a question? Are you having difficulty judging my words because you want to perceive them differently if I was female vs male? That is very human, so no I don’t blame you, my mind didn’t go to blame of any kind in relation to you at any point in fact. I identify as agender, both and neither in balance, which probably doesn’t help, but there you are. I don’t care what you or other humans look like, so I can’t relate to why you would, that’s a me thing.

Actually, feel free to pm rather than reacting and leading this off-topic.

At least we know some things better now.
P.S. Your way of judging me is simply passive agresive :clap::clap::clap: kudos on that :clap::clap::clap: another magical ability of yours? :wink: :grin:
I wish you all best (without judging you) :pray:

Well damn lol no I understand what your saying tho , I don’t understand how ppl go through this whole life experience and are cool with doing it that way even though they probably have a hunch that there’s more- they choose the complacent life

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At least we know some things better now.

:joy: Do you though? Do you really?
Why do you feel judged and that I’m being passive aggressive? … Was it the word “stoop”? I’ll admit I’m not impressed with the ad hominem attacks. It’s not that important though.

And no, passive aggression is not a magical ability at all. Like the golf clapping that’s just you being sarcastic. Not sure what your problem is but you won’t talk about it, so what I can I do? … Are you done or are you going to PM me? Because this isn’t appropriate and I won’t be responding to you further here.

We can be in this World, even if we are not of this World. With many things having a time and place, 'tis religious speak, to force plenty to hand over time, money, and other assorted resources to Corporate Law defined religious organizations. And these are grey magic groups, with the Corporate Organizations that victimize the masses, a small part are tying to be spiritual while another part of the same group of self-promoting predators of the masses.

With Grey-Magic types forcing in the spiritual people, to act as front people, for mass harvesting of other people’s resources. So a strict right hand path worker, must involve some baneful magic just to end the cycle of abuse.

I myself do not agree with this. I think spirits can eat and drink if they wish. Not only that, but they can have any experience that incarnated beings can. Astral plane has thought manifestation and food can be created through thought. etheric plane also has food. I also believe they have physical senses, but they can crank up their physical senses to feel much more than humans can.

You have said before that you are a Bodhisattva and thus come from a very high vibrational area where physical qualities like eating or drinking are not always wanted and where enlightenment is the key goal. I believe that the spirits we talk to if they wanted to could spend the rest of their eternity eating pizza or doing some other physical activity.

Yes, but they don’t persist very well. Create it, and use it right away or lose it, or spend effort maintaining it.

Bodhisattva as in, coming back to help not for myself, it’s a human thing not an origin thing. Eating seems strange to me for sure if I have to think about it, it doesn’t annoy me as much as trash and the fact that dust has to be a thing. :joy:

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All is vanity

Maybe the repetition is a training for our soul of sorts. Even if life is boring in the physical world. That’s why some can’t handle it and resort to drugs/sex/money of being too materialistic. People as I observe are soo into external focus rather than self cultivation. This new late teens early early 20’s generation are all into social media even during work hours. It sickens me. They; are too freaking superficial. And they think they are smarter than us older folks who’s lived longer, yet they can’t let go of a phone addiction to work a decent 8 hr agreement that they made with their employer. They think phone abuse is same as breathing air.

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