Spirit to overcome baldness and have a full head of hair


I am going to try it on the next libra moon


Thanks for the information :+1:


Of course :sunglasses:


What did you do?


I just had 2 green candles with the green sigil on paper inbetween. I was not sure what to expect, as it is with a new spirit, but I felt some good feelings in my scalp and I had pleasent dreams last night. I just called the spirits name several times and made my request. The rest I can not explain as my communication with spirits is to abstract and its very rare that its in words and like a conversation, its general impressions and , feelings and images and symbols, mostly images


Update I have been having a lot of success through Mercury - getting the right information


It smaller by a few cm’s


I shave my dome when I can. Honestly, I wish it’d all just fall out so I don’t have to buy so many razors. Haven’t shaved in a bit as it’s getting colder. Now I look like a hobo.

Ok, not me but I get pretty close to that.


High frequency wanted


Often times invoke Wig or Weave. Instant result


The root of baldness is too much right side. Go left hand path, discover Satan!