Spirit to overcome baldness and have a full head of hair

Planets or goetia spirits? PLease read- I already use nutrition and alternative medicine, I am not looking for more remedies, I want to aid it with magick thanks


You can use the mighty spirit Minoxidil.


Ha ha I already use enough supplements


HI @lustmagick ,

Not sure if any spirit can help. But I think any spirits that does the healing should be helpful. Healing spirit know exactly who to contact :wink:
However I have some suggestions -

  1. There is one House sigil mentioned in a book(I dont remember it now) House of Kol/Kel, from sphere mercury. They are said to give instantaneous healing to any situation. I think, they should be great for you. Evoke them and ask :wink: Raphael, Marbas also could help.

  2. As per Ayurveda each one of us have 3 doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. As far as I know, hair loss is the result of excessive Pitta Dosha. You should consult a competant Ayurvedic doctor to treat you. Take medicines few months and you can see the results yourself, if it helps or not.

  3. This will take time but sure will help you :wink:

If you combine the above 3, results could be phenomenal.




No need for “or” - planetary magick works well as a foundation for almost all other forms.


Where should one start the planetary magick??

Looking to start with Venus, you know what I mean :wink:


Talismans get my vote, simple to make and use, piwerful as anything! :+1:

Book “How To Make & Use Talismans” by Israel Regardie os your best one-stop for learning, and you can adapt it out of the GD/Abrahamic format he uses.


:japanese_ogre: great book :thumbsup: gives alot of great ideas. Helped me wrap my head around how to make my own elemental and planetary talismans,candles,sigils ect with a bit more precision. Still fine tuning for new pathworking at the moment.


Thanks @Lady_Eva :slight_smile:

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@Lady_Eva I’m curious how can you combine the planetary magick and goetia?
Can you give an example of this kind of combination?

The only way I can think is let’s say you need some money or something money related.
I will call upon the forces of Jupiter ( Intelligence and Spirit or Zeus/Jupiter ) for blessing of wealth and prosperity. And then i would work with a demon for accquire money?

So i will consecrate the sigil of Jupiter for blessings and the sigil of demon for actual desire?

Something like planetary magick for overall succes and blessing in the area i’m interested and the actual demons for micro-management?


I once Asked Hanuman and Shanidev to work together on a single task, I explicitly told them that, It worked out super awesome :wink: They both did what I asked them to ^^ Thanks Shanidev and Hanuman :slight_smile:

You could do the same.


What makes you think that losing ones hair is any less attractive to a woman? If you have the right woman, she’ll make you feel like a yeti!






With planetary magick you can bust out your own toolbox as it were and work in concert with the spirit to add an extra kick to the magick and potentially learn that spirits methods as well.

For example say you were doing a working to increase the flow of income in your life ir bring new sources to you.

You could evoke goetic entity that specializes in this and request to work on this area of your life in concert with them. Then as they do their part you could do a mercural road opener ritual with mercury (paths/travel/business) and venus(money/relationships/values) to open new avenues for this.

Then you could do a ritual with the sun and venus to better illuminate these opportunities so you don’t miss them. And then once you find them you could use jupiter(increase/expansion) and venus to help them grow. All the while the entitie tasked can use its methods to potentially funnel all this energy you are raising to the places that will best keet your goal.


I never mentioned that, besides I think stuff like that is self deceptive. If I am with the right woman she won’t care if I am fat, never bath or improve as a person. Besides I want to have a full head of har regardless of that

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No Marbas is working on giving me hairy palms the way I’m going…


Why not the greater invocation of luscious wig?

Yeah, this is a good method, i will try on a job hunting :). When you say to work with the planets, should I work with specific entities or just the overall planet? Because i was thinking to work with Clauneck and use the seal of Jupiter, but not a particular Jupiterean spirit, just the sigil charged with the apropiate orphic hymn. Thank for your response. :slight_smile: