Spirit to overcome baldness and have a full head of hair


A candle, any candle - Marbas’ sigil, some incense (just tell him your situation and say you need to wait until next month for money to buy the really good stuff) and off you go.

He likes yellow, orange candles
cedar or amber incense

BUT they are serving suggestions


ok thanks


I watched the video on the gallbladder and I want to give that a try, I see what you mean now, thanks


I throught he was for sick peopls, and health. But seems to give a try


I’m glad I could help. Everything is ultimately vibrational first, so looking into the emotional/mental reasons will uncover the root causation.

However, I still would really like to insist on the amazing liver and gallbladder flush. As I mentioned before, a liver detox will not remove any stones in the liver. I can guarantee you that if you are experiencing hair loss (regardless of whether or not you are genetically predisposed to it) you have a congested liver with gallstones. Doing a series of flushes will remove the gallstones, and get your hair back. <3


Look up detumescence therapy


Ok just did thanks, I found a PDF and I am looking it over


I’m gonna give this a try. I need to clean out my liver and kidneys anyways. I was told crannberry juice for kidneys and apple juice for liver


I’m glad you are willing to give the liver flushes a shot. Andreas in his book also talks about kidney cleansing and has specific instructions for a kidney cleansing tea. I don’t know about cranberry juice, but the apple juice will be great for your liver. 1L of apple juice per day for 6 days is what you will need to soften the liver and gallstones in your liver and gallbladder. Alternatively, you can drink 1/4 a cup of raw apple cider vinegar diluted in water each day for the 6 day cycle. I think this saves a bit of money. Although it won’t taste as good (it’s actually really sour) it is amazing for digestion and creates a very clear complexion.


I drink acv xp

Can you eat or drink anything else? Or not eat or drink anything?


I have assessed a lot of information and have a solid regiment going, plus working Marbas, so now its just implementing it and watching the results through time.


With regards on what you can (or cannot) eat is all explained in this short article I posted earlier here:

To answer your question though, you must not overeat, only eat three meals a day, do not eat meat, fish, sugar, gluten, alcohol, eggs, dairy or fats (including plant based fats). What you can eat are: rice, fruits, vegetables, fat free plant based sauces, rock salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, smoothies and fruit juices.

Just remember that you need to follow the instructions carefully on the night of the cleanse. Reference the article for more information.

I hope this helped!


So basically a juice fast. Ok thank


Thanks but I already said I have studied it in great length


Remember Life of Brian - ‘I have a bald patch…’?
Why do hard stuff when there’s Castor oil? As a living God, do it yourself. Rub/massage castor oil into skin. Hair grows. Great for hair and skin. Inexpensive too. You don’t need much.

P.s. I support liver cleansing.


LIke I said I have enough information, I have a diet regiment with herbs and I am rubbing enough stuff and shampoo’s and conditioners, plus working with spirit Marbas. Its to lengthy to describe all my citations and strategy would take to long to explain. Thanks for your input though


Well you can still eat solid foods such as rice or steamed veggies. A standard meal during this 6 day cleanse could be something like cooked rice, steamed veggies and a little bit of pink himalayan salt sprinkled over the rice.

Happy flushing! <3

@Uncle-Al I use castor oil on my scalp but have never noticed a difference. I did however use it on my eyebrows and they actually did come in a little thicker over roughly 4 weeks. My eyelashes also grew longer from them blinking against my eyebrows with the castor oil. It just might work for hair loss!


I started my fasting for Lent so I’ll be doing this


My complexion has actually gotten better since I started this apple juice and acv fast.


Yes spirits can help you, they’ve been helping witches in matters of beauty for centuries. You just need to look :slight_smile:

Goddesses of beauty can teach you methodsnand techniques to grow and maintain a good healthy head of hair: Freya, Liban, Aphrodite, Lilith, the list goes on.

Look into old world witchcraft spells that’s deal the hair growth, there are many