Spirit to overcome baldness and have a full head of hair


Either one should be fine. I usally work with the raw forces of the planets and elements with this kind of work. Gonna be slowly incorperating working with the spirits of these spheres this year though. Should be interesting.


Thanks I think I will try Marbas


I think you already invoked foot in mouth disease


Nah, I say what I mean even if people misunderstand it. All I was saying is that there’s a simple solution that can work in the interim as you find a more permanent solution.


OK fair enough, ha ha I am not wearing a wig though, but if I did


Get a big ass pink mullet or something.


Damn that is some hardcore white trash lunacy, perhaps I will go for it


Do it. Just for a short time to see how people react to it.


I don’t know a periwig and britches might just do the thing for some women…


Dude, this site is about getting what we want with the three powers.
Not, “you don’t really need it, just be yourself. Will it really bring you happiness?” garbage that most people spout off.


Always good to strike that balance between mundane stuff and magickal methods, I don’t THINK there’s a known magickal route to this but maybe the OP could skim through this list using search within the document to find any demons that could help:


I disagree. Some people settle for “less” and are totally fine with that. Why reflect your own wishes and goals on others? That’s “garbage” if there ever was such thing.


Easy there chaps, I think the OP was pretty clear what he wants, hopefully something will be found. :+1:


I agree like I said I am using vitamins and herbs like ho shou wu, deers tail extract, deer antler and others, I do not always turn to magick all the time. I wanted to add magick with treatment and I going to try Marbas


Actually the man I want doesn’t have a full head of hair, but in my eyes he’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Certainly for his own self esteem he can try as you suggest, and as someone who is actively working on herself to create a better version and one that would be pleasing to him (men are more visual in that respect) I wouldn’t stop him from using this.

However, those things which you may see as failings or unattractive in yourself may well be either things that are inconsequential or even attractive to someone who is desperate to drag you to her bedchamber and attempt to find every button on your imperfectly perfect chubby little body that will set off all the fireworks first sequentially and then in parallel.

@lustmagick As for the OP I hope he finds what he is looking for, although from my own experience with the Goetics, it is a 50-50 partnership. I am working with the great President Marbas for my own purposes and health.


Its so strange how dysgenic the modern age is, try to make any improvement and people try to convince you to stop it and think its some kind of insecurity problem


Well no, is it? You clearly don’t like balding, it’s affecting you. I simply stated that if it were and it was down to that, be aware that you can still be immensely attractive irrespective of whether you have long flowing Fabio locks or look like an American football.

I hope that the man I want isn’t going to point out my boobage heading southward or tell me I’m too old for him.

Talk to Marbas he might be able to assist.


If you own the book of Azazel try Hent’yos. on page 118

“Hent’yos possesses the ability to raise the spiritual “vibrational rate” of anything whatsoever. Such vibrational acceleration can heal a variety of diseases…Hent’yos power can cause a heightened vibration at a molecular level.”

Increasing the vibrational rate may regenerate the hair follicles that have died. Anyways get good at evocation first though, so they can tell you whether they can help you or not.


I do however agree with you that confidence and relationship skills matter too. Its mostly for myself and its about overcoming, its importance is not the highest priority in my life either. Thanks for your suggestion though, I think your half right.


Fight for your ideal self. The image in your mind. Don’t fight for an image that some random girl thinks you should be.