Spirit Sword

I’m not really sure how you’d go about it.

I think it has to do with shamanic techniques of traveling thru the astral plane, locking down the power, and then bringing it back with you as an energy signature that you can also pass on to others if you desire to.

I think on Peter’s website from his regular posts he may have talked about the process a bit.

I know Lady Eva knows a bit about shamanism and their techniques, so she might be able to help point you in the right direction as well.

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@MysticNick I have an idea. I will be communicating with various Spirits for a moment. If this works out I will PM you.

You will Not believe this:
Couple of days ago I was thinking of creating a sigil (whilst discussing something with a friend), and suddenly said whilst drawing… A sigil to protect myself against being vamped and Azazels names comes through
I drew this pattern with Aziz arou it like a sigil.
So am scrolling around look for confirm that there is such a thing as Aziz…
See this post.
I’m going to activate it and post it
You csn compare it and see what I mean.

Thinking on the immune system and cells that destroy invaders, does anyone ever look at each cell or atom as a spirit that is tied to your soul, mind, and body. Sort of your own personal legions that you do in fact command or is loyal to you to keep your being alive and functioning? When your mood dips into depression or toxic situation does the body, mind, and spirit not suffer and you feel weak. And when you soar with inspiration, joy, and power does it not prosper? I’d think in that essence you certainly are never alone.

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