Spirit Sword

I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of work. I am currently doing some Chinese sword work (of a magickal nature. Both with an actual weapon, and with a sword mudra), and I’ve also come across Kuji In practices that involve sword mudras. Various more Western practices too have a similar concept. Does anyone have any experience with magick work involving a spirit sword (with a literal blade or otherwise)? I know this is in the Baneful Magick category, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be baneful if anyone has a more general purpose rite.


for baneful reasons i usually use astral weapons to soften a target, or to inflict a direct more minor effect if i don’t feel like a full curse would be appropriate. Works quite well, one thing i was personally working on is, much like how goetic demons are powerful due to hundreds of years of reverence and use, that you can by that logic, summon astral weapons from mythology that have also held to a high standard by people(not the word but hey coffee is kicking in) The one’s i’m using and testing are the weapons from the vedas for this goal.

For non baneful reasons. I normally use them to dispell negative energy in an enviroment by cutting at the source. Or just to personally raise inner energy.

What type of swords you use for your actual sword work? I personally have a long sword and a katana and switch between days of which one gets messed with :slight_smile:


Wooden. I have both a Katana and a stick. I do have a Tibetan phurba of actual metal on hand, but I rarely use it.

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How would you go about doing that? Any rituals?

Yes, definitely. The methods I’ve been taught aren’t per say baneful, though they could very well be used in such a way if necessary.


I’m going about meditating on the deities associated with them to start see if there’s a simpiler way or a sigil or something, mostly shiva at the moment. right now until it’s ironed out, all’s just theory, and a mess. The on i used the other day when I felt attacked (I’ll go into that later perhaps) was vibrate the phrase om brahamastra and focused on the lore and my intent to use it and feel of the weapon till i almost felt it manifest , almost felt like i was physically holding the bow.

also something that’s being worked on, If this road holds any fruit i’ll definitely post a how to guide :slight_smile:

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@boredomkill5 My teacher mentioned something like that, though mostly as a lore thing. [quote=“boredomkill5, post:5, topic:18085”]
If this road holds any fruit i’ll definitely post a how to guide :slight_smile:
Please do. I am very interested.

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I have lots of experience using my sword for magick. It is my primary tool for every ritual, contact, evocation, and any other magickal practice. I don’t think that I use anything besides my sword and my wand (sparingly, it’s a very special wand) as hand tools for magick. So far, the sword has collected slots for collecting and storing immense amounts of energy with storm spirit signatures, has a direct connection with Artemis, is remotely accessible via a sinew ring and a crystal egg that I connected it to, and was used to defeat a few other storm spirits to prove I was a fit leader of a legion of 10,000. I don’t believe that there are many other tools any better to use than a sword, and I wouldn’t suggest any omnipotence seeker to use any other tool. Wands are typically tools that I store for when I need something with inherent capabilities to destroy worlds, but swords are better collectors of memories, powers, runes, and system connections. Once you pick up a sword, it is your friend, your comrade, and your brother. Though the wand has a loyalty to its mother-system, a sword has only one loyalty, and that is to you.

At least, that’s how I’ve experienced it.


I use both a sword and a staff. They both have their uses though I lean towards preferring a sword.

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A relevant post from another thread


In core shamanism it’s reasonably common to be given weapons, mainly swords, and this often happens to women who have never wielded anything more dangerous than a sharply worded e-mail, so it can be pretty fun at times!

But it actually reflects the wholeness of the spirit, of the person - one’s entire immune system is a murder squad with no agenda other than killing to death all competing lifeforms within the body, and we neglect that reality (of the need for aggression on all levels) to our peril, IMO. Hindus, source of many of our ideals of non-violence and compassion, have a warrior caste…

I would say therefore that these women whose mental symbol set isn’t around weaponry and whose experience of violence is reasonably limited points to them being a global archetype of some kind. so the spiritual element exists independently? Whether in the mass subconscious or whatever, but like me I think you mainly view spirits as external beings, so that “the Sword” is external and has power would fit these experiences, and models. :thinking:


This interests me. It’s good to have someone here following a different tradition from the usual mainstream LHP stuff. Your insights from core shamanism do help offer a new perspective outside of the usual Paths that can be found here.

Yes, I mostly view Spirits as external beings.

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Is there anything more you could say about the sword as a method for internal development? It seems to be a big thing in the Chinese Current I work with (there’s meant to be a deep connection between the sword and the energy center at the heart which is interesting since that’s not what you usually think of when you think of the heart), more so even than the practical aspects of a spirit sword as an actual weapon, and I am wondering if there’s more you can say about that either from core shamanism or from another Path.

A lot of the Chinese internal martial arts help you by developing the ability to direct energy, with the sword, this is directing the energy from you, through your hand and into the blade ( I’m assuming you’re working with something like a jian), the wide arcing slashes teaches you to direct the energy into the blade and to feel the energy around and in you and to better direct it, making the motion more natural and . Essentially expanding your consciousness to the weapon.

out side of that katas / forms are great to enter a moving meditative state.

It’s a bit more complicated than described, but I think you’ve got the essential idea of the Chinese Sword in internal martial arts (though your explanation misses the precise details of energy manipulation that are unique for sword work). I couldn’t care less about the martial aspects though. I am just trying to learn how to use a sword/sword mudra/ idea of a sword to direct energy for internal development, and spiritual combat among other things.

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understandable, when it comes to the internal aspects of the art I’ll admit not something I fully know about. I took the basics and applied it more towards the martial aspect, though even the basic concept of something like taichi does wonders for pretty much everything else not just martial application.

One thing you might want to look into is some of the taoist mystical texts, I know the sword mudra is a staple in a lot of their work, wish i could give you a starting point for that, but that taoist friend I haven’t talked to in what has to be years

Thank you. I will look into that.

I have an astral sword made from part of the spirit that would later become my husband. The way that I saw it happen was he got into a battle and his arm got cut off. The beings that cut off his arm laughed at him. They continued to mock him and I cried because I felt powerless to do anything. I picked up his arm.I asked him what i should do with his arm and he said “its yours now make it into something useful”. I wanted to be useful and help him fight and it was as if his arm answered and became a sword. He roared with laughter.

It wasnt until a few months ago Lucifer brought it to my attention the sword had kind of a conciousness of its own. It doesn’t speak but it has a desire to alter what it touches. Like a chaotic force that creates from destruction.

Satan showed me occult sword arts which I didnt even know there was a whole system for it. How to take different energies into the sword. Also how to store my excess energy in it instead of my body which too much makes me sick

This all makes me wonder if a magician could split part of his soul and make a sword out of it.


There’s surprisingly little on occult swordplay… What little I have found is basically an extension of what I already do… Some energywork type stuff mixed with martial ability and stuff…

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Sure, hit me with some questions, I’m waiting for a phone call so not in essay mindset (for once! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

And if I vanish for a bit I’ll be on again shortly.