Spirit Sword

I was thinking about this subject today… wtf these synchs are insane.

Aww :cry:. I was hoping for an essay. I just want to know more about what you are referring to when you talk about being given a sword in core shamanism. What does it mean (if anything)? What can you do with it? How does it change you? Is it linked to any Spirits? Is it something you actually use or is it more of a personal development thing? Are there any specific rites for receiving a sword or does it just happen? Is it related to any of the swords in other traditions that have been discussed here (Ogoun’s machete etc.)?


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I have actually been given an astral weapon by Odin that resembles a sword most of the time. He even named it for me.

I have used it specifically to cut chords of attachments that no longer serve me, as well as destroy malevolent entities.

As for particular sword mudras/magick, you might want to contact/look into Peter Aziz’s work )(who is a shaman)

The Naked Shaman(Clifford offers kuji in training in one of his courses), or perhaps the Bujinkan Ninja( I know they have Kuji, but not until higher black belt levels usually)

I don’t know if Peter or Clifford has exactly what you’re looking for, but they both have A LOT of empowerments and courses (warrior enhancing) you could take that might help you on your journey with your sword arts.

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@MysticNick This is very interesting. I’ve just gone to the websites, and this is what I’ve found



My only concern with a lot of these is the references to “destroying negative entities”. I work with demons and all, so I am not sure if this would get in the way.


As we discussed, I’ll definitely help with that.

I have an idea I am going to try that involved my companion that @TheStorm kindly provided me.

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I here ya.

You might want to to a divination of sorts and speak with your current spirits to see if it coincides and doesn’t rough up any waters first.

Obviously I would not consider all demons as negative entities, but I also don’t know the spirits your working with.

It may just have to do with ones that are negative to you.

Maybe you can email him to explain your situation and see what he says?

They aren’t (well maybe some of them are). It’s just that it sounded rather “white light”. Some people have weird definitions of “negative entities”

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If you look through his website, he works with a vast pantheon of spirits, including Kali, as well as other Tibetan/warrior wrathful dieties, Egyptian dieties, as well as the LOA.

It seems he has a mix of both light and considered dark entities as well as having all these empowerments himself, so he’d know what conflicts and what doesn’t.

I know his Kali stuff doesn’t have the same restrictions as some of his other white light stuff does.

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@MysticNick He doesn’t work with the explicitly demonic though. He’s far from White Light, but he doesn’t seem to be a black magickian either. Not very sure what he would think of working with Archdemons.

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That’s cool.

He doesn’t have to agree with what you’re doing to tell you if the empowerment would cause problems for you though :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the entities I’m working with right now is Lilith and I told her about an empowerment that I was thinking about getting from Peter that will destroy negative entities in my life.

I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to interfere with our work together in my life, nor hurt her. She responded by saying, " Am I a negative entity to you? Have I been hurting you in any way?, Then don’t worry about it." Not only that, but she said it would only help me in my magickal ascension, protection, as well as the other abilities it is stated to give one! \m/

@MysticNick I think some of the beings I work with are a lot darker than Lilith. One at least is purely destructive. The grimoire says that particular set of rites can only be done for evil purposes (evil as in death, domination, suffering, against the natural order of things. Not necessarily as in morally evil)

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Do what you feel is best for you. :sunglasses:

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@MysticNick I am actually wondering if it would be possible to offer Black Magick empowerments. I’ve already started doing Personal Spirit Companions, and I am wondering if I could do similar Black Magick versions of some of the things he is offering. Any ideas on how to get started?

Hmmmmmm that’s a good question.

Usually with the shamans, they do the initiations and work with the spirits to gain the power and they can then pass it on to others as a sort of shaktipat whether distantly or in person. I guess if you want to do this, you would speak with the spirit you’re working with, tell them what you plan on doing, get the initiation from them, and then get there permission/technique to share or pass it on to others.

I know E.A. kinda does something like this already with his spirit pacts on behalf of others with Lucifer, Belial and such as well.

@MysticNick I thought this needed it’s own thread

I mean I personally have received various mantles, empowerments, and spiritual gifts from the Spirits. It’s the passing it on aspect that is the problem. How would I go about doing that?

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Yeah, sorry about that, didn’t mean to throw the thread off.

You didn’t. It’s still very much relevant. I was just thinking that another thread might bring more focus to the topic.

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