Spirit Signs & Omens for newbies

Hi there. Like my glossary & list of terms was an attempt to help beginners, this is also intended to help people that’s new to the craft, to move along more smoothly in the valley of spirit messages and omens and make the process of their ascent a slightly more clearcut path.

A kind but firm message to all the hardasses out there: I don’t condone laziness however when some of us began we didn’t have kind people to help us out in terms of pointing out, to you. the obvious connections. Wouldn’t you have wanted to spare yourself the endless hours of scouring every tome, book, file, grimoire, archive both online and offline for clues about what seems to be a random sequence of events that some align pretty neatly but you don’t know what they meant? That’s why to help out others and spare nedless misery I felt the need to do this.

Here we go.

Spirits like to communicate in many ways here are some ways I’ve found that they like to go about doing it outside of the ritual. When you’ve usually asked or ordered some kind of favor or issued a task. These are ways to look out for in general but even more so if you are not clairaudient or you’ve haven’t spent much time developing your senses so they are semi developed, or in the case that you might have a really well developed inuition and you might wonder if the spirits are trying to tell you something. Well here are examples of common manifestations and ways of communication through signs and omens you might run into. To note at times there ins’t just one of these there could even be two or more of these that come together, to form a more coherent message for you so be sure to be on the lookout like a hawk.

Repeated numbers: look into numerology, the numbers can even associated with the letters of the alphabet. Common repeated numbers you may have heard of and that are important: 11:11, 3:33, 7:77: 9:99. Or perhaps just as single numbers either prime numbers or multiples of single numbers like: 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 17, 19 18, 27, 48, 49, 63, 99, 333, 666 etc.

Words, names & sentences: it can be words you know, or you don’t know which you got to look up. The words can even pop up in foregin languages. Names has happened to once or twice, I didn’t know it was a name until I googled it I nearly misstook it for a word. Sometimes random sentences in a conversation that didn’t seem to have a meaning at all but felt important nontheless, however when examined or meditated about they revealed themselves to be exactly the information you need when you needed it.

Feeling a magnetic pull: as in you feel like you’re drawn to something you and you can’t rest until you find out what the source of that pull is - like you need to crack open a book you had no interest in before, watching a movie or playing a videogame and somethign stands out but you can’t put your fingers on what it is at first? That’s likely someone from the other side of the veil trying to tell you something.

Bits of information: snipets of information or whole answers to things you’ve been wondering about for quite sometime, you hear a snippet of conversation that relates perfectly to your situation. You see a movie and a scene answers through an: “that’s it!” - experience, like you’d see someone use an ingredient in some sort of soup and realize you might need it for something you do, like a contagious magick spell where you gather a set of items in a bag.

Animals behave in odd ways: birds fly in special patterns: two example of mine: the birds were flying in a big flock but suddenly formed a perfect line making out the rune Isa. Today they formed the shape of pentagram. Another example after completing a rite of consecration or sitting one of my circles out cat walks up my purring and rolling and what’s to be scracthed all over and she really seem to enjoy the circles and the like somehow esepcially after I have consecrated my altar. Or a bird f.e. a raven stares at you unflinshingly into you. All of these trying to tell you something. Black animals are usually considred to be the messangers of the gods/godessess. Or your totem animal or a animal sacred to an entity appears a lot in your life all of a sudden or the day after or a short time after a working is completed pertaining to that entity. This is usually a really solid sign an entity want to talk to you.

Poltergeist activity: objects fall for seemingly no reason, things are moved around, or objects fall to the floor, or something cracks for no reason it usally a sign of menifestation of some kind, usually the veil is thinner or the spirits you’ve tried to contact. Or shadows move through your house or you can a shadow near your bed when you’re about to fall asleep? Could be a message for sure or a sign you might need to perform a banishing ritual.

Music: a song stuck in your head after rituals, like a part of the lyrics keep repeating over and over without ened? That’s likely a spirit message trying to tell you something. - example: take my arms so that I might reach you, but my words like silent raindrops fell and no one dared disturb the sound of silence." - over and over until I relalized what it meant. Piece of an instrumental? You might to look and individual Hz frequenzy to get the message that was intended for you (this is a rare one).

Pieces of art: or images speaks to you somehow, it could be a motif that has for a example lots of blood and is pretty gory but yet you feel that there’s something about that strikes you as important, it could be a message being conveyed to you through an image.

People: you speak to can suddenly somehow for no apparent reason feel like they are saying something of great importance, in the case of a developed intuition you might even notice the prescence of the spirit you were talking to are making its way through the other persons mouth. You’ll get almost like a shock or rather a - “Oh wow, that’s it, we (you and the spirit) just spoke about this but I didnt get, now I do!” - like an Aha! moment of sorts.

Drawing: ever felt like you needed to draw something for no reason? Or an image that you can’t place has occupied your thoughts for quite sometime? That’s likely the spirit trying to get you to draw something in order to help you process the information they are pouring into your brain.

Inspiration: sudden flahes for no reason, despite not being a nature person you want to go out in the woods and feel like you can’t rest until you get it done? That could be a neat way for an entity to try and get a hold of your attention.

Dread & Anxiety for no reason: you may be in deep shit or you could just in some cases when evoking some badass beings feel a little anxious or it means you’ve done something to oddend or upset a spirit, oh dear you are in trouble if that’s the case.

Irregular sleep: this has happened to me quite a few times I lay down to sleep and I can’t do it, it usually doesn’t matter how much melatonin I take, I cna’t sleep until I tune into my minds and perhaps start daydreaming about something and it feels important and then I can fall asleep but only after I’ve memorized everything. Or you even feel the need to get up and do something magick related.

Drawn to you temple: you suddenly when walking home despite having not planned anything you feel the need to enter your temple and contact a certain spirit, or do something magick related? Well that’s a good indicator that a spirit are communicating with you and want a word with you or to show you something important.

Dreams: pretty self explanatory but if you have the same dreams night after night and they feel really vivid, or you can’t remember dreams for shit yet you wake and you remember this dream that feels super important somehow despitre not knowing anything about what it meant? That’s a good sign a spirit is communicating with you.

Weather: sudden weather changes, winds pick up during an evocation? Thunder suddenly rolled in? Or perhaps you made a ritual to change the weather like you wanted sunshine the dayafter? - well if the weather changes from rain to sun either pretty quickly or the day after following the ritual you can be pretty dange sure that your rite was successful.

Candle bobbing up and down, spraks & flashes: candles when spirits are around sometimes behave in odd ways, like the flame of the candle suddenly shrinks to near existence only to grow really large all of a sudden? Sparks fly or the seemingly flash, all three or two or maybe just one of them while summoning the spirit or when you wait for an answer from a spirit? Well that’s a really nice and clear sign that you are syaing to you and your evocation is indeed a success.

Clock stop: ever had a clock stop at a certain time for no reason at all? - could be a reference to a page number or letter/s that might be important.

These are the common things I know of and have seen and have personal experience with and includes the most common omens I know of it should help to clear out when a spirit or the uniivserse is trying to tell you something?

Hope this helps you guys out, if something needs to be clarified or added upon let me know, if I something new that is solid I’ll update the list.

All the best



I’ve had that happen all week! :slight_smile: after deciding to work with metatron( because he’s one of my guardians) I kept seeing 11:11 every day for the past week and today while thinking about him the lights above me at work would brighten and then dim repeatedly. Hmmm…I think he’s trying to say something :joy:

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For sure he is if that’s the case. Now comes the hard part - trying to fiugure what the hell the spirit actually wants to tell you. :wink: Now what remainbs is for you to figure out a way to summon him and talk to him to see what he feelsd like you should know.

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Well when I was figuring out my guardians I asked if I’m ready to work with him and if he wants to work with me as well and it was a pretty strong yes. So time to bust out that sigil and give him a call. :grin:


Do it! Be sure to let us know how it went down. ^^


I had to use my pendulum but he’s agreed to work with me through dreams and such. When I was opening his sigil silence has never sounded louder. :joy:

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So when metatron came yesterday he told me he’s going to tag team with sandalphon then she appeared and I was like holy hell she freaking gorgeous! She had long light brown hair and glowing blue eyes. Her entire body glowed with that blue light. She said hello but of course I was too busy being stupefied looking like a freaking idiot! Her energy felt gentle, calm, soothing and oddly alien. She also had some kind of crystal shard in her forehead. So far that has been my experience this morning however I woke up feeling so happy. An overflow of joy. I probably looked like an idiot at work because I couldn’t stop smiling. Also I used my pendulum this morning to confirm that it was sandalphon. So this should be interesting. When I get home I’m going to open her sigil and see what happens :blush:


Awesome post. People don’t talk about omens enough, especially when dealing with newbies.


Probably because you don’t know whether it’s the spirits messing with you or just a coincidence however when its obvious it’s obvious. When I was doing my guardian demons ritual I asked them enough times for them to start messing with my bedroom lights. Belial in particular :joy:

Looked at the clock just now once again it’s 11:11 :joy:

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That’s really clear wish for communication go fetch the sigil. ^^

Not sure if I do consider coincidences as a thing anymore I believe that there’s no such thing. I’ll have to make a separate post about that but I really believe that everything happens for a reason.

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Sometimes when I’m listening to music for the sake of having background noise, there will be certain lyrics that get my attention, especially when I haven’t been paying attention to the song.


Has it remained in your head all the time after that?

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It happens to me with numbers, above all 44,66,616 and sometimes 11

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I know about that eleven could be related to the Qliphoth for sure but take it with a grain of salt, I believe entities can also correspond with numbers as well this is something I am not to sure of though.

This morning when I woke up I had MC hammers can’t touch this stuck in my head

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Awesome list, man! :+1:

I’d also suggest that people keep a written record of the signs and omens that pop up in their life and the events that follow them, as this can help identify recurring symbols that are specific to them. Just like using a dream journal can shed light on the architectural pattern of one’s subconscious, an ‘omen journal’ can assist in exposing deeper patterns woven into the tapestry of waking life. I go into this in more detail as well as some other techniques for increasing awareness of synchronicity and omens in my post here.


For a little bit.

Well I would say that it likely counts. I guess my tip would be take a look at the lyrics themselves , do they relate to you current situation ,or can the lyric be looked at from a different angle and therefore be interpreted in a way which wasn’t seen before?

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Hey there @Nyxifer . Your post was also really useful in general but the exercise was especially useful info to know about. I intend to try it. I wish I would’ve had access to that info and exercise when I started out. I use other meditations that have a very similar effect. But I’ll try it and see if it’ll improve my overall abillity in regsitering omens. It can’t hurt. ^^

Many thanks for your kind words by the way. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, let me know how it goes! And feel free to share the other meditations you use if ya can, I’m always game for learning new techniques. :smiley:

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