Spirit For New Housing? Forum Group Research Project, Anyone? :)

So folks, we often have forum members whose housing situation is precarious, especially in countries where rents are high and landlords expect excessive amounts of deposits, advance rent, references, etc., and while we have go-to spirits with excellent track records for many other common problems, I am not aware of a spirit directly concerned with the provision of stable and comfortable housing.

I did source a spirit who has an ancient tradition of helping with matters of welfare and insurance in the form of Mercury Dolius, and several of us have called upon Belial when faced with annoying legal problems, of various kinds. :smiling_imp:

There is a widespread custom of burying a statue of St Joseph to sell a home, but what of acquiring a new one?

Does anyone have tips, a spirit (god, demon, angel, Saint) we can perhaps bring to prominence who has a track record of this kind of work?

I found Mercury Dolius by chance and he’s helped many people since then, and many of us post about new spirits or half-forgotten ones we discovered, so I figured I’d put out the call for this specific need, a comfy pad of one’s own from which to study, summon, and ascend… :house:


Hestia rules over the household. Perhaps she can help with housing too?

I have the impression that King Lucifer can help in this area. His name popped into my mind once I opened your post. King Paimon and Duke Dantalion can influence others so perhaps they could make your landlord like you for cheaper rent?

Overall I’d recommend working with your Patron in this area.


I definitely agree, but it would also be nice for the forum to have a spirit complete with infos we can refer people to. :smiley:

Hestia is a great suggestion! :+1:

If we can get a few names, maybe some of us can travel to their realms/evoke (as seems fitting) and ask are they interested in associating with this office, and being promoted as such? :thinking:


I’m interest in that idea!! While we’re at it we should consider looking at Spirits to help in areas such as reduced work hours and additional money. Perhaps there’s even a way to reduce time in traffic lol.

Something that seens good to offer them is a small Alter in the house. You don’t have to focus workings on them, just something to say thank you. Also like you said, we promote them and get their names out there BUT tell people not to use them. Perhaps mention their scarier aspects to avoid this.


Well, that would not fit with my reasons for doing this but if you wanted to start a new topic for other types of spirit and ask them what they think about this deal, that may work for some.

Most just like to get their name and correct information out there, especially gods and goddesses who used to be adored as allies and household names in the past. :sparkling_heart:


This one is to get new house/property not to get good one on rent. This practice is quite famous in India. WORKS !

-start the practice on an auspicious day

-wear white or yellow cloth for this purpose

-Imagine for a minute Shiva is Giving you initiation of the mantra by
putting his thumb on your third eye center. Feel IT.

-Take some water in your hand and say than ‘‘If I ‘Your name’ born on ‘DATE OF BIRTH’
do 11 round of chanting without failure then a house of my dream will be given to me’’.
Put the water on your right side on floor or some container.

-mentally worship laxmi with incense,flower

-lit a butter lamp

-chant 11 rosaries of this mantra

-After the chanting worship her with sweet,water,lamp/Arti

-Next day if possible, offer something to children. If not possible
then send some healing energy to some needy kid.

-If possible throw/drown the rosary into a river or any
water stream. THis will make the work superfast.

THE MANTRA---------



The archangel Kamael has the power to “improve the quality of that which is sought,” which I used to find my current apartment. Worked great! It would likely be a good idea to blend in some financially-focused magick as well to help ensure that you get the best deal. Whatever spell/spirit of choice should work fine.


I think that every household Deity could help with that. Beside Hestia (or Vesta, her Roman equivalent), I’d also propose:


There’s two in the Goetia I know work in real estate, but its early so sorry for the tease.

Otherwise, in similar situations I like to ask myself something like, “where can I find new housing?” And I think on it for 10 minutes and if nothing comes that day suddenly the next day its there. Just being in tune with the physical and spiritual world in general I suppose is beneficial.


as I mentioned in another thread, I recently had great succes with the ‘Ideal Change My Home’ ritual from the Mystical Grimoire. I did use all the talismans however. But perhaps those of you with more experience and / or skills can work around that.
The angel in this ritual is Purah. I don’t know if it is permitted to post the entire ritual, so for now I’ll leave it.


Excellent picture of a study room. Especially love the hardwood floors.

Well I should ask the right questions. What type of Housing are we speaking of? Buying a House? Renting a house or Apartment? Roommate situations? People who do the subsidized housing thing?

I guess whennwe know this then we can begin to ask the right questions. The reasons being is you could bring in specific energies to influence at different angles. Example:

a) Belial creates a situation where the continued stay is validated by something. Or he could just simply manufacture an opening.

b) Bune - any situation andnones position and role whether it be a house or job position is always somehow validated by wealth of all kinds. Bune can help hold a situation or position stable in this regard.

c) Beleth - Love. Not necessarily the sexual kind, but rather can Warm the Hearts of Men and Women alike. Can create a warm household. This has been my experience of Beleth energy is it seems to bring Light Hearted Affections, and interestingly Ive noticed certain women out in public will stare at me wide eyed for long moments and will even do it up close as if acting surprised (anyone care to comment on this? Not fully adept with Beleth).

Thats it for now. The idea is to create an opening and to bring the Landlord to a good mood, because some like to check you out as they are concerned with a number of different things like a personality match.


Any spirit of wealth as housing is more or less one manifestation of wealth while you can see things like currency as mediums or symbols of wealth. You just have to change your perspective of what wealth is.
Also earth elementals are also a good choice as that element would deal with stability and foundations. I’ve also seen one that specifically governs shelter underground for those that work in the earth so shelter and protection is within their domain.


I was working with specific Earth and Wealth Runes, and it would tend to attract alot of Dwarves and Leprechauns amongst other beings. Just a thought. One could also just raise specific energies and create a spirit.

Othala is a good rune to lead to a location of Wealth and Home House.


@StewardofSophia I know you have plenty of household Gods in your tradition, would you like to share? :slight_smile:


Would I!

Bog Chur is the bog of protection, boundaries, and the hearth of the home. July 26 is his holiday and you’re not supposed to leave your home and you offer him milk.

The Domovoy are sjenoviki of the house. They live under the stove and when they’re in a good mood help out with chores around the house. But, if they’re not in a good mood they’re actions are reminiscent of poltergeist activity, because they’re invisible. They’re holiday is on January 28, you’re supposed to leave a pot of porridge next to the stove.

In Slavic folklore, it is recommended that families stay in the same house. Anytime a new house is built, you are without the protection of a Domovoy until the master of the house dies, and you are without the protection of the Dziady until someone dies in the house.


I’ve just secured a new home in the exact area asked for (for my niece) by calling upon Brigid. It’s her feast day on 2nd Feb, (Imbolc) so would be a powerful time perhaps to call her? Her element is fire.


This is fantastic! :smiley:

Lots of :house: spirits, hopeful that this is going to be a useful resource for so many on here. :+1:


I’m also gonna recommend the Goddess Danu. She rules over the Earth but for some reason I believe that she can help in this area.


I dunno about spirits but the moon is related to the home, combining the moon with mercury is good for moving into a new home so their may also be some lunar spirits that can aid in this if anyone wants to explore that avenue with planetary spirits of they don’t wanna explore the raw energy side of it.


This is interesting. I was just reading a book called Sacred Magic of the Angels, by David Goddard, and in it he states that Gabriel is the angel to petition for a new home, and he is the angel of the Moon (Goddard calls him The Moon Lord).