Spirit for Attracting Werewolves

As some of you know, I am interested in becoming a werewolf. As a matter of fact, I’d do just about anything in exchange if anyone knew how. But I digress; what I want to know is, which spirit would be best to ask to help attract werewolves to reveal themselves to me in real life? I’ve already seen unequivocal evidence that they exist (happy to show anyone privately who is interested), so the question is finding one willing to turn others.

What do you guys think, which spirit would work?

Edit: any advice you have, @Lady_Eva, would be much appreciated.


Have you heard of Dogmen? Check it out… you’ll find them fascinating😎


Like the Michigan Dogman?


From a Norse perspective, I suggest getting this book:

It has a great chapter on a Cult of Werewolves. I believe the patron would be Fenris. Good luck though.


Dude I can’t stress this enough, Mthos or just call on a few demons and figure it out yourself. I have the same dream and getting bitten or taking blood does nothing but kill you, you of all should know that lol. Also hmu with that evidence plz


I’ve been studying lycanthropy for years and it’s what got me on this path.

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that would be interesting I would however rather be a skin walker or shape shifter being able to become a cat a dog a crow or a wolf would be great


Lmao samee

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I’d love to see the video! Weirdness is my jam. :slight_smile:

Hecate Lycania is Hecate of the Wolves AKA the Queen of Werewolves. Probably a good idea to start top-down when it comes to wild or feral energies like that. You could also try Apollo Lycanos, though he seems to be less lycanthrope-oriented.


Can a spirit turn you into a werewolf?

Probably! I’ve never watched that kind of transformation before, but I have seen people’s bodies and souls react in ways that make me feel they’re out there somewhere, sometime.


damn this is interesting

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Not that I’ve heard, but they guide u to becoming one

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Thank you! In your opinion, would it be helpful if I directly evoked Fenris to discuss this?

Sounds like a great idea! Is Hecate Lycania an aspect of Hecate, or is she a separate entity altogether?

I havent heard of any magickian who knows how to turn into a werewolf

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There are a few, like William wraithe, but most keep it pretty safe for generations. Others it’s hereditary, which is pretty badass, and according to @thestrangescientist you can also get the curse from bites or blood.

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I wouldn’t mine being a werewolf, shit!!!


Is william alive?

Oh god. This guy is so intense!