Spells and rituals that made my ex come back

Hello, my lover and I have a past of ups and big downs, everything seemed to get at its peak of chaos. I felt his energy detaching from me and he fell in love with one of his female friend. At this point, he was out of love for me and our daily or so talk was very dull.
Dantalion, Asmoday, Sallos and Sitri all made me understand that i had to let go of the deep unhealthy attachment before they would help me.
I did.

After this i performed those rituals and spells in the span of a few days:
-Candle magick ritual of heavy visualization and emotions using a bit of structuring.
-Astral energy work on my lover (ex) since we have a deep bond.
-Asked Leraje to break the link my ex had with the girl.
-Asked Dantalion to remove any obstacles in my ex’s mind and make him remember what he loves about me and make him want me again.
-Asked my fellow Asmoday to put chaos in their bond.
-Asked Sallos to sweeten him to me and make his love for me grow.
-Asked Sitri to arouse him at the very thought of me and desire me with passion.
-I did the freeze spell to bind the girl away from him.

After all this, my energy was so changed, everything was poured out, I didn’t felt the intuitive need to do a spell or a ritual. I then learned that he was getting an apartment with her. I felt like I failed and my soul needed on such a deep level to take some distance.
I said i needed some space to heal, because it was unhealthy, he understood.

During this time I focused on healing, mourning what was needed to be.
Did a candle spell where i just pushed all my sadness, wanting, clinging, all that dirty stuff, into him so that he would feel the same way. This was more done for therapy and not to get results, so i figured that i could just make the intent of it not to work.
I then accepted the situation but my tarot cards were telling me he was coming back, that “my twin flame was coming back”, “soulmates reunion”, “past love coming back together stronger”. I didn’t want to believe it cus I was finally accepting the idea that he wanted that girl and honestly their bond was nearly flawless, just very fresh.

After 5 days he texted me that he missed me and he came to my place the next day cus I wanted to give him his stuff back but everything unfolded just like i intended with my past rituals. He cut off the heart bond with her, opened his heart to me, told me he loved me from such a deep part of himself.
The Chaos of our past went down to this and now we are finally raising up again, our bond is too strong to be over yet.

Thanks to all the spirits, daemons that helped me. King Paimon was not mentioned but he did help (thanks to a user here).


Wish you guys nothing but happiness !


Thanks alot!:sparkles: If there one good thing i really learned is the need to simply surrender and let go. For the magick to work and for mental health aswell. Fear leads to nothing but disaster.


Thank you so much, truly, thank you and congratulations on you continuing success.

This is exactly it, exactly it. It’s a process not a one hit solve everything microwave instant ready meal spell and takes time and concerted effort to do this and I applaud you.

There must have been times where you’ve sat there thinking “why am I doing this”?

It’s really impressive.


really great post!

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@HermesHorse Yes! And in fact, Dantalion pointed out my doubts that were in the background, my subconscious and told me to really think about it and that nothing was out of reach.
And when he came back I didn’t “want” him back, but I “accepted” him back because I no longer needed him under my skin.


One question, how long did you take to complete the ritual ?

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This post is very inspiring. Patience is definitely a virtue, and letting go and trusting your magick is also a very important ingredient in the process of manifesting your reality according to your will. Please keep us posted on your magickal journey Dew.


@Magic_01 maybe 2 weeks in total? I don’t really remember this detail. But i remember having doing some stuff maybe a month before or 3 weeks before :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m new to magic so I’m going to ask you: Can you please be more specific about the spells and rituals you performed? I’m on a similar situation, mi girl says she doesn’t love me anymore and that she wants to be with this other guy who’s nothing but a jealous and controlling asshole.


Bravo! Job well done

@eric433 my own approach is sigil evocation, invocation, aura control, energy control and everything to help me reach the state of mind where i feel that ive done enough and that im gonna get my result, i personalize the way i do stuff.
Some tip for you, first analyze the situation and what approaches you need to do. I don’t know your situation fully but first thing im going to tell you is to think positively, live from the end result and stay fulfilled. Learn to control your mind.
Now work on reconciliation and sweetness to have a better bond with her and something to put negativity in their relationship that is already negative (even more easy to work with).
Search spells and rituals according to the effects you need to have for things to change. And again, analyze, cut the situation in small pieces.


@Dew what did you do to detach and let go.Thats hard part for me


I kind of get what you say… You saying I should just improvise? Use a candle and stare at it and just put my energy into it? Who are those people you name on your post? Or are they demons?

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@eric433 They are daemons. I choose wisely according to the energy they represent. Trust your guts and research on the law of attraction and detachment aswell.


how can I call a demon ?

Hi can you please describe how you did the freezer spell? Everything I’m reading is telling me it doesn’t work for love matters in this way, but I’m still very curious

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Could you please provide me any details on how you did this exactly?

This is impressive…would you do spells for hire?