Candle ritual to push out negative thoughts/feelings

Hello! I’ve been trying to search for this ritual here and on EA Koetting’s YT channel but I could not seem to find it.

Does anyone know the complete process of this ritual? This is used to push out negative thoughts, energies and feelings onto the candle.

Thank you!

I don’t know of what you speak , but if you do a LBRP it will push out negative thoughts and feelings.

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Thank you for your response. It was actually a candle spell that was used here:

I already sent a message to the OP but if anyone is familiar with the candle spell too, please let me know. :blush:

I think she looked into a candle and let her negative feelings go by pushing them (with thoughts and visualization) into the candle-flame. She probably also wanted to maker her ex-boyfriend feel the same way so she had to I tent so send her feelings to him with the candle.
That’s just what I think, but maybe it helps a little to get an idea of it.