Spell to make people stop caring about cleaning

I want a spell to make people not care that stuff is all over or items collect dust. I want a spell to make people think the a permanent cardboard box fort is okay.
I read somewhere that some Enochian entities make people want to clean, so maybe they could be banished? I don’t know.

Are you asking for someone whose house you’re living in to not care you’re dirty or messy?
Surely, they have the right to want you to treat their property with respect and not bring rats and other vermin into their premises?

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Try that.

Though I must say, this seems a bit frivolous to use magick for - dare I say, the most frivolous spell request I’ve seen on here lol

I feel like it would be almost disrespectful to summon any entity for this. Maybe you should just stop being so lazy and take care of your space a little bit, if for no reason other than as a sign of respect for whoever’s letting you stay there… That, or just move out and then you can wallow in filth in your own cozy cardboard box fort

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Sounds to me like you have a control freak or ODC person on your hands, and yeah those are very stressful and no fun to live with. There’s way more important things in life that whether the dust collectors are dust free, especially when it means kids don’t get to be kids. These people are slightly damaged and hurt the people around them bu making objects more important than their loved ones.

I would talk to Belial to break both the inconsiderate over-controlling aspects, and addiction aspects.

If your intuition is telling you entities are involved definitely banish, and keep banishing until the situation improves.

Spell wise, I haven’t tried this on this type of attachment/addiction, but I would make a link that represents the need to control and ritually break it.

Have you talked to them about counseling? I’ve had OCD for years and I’ve mostly overcome it. There are solutions to help which don’t involve magick.

And do you have the privacy to cast spells? Because the last thing I’d want is for someone to find out I’m working on them.