Spell to Increase My Attractiveness

Long time, no see, everybody! I have a bit of a query. I apologize if this has been asked before, but I can’t seem to be searching for the right things on here to find the answer to my question.

What spellwork or anything (or anyone) can I do to make myself even more attractive to men? I consider myself a fairly attractive woman, however I certainly wouldn’t mind giving myself an extra boost, and also a little bit to remind my boyfriend of how lucky he is to have me since he seems to be forgetting that fact. I think focusing my work on myself would be the most efficient course of action in this case.

Any help is massively appreciated, and thank you so much :kissing_heart:


I would layer a couple of things:

First try your basic pink candle attraction spell, done to death on yt so you can watch a few vids for ideas and then design your own to suit. I posted one here, should be gentle enough not to make anyone go nuts and start stalking you or get into fights. Drama isn’t cool and can drive guys away.

Second call on Berith for the ability to conceal flaws. Hide those various things in you that are a turnoff for different people at different times. You can’t really address them individually because what one guy likes another hates, so just gloss over them all.


I love me some candle magic so I’m already on board with this! Thank you!!

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I did a ritual with Greek goddess Aphrodite to make me look vibrant and increase my beauty , people were almost getting hit by cars stairing at me on the streets :joy: used the book “Olympian’s magick” by Hecateus apuliensis


I was thinking about getting in touch with her since the Greek pantheon has been so good to me since I’ve decided to generally express my gratitude to them in some capacity.


Also glamour magick and/or a sort of astral shapeshifting, which can eventually translate on the physical. For example even only by visualizing eyes or hair of a certain color, a different bodyshape etc. Or green, pink, red aura… those are colors related to love and attraction; green has to do also with wealth, red (so maybe there would be a few risks) with violence and such.


And I managed to find a charm in my Slavic Witchcraft book (shout out to my Russian and Polish ancestry) by Natasha Helvin. It goes a little like this:

Step 1) Take ripe apple
Step 2) Over said apple, read “as this fruit has been attracting others from the beginning of time, so my companion will be conquered. Amen.”
Step 3) Cut apple in half
Step 4) Eat one half
Step 5) Leave other half at a crowded crossroads



The book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose has a couple of useful things here.

To create an increase in personal beauty – Beelzebub
To appear younger – Dagulez

I tried these two out earlier in the year. Weirdly, shortly afterwards, several people commented that I had lost weight, even though I had actually packed on a huge amount due to an autoimmune thyroid condition.

There’s also a wholes section of attraction type rituals.


I don’t think I was wording what I was searching for properly, hence why I had to ask. And the resources you all are giving me are excellent!


Also, hate to bug you, how would you go about asking for Berith’s help concealing flaws? I found His sigil and have that at my disposal, but what next?

I’m quite enamoured of Corwin Hargroves Goetia Pathworking book, and it’s my goto toolless approach for asking for Goetic entity assistance.

I have it on Kindle, I can do stuff like, just wake up in the night, pick up my phone, go to the sigil and do the pathworking, feel the connection and have a conversation.

The book goes into detailed instructions on how to use these, it’s a great reference for beginners and experienced alike, but it’s pretty self explanatory and intuitive. You read and imagine each step of the descriptive path in turn, and each steps connects to the entity more. You may get a feeling of presence, flashes, sensations, empathy, vision or sound when it has arrived.



Just based on what I’ve ready, I see why you like this book. It breaks things down so even I can do it. And it comes in handy since I tend to be great with candle magic so far, I’ve never been very good at contacting the experts, so to speak.


Very nice :grin: I’ve had the sample of that book for ages and by your prompt I bought it last night and it looks like a really good book, I read most of it before going to sleep and had a couple of pretty crazy dreams, so vivid like real life but crazy lol.

That’s a nice reminder of something I tried before when I was with someone and visualised pore breathing red and feeding it to her. She got snappy with me so I tried it with a soft rose pink with white sparkles and she warmed up to me again quite sweetly.


Alright let’s see what happens! Did my candle magic, asked Berith for an assist, and now we wait and see! I’m excited to see what happens!

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Not sure if anyone else has had this when doing spellwork and things like this, but I just got super panicky for about 20 minutes and had to cry it out.

I really must re-visit that book. I worked with it extensively last year but got no results. The bit that I feel confounded me was the multi-tasking mental gymnastics of having to do a big breath out on the sigil whilst at the same time holding a specific image, imagining it being blown into the sigil and thinking the demons name at the same time. The big breath seems to muck up my state and confound my efforts with the other bits.
Its one of those methods that works well for some and not for others. But I feel I should I re-visit it for further practice and experimentation.

I’ll be honest, I never remember the big breath thing. I would see that as important if I was using my own energy and directing it outwards, and then I’d have to intend that energy to do something… but I’m not, the entity is moving energy a different way so I don’t see the need.

I just breathe normally and focus on getting that sense of presence and the unique energy signature of the entity. I pay attention to that as over time it becomes familiar and helps weed out impostors. Impostors try to match energy signature but it’s never perfect. What I like about the pathworkings is it really highlights that signature and lets it come through, more strongly than simple evocation, I feel.


Thanks, when I resume experimenting with it I’ll try without the big breath thing as I’m sure thats where im getting flummoxed

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Update: I’ve been asked for my number and called beautiful by a few men (which I had to refuse) and my boyfriend definitely remembered how gorgeous and dope I am. Thank you all for your help, and I’ve lit a candle in thanks for all entities that came out to help :heart::heart:


Would this work for both men and women?