Spell to Increase My Attractiveness

It should work for men aswell , it doesn’t specify genders !


Wait, no, he’s distant again.

Makeup really works, certain color blushes, highlighters, eyeshadow etc can be charged to bring in more suitors and attraction

So everyone is updated: relationship ended.

I’m really sorry to hear that @NotAPaladin :disappointed:

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It is what it is. If it’s in the cards (whether I have a hand in how said cards are dealt or not) he’ll find his way back. If not, heck, my spellwork was meant to make me more attractive to everybody, not just the ex.


That’s true! Your spell work might be manifesting someone awesome and more in line with you, how cool! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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Simply by working Sexual Magic -Magick-, you become a walking magnet; whether you are a man or a woman. Sexual Magic charges you and makes you a ‘source of desire’ for the opposite sex. I also recommend something very effective that I practice: during orgasm, visualize yourself without the defects that you consider you have; or improving what you see as less attractive in your face or body.

Good luck!

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So, since everybody knows the relationship I was initially concerned about on this post ended, but I gotta say, the things I’ve done have potential suitors coming in super regularly! So these workings TOTALLY work, they may not quite have the outcome you initially wanted, but you’ll get way better options.