Spell for choosing the right way + Introduction

Hello guys. To begin with, i’m not an absolute beginner, there’s still some knowledge about magic.
I am in a very difficult situation now and i don’t know how to solve the problem. I completly have no idea what to do. Can you tell me about some spells/divination/rituals to see the right way? I really need an inner sign, kind of tip. What should i do?

I am sorry, we cant answer these questions before you do a proper introduction.Just at least tell us how many years have you practiced, what did you practice and what do you practice right now.

Welcome @Magdalena It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


well, i am into Tarot divination and graveyard practices almost for a year

What does this mean?

graveyard magic, ritual on the cemetery

I gathered that, but there are many practices that can be done in a cemetery. Are you practicing necromancy? Ancestor worship? What?

Where do you hail from?

I am practising necromancy and also interested in all alternative ways of practising as i really need to gain knowledge.
I feel a lot of warmthness and appreciation to the Left hand path and to all demons.

Thank you for explaining more.

@Magdalena Do you work with any gods? They can give you insight into your situation.

However, without knowing what kind of situation it is, we can’t really provide much help. You have stated that you work with tarot. What do your cards say?

I do work with gods. I did attempts working with Lilith and Lucifer, for example

Should i tell about the problem in details despite of it is intimate? I can do it much more thorough.

The situation is the typical drama like in TV series: i am in relationships with a man for 2 years and there’s feeling that i should break up with him as there are a lot of different problems between us: unapproval of other people, different characters, dramas in the past which we can’t live through etc. Life gives me a lot of potential partners (possibilities) with whom i POSSIBLY could be much more happier, they’are really nice guys, but i cannot fall in love with them because i love another person.

Despite all of it i want my boyfriend to be protected of all danger. I can’t fight feeling of love and i actually don’t know what should i do next.

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Welcome to the forum !

Sometimes we are told to move, and we must if the feeling you have is of not being connected to him anymore or that your ascended past his level of conscious understanding as I have with my Fiancé 4 years I’ve spent trying to help her see the truth yet we must accept that some people are but stepping stones along our journey to divinity. Accept him with love thank him for being a tool of the Gods to get you where you are. If you still feel he won’t make you happy or you want to break up it’s for a reason and your spirit guides are nudging you. I’m currently dealing with a similar issue tbh my girlfriend of 4 years has cheated, lied , and drank herself into oblivion all in a rebellion against my path, As a healer, yet I stayed time and time again then last night I was doing spirit work and she barged in yelling causing Set to consume me as the wolf of chaos. Took a while to balance again. I only want a strong minded compassionate partner that respects my spiritual practices. Now I see that an Alcoholic Christian never can. Still I remain in Bliss and Nirvana knowing all things are as they should be this is but a stepping stone I will leave her.

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Now kindly for the OP. In my experience we have to open our own path. Many of us have inner turmoil and things can become clouded. In my case I personally like to meditate and many times I get answers while deep in it. Just a thought.