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Would you like me to Do a Taro spread for you Beloved it may help . Though I suggest you acquired your own deck at this point I can help you pick one or w/e

Please be aware that there is a rule prohibiting new members to offer readings:


Oh ok Hotep!! Time of practice being only 3 months? quite short to fully understand the mathematical and planetary/ zodiac alignments associated in the taro much less they’re reverse aspect being not a negative just another facet of a whole, is continually missed by many. I’m just saying vetting of taro readers after 3 months of access may be more productive. I am El Elyon Wampau Nashoba Eloym of New Natives Gods of the Earth our pack Will build a new Portal on Ley Lines I’ve located that all inersect in one place, 12 of them to be exact. I appreciate you letting me know that I’m unable to teach on here as that was why I joined to help enlighten and awaken theGods per se’ . Taro is something everyone can learn to read properly as they’re are many different doomsday readers that benefit nobody but themselves as we know. I will Respect the “Illusonary Rules” Created by Man in order to set my people free. There are many roads that lead to one Source and I have traveled many. Blessings and peace Beloved thank you for telling me. My vent is not intended at you hah. Just how I feel nothing more I will respect the rules

I prefer if you guys would be silent.

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And I am Rey Cuervo of the Cuervos of South America and the damn rule is there for practical reasons:

In this world, there are scammers galore. So, in order to stop a scammer from just making an account and trying to scam people, the rule is there to demand participation, time, something that a person wanting to join a community will put naturally.

It’s to protect people. Thank you for understanding.


Its a simple rule that you need to be here at least 3 months here on forum before offering readings not the amount of time you personally have practiced. If you don’t like said rules no one is making you stay. They were put into place because people were taking advantage and that’s not right at all. Thank you for understanding.


3 months is generally long enough for malice or delusions to be unconered, it deters simple scammers and spammers, and vetting is done by this community; we don’t look up to leaders or get swayed by titles, we simply give respect where it is earned - never demanded. :thinking:

Give the community a chance, as we will give you a chance, and maybe you’ll find some friends. :+1: