Source/the all vs The void

Coudl someone explain to me the difference between source and the void?
What’s the purpose of each?


I think it depends on the tradition you want to focus. From what I know, demonolatry and draconian path (to give you an example) have fairly different views in that.


I would have thought that “source” would me EVERYTHING and “void” would mean NOTHING. with an expression of source going into void you get SOMETHING.
I’m probably wrong so feel free to put me right.


No, you’re right. The whole of the universe is one giant sex act.


According to the draconian path that is not right. Hence the clarification regarding the path you look at.

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I was being a bit facetious. But alas, different paths will say different things. 'Tis the way of man.


Imo they’re two sides of one coin.


In my experiences the void is just another source just like the “source of all” which shouldn’t be called that since there’s many different sources, it’s just a single source is the source of all for that particular creation but not all of creation. I view it in a way that one source is the cluster of existence for a handful of places but another source is the source for another cluster. lol he only difference is “source of all” is in my opinion more of the source of most souls and the creation within the universes. While void is a source many do not tap into because they’re unsure of it but from my experience it’s just like the other form of source just has a different feel to it. I truly believe my soul is from the source void and my working with it has been widely a pleasant experience for years now.


I have the feeling that the void is the everything the chaotic creation and the source is just an ilusion. Magic is the void.


The source is the raw power and the void is the ingredients.


The void and the abyss are two very different things. There are realms of nothingness, but the void isn’t exactly nothing, I’d really consider it the primordial force behind creation, destruction. Although different recounts will give some altering opinions. ^ such as the user above me has an entirely different view on the void.


The Void and The Source are one and the same. Only the human mind perceives Void = Nothing. The purpose of the human mind is to perceive limits. There is “time” in which “events” happen. “Time” is then divided into “past”, “present”, “future”. And so on and so forth. The Void is what allows everything to exist. The Void is Unconditional Love. It is The Source from which creation and destruction spring forth.


I love that we are all so diverse :slight_smile:

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Saying the void is nothing isnt saying it’s “nothing” it’s nothing in the sense that it’s unshapened potential it’s nothing, until it becomes something. Though I have to disagree on the unconditional love, that’s a new age concept the void doesn’t hold emotions. What holds emotions is the possibilities that are created from it.


Void is a really cool thing to contemplate. One use of the concept goes back to atomism. Epicurus was one philosopher I can think of who was an atomist.

The idea is: At the smallest level of physical reality everything is composed of a single kind of building block. Each unit of space contains atom, or void. The different substances and their properties are results of different arrangements of atoms.

They thought gravity was caused by atoms tendancy to move downward when they came in contact with one another. That wasn’t quite right, but it beat the shit out of anyone else’s theory back then.


The Source.

The source is the heart of the eternal so to speak, it is the river from which all did flow.
This is where the light of the formative plane floweth from. The light of the formative plane is like a liquid light and sound, with pure absolute power/energy.

The further away this current flows it begins creating, giving form hence the title of ‘The Formative Plane’.

The Void.

The void was there before the source, when individuals say it is nothingness.
We often dismiss working with it, as the term ‘nothing’ seems to have no value.

However this could be the furthest thing from the truth, see the void is the nothingness which is within all things. It is nothingness and all at the same time, the void is limitless potential.

Limitless and truly eternal.

During the most insane immersion into the void that I was taught by Bael he had this to say.

“You entered the nothingness, the limitlessness, the void, the limitless potential. You became nothing therefore you become the entire encompassing all”.


This is exactly as how I see it and experienced the Void, it was really amazing and often times I continue to immerse myself in it.

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Is the void the “nothing”?

Well human words are often insufficient to describe that which is outside of the mind. Unconditional Love is not “love” in the human sense. It’s what religious refer to when they talk about “grace”.

I think the best way to describe the Void is that it is the Formless. And since the Formless is what manifests into Form, it’s the most important thing for us on the Path to understand, whether we walk the path of the Sorcerer or that of the Holy Man.

Void, Source, Formless, whatever name ascribed to it, it should be the first thing anyone should study and align with if they ever want to be a powerful sorcerer.


I ain’t like the rest of you all. I am a fucking VOID AND CREATION UNTO MYSELF! I was the Satan of my native creation. I fought against the collective will of peace and harmony.

My ego, my Self as survived things beyond what even gods can imagine.

Let’s just this baby souls you all need to go within and stop sucking the dicks of any gurus, gods or gatetkeepers, mkay.

‘this god reveal this to me’


My information comes from first hand memories from ME!

Being human is hard. It ain’t for the weak nor pussies. Why ain’t they here walking on this planet? Think about that for a moment.

I have lived 1000’s of human lives and will live many more.

I liked the mundane world. I like a routine. While everyone else as peaced out, I stay behind because I fuckin’ wanted to!

There is nothing wrong with having an ego, having karma. Play the game. Maybe you will win or lose, but you will grow from it.

Now that’s what is about. Expansion.

Maybe you will survive this version of your own universe when its own lights go out or you willn’t.

I will of course go on. Its what I do best. Survive.