The Ritual of the Neutron Star

What follows are instructions for the Ritual of the Neutron Star (the RotNS). I took the idea for the general structure from one of EA’s videos, who apparently received the ritual from others, and I received modifications to the ritual from Lucifer and modified it further based on my experience practicing the magick.

Before I present the details, I wish to provide you with a warning as to the potential dangers that you may encounter should you choose to perform this magick. You may scoff (if you are not entirely sure what exactly that word means, google it) at this, especially if you are experienced with the effects of demonic magick practiced at a deep level. I also ignore such warnings, but I will list them all the same.

This magick will likely cause you to feel emotions with a degree of intensity that you are likely not accustomed to. Although my experience is modest in comparison to many of those who have come before me in this life, I have undergone what naturally occurs as a result of communicating and entering into a relationship with demonic spirits for a number of years, and I had experienced states of being where I was absolutely consumed by emotions such as hatred and delight prior to performing this magick. I subsequently found that these experiences paled in comparison to what was produced with this ritual.

If you choose to regularly perform this magick, or even to merely dabble in it, it is possible that you will experience hatred, rage, fear, delight, gratitude, pleasure, passion, and pride to extremes that you were not previously aware of. This is something that you would be wise to consider before performing the ritual.

I will also say now that this ritual will work more effectively for those who are experienced in demonic magick, particularly Lucifer magick, and for those who have a degree of skill in concentration. If you are unable to count thirteen breathes without becoming lost in the monkey mind, you will be severely limited. I believe that this magick can be performed by everyone, but I will not lie and say that it is suited for a beginner. This is advanced magick. You are welcome to attempt it whatever your skill may be, but know that there are many layers to the magick, and many concepts embedded into it that require skill with and intellectual knowledge of a variety of magickal and scientific traditions from around the world to really derive the most benefit from the ritual. That being said, if you want to do the magick, then do it.

I now present the RItual of the Neutron Star

  • Arrive at the place where you will perform the ritual

  • Exhale

    • Bend your knees, fold yourself forward, and cross your arms across your body
  • Inhale

    • Rise, and stretch your arms out
  • Exhale

    • Bring your hands together, palms flat, in front of your heart
  • Retain the breath

    • Separate your hands and bring them back together behind your head, bent forward
  • Inhale

    • Raise your hands up, still together, pointing to the sky
    • Turn your palms outward
  • Exhale

    • Lower your arms, stretching them out again, and feel your reach stretch across the universe
  • Unite your hands in front of you, arms outstretched, clapping them together

  • Form a diamond with hands, a silver gateway

    • Know that this is time with yourself
    • Know you will not be disturbed
  • Feel the armor that you carry

  • Feel it crack and fall away like scales

    • The heavy scales hit the ground and turn to ash
  • Imagine a scene of corruption

  • Consider ignorance

    • Feel the hatred
    • Know malice (say the word “malice” out loud)
    • Know disgust
  • Consider boundaries

    • Feel the rage
    • Know aggression
    • Know avarice
  • Consider ignorance

    • Feel the fear
    • Know despair
    • Know misery
    • Know lethargy
    • Know weakness
  • Allow weakness to die

  • Allow corruption to become power

  • Allow yourself to delight

  • This is a dream; I am in control.

    • Feel the threads of reality between your fingers
    • Be cold
    • Be clear
    • Be calculating
    • Be efficient
    • Be effective
  • I create abundance; wealth flows through me.

    • Like a tornado
    • Like a fire
    • Like an earthquake
    • Like a tsunami
    • Imagine that all the treasure of the world is for you
  • I know, and I move with ease.

  • Feel how grateful you can be

    • For the things you have
    • For the connections you have made
    • For who you are
    • For the ability to experience
  • Ask these questions of yourself, but seek no answer

  • How did I come to feel such pleasure?

  • How did I come to feel such passion?

  • How did I come to feel such pride?

  • How did I come to be so free?

  • Feel the rest of your body and mind float away like ashes on the wind

  • Know that you are nothing

    • Know that nothing is around you
  • Inhale

    • Form your spirit
  • Exhale - Let there be Light

    • Form the spirit of the world
  • Inhale

    • Form your flesh
  • Exhale - Let darkness reign

    • Form the flesh of the world
  • Know that you are reborn as a neutron star

  • Feel all the power in the world flow through you in every direction

    • Feel all the power in the world radiating from you
    • Feel the magnetism of my power
  • Know that you are free to live as you desire

I share this ritual with you now as it is my intention to write more on magick and the mind, and I wish to share this magick in a more free way before presenting it in a published book. I do not claim to be the sole source of this magick, but I will state now that it is my wish that you not claim it to be your original work and that you not publish it or share it in any form without giving credit to the original as it has been shared here or elsewhere by me under my occult name, shinri (spelt in all lowercase). I am not overly concerned with the relatively modest sum of money I may make from publishing an occult book, but I will admit that I am concerned with my pride as an occultist.

If you choose to use this magick, it would please me if you shared an amount of your experience with me. I do still pop into this forum from time to time. I will not publish this magick in a proper grimoire until it has been used by a reasonable number of other individuals. I would like to receive feedback from others so that I may consider possible additions or subtractions, and to ensure that the magick consistently brings benefits to those who are aligned with such methods.

If you have any questions regarding the ritual, feel free to post them as a comment and I will respond.


This is going to be cached all over search engines and you’re going to have difficulty controlling what people do, I have seen sites republishing my own posts, so just a word to the wise there.


I don’t particularly mind tbh. If this gets used by more than a very, very small handful of people I’d be surprised but pleased cause then presumably there would be less ignorance, which I do hate. I’d like to think I’ll be able to put some good stuff in the book anyways. It’d be nice if someone asked a question though, I still really get off on that shit.

Also hi, it would please me to know that you’ve been reasonably well.


I want to elaborate on this more so I’ll give an example of a situation I recently experienced to help clarify what’s going on with this ritual. This situation will center around the “corruption” section, and I’ll continue to give examples and some elaboration on the other sections. Part of the fun is figuring stuff out for yourself, but I think it will help to have something to get you started. I will also note here that my language is technical and carefully chosen, meaning that my words relating to the ritual have very specific meanings which I attempt to clarify here.

There was a time some months ago when I entered into a new relationship with someone. We had drinks at his place, listened to some jazz records, talked about money, and generally had a pretty cool time. It was also quite clear to me that his personality was some flavor of dark, which is good because otherwise I’d probably have been bored.

We continued to interact regularly in a work environment and occasionally as part of a social group in leisure activities. At some point, though, he just started to act maliciously and aggressively towards me. I did not intend to act maliciously towards him, and it seems that what happened is that his day-to-day mental state involved large amounts of rage and hatred, which ended up bleeding out onto me whenever I did something which he perceived as an act against him. We were competing for a leadership position, and I opted out of it so that I could use my time in other ways which were more suitable for my objectives.

I can’t claim to know exactly why he perceived this as an aggressive or malicious act, but he had previously provided me with the information that he seeks out competition. My primary motivation for not pursuing the position was for my own career goals, but I was also pleased that I could potentially help out a friend get what they want. Whenever I left “the race” for this position, it seems that he disliked this because I was placing a boundary between him and competition, which would have produced rage.

After this event he proceeded to act aggressively towards me with his nonverbal and verbal behaviors. These were rather minor and subtle, but clearly aggressive, attempting to violate my boundaries, and also malicious, attempting to harm me.

I immediately put up a shield, in this case with sex magick and my own nonverbal and verbal behaviors, and he proceeded to ram himself against this shield repeatedly. His actions were to a degree of intensity that seemed out of proportion to what would be a more “normal” amount of aggression triggered by having this sort of boundary broken in a relationship with the emotional connections we had made. I believe this is because his day-to-day experience seemed to involve him residing in states of rage and hatred very frequently and with a good amount of intensity. This is akin to lighting a spark against a single unlit match or against a bonfire in a room filled with flammable gas. This is not the best analogy, and for now I’ll leave that open for you to ponder.

I decided to wait for his attacks to cool off to see if I could remedy the relationship, but his attacks only grew as time passed. It seemed to me that I could either continue to put up the shield and let him wear himself out, which would also have taken energy from me, or I could attack back, which I did not want to do, but in hindsight would have potentially been the better option if I wanted to be friends with him for reasons which I will elaborate on later. Shortly after this I was able to cease contact with him and removed myself from that social group, which thankfully turned out to be unappealing to me regardless.

I will now elaborate on my emotional experiences during this time. Initially I was pleased and grateful that I had met him because of the general fear of not having friends. Once he began to act against me, this triggered misery. The misery, which you could also call sadness, was part of a fear of losing the friendship, which was exacerbated by the more general but connected fear of not having friends. When I put up the shield, my fear had not developed into hatred, and the emotion I was aware of was misery. As he continued to attack, the misery grew, and part of it developed into despair as I felt that the fear of losing the relationship would come to pass and that nothing I did would change that. Despair has a sort of eternal feeling to it, as though you are locked in an endless cycle of suffering.

Before the relationship ended, we ended up in a situation where we were on the same team for a work project. At this point my fear developed into an amount of hatred. I felt disgusted by his actions, and him by extension. The work project was also in an area I knew quite well, but he knew nothing about and was completely unrelated to his career ambitions. I felt that a boundary of mine in our relationship had been broken, especially because I felt that I had respected his boundary previously in a different work situation. I felt avarice, enraged at having to deal with an unsatisfactory situation (there was a boundary between me and the type of situation that I wanted to experience). My rage and hatred, my avarice and disgust, co-mingled and caused me to take aggressive action, action seeking to cross over his boundaries, with malicious intent, intent to make him suffer.

The other details of this work project are not really relevant, but perhaps you may have noticed by this point that the corruption emotions tend to develop “upwards” as they are listed in the ritual. You may wonder, then, why I experienced only misery when the relationship began to deteriorate? I believe that if any of the emotions of corruption are present, then all those below them are also present, though perhaps not at the level of conscious awareness.

Weakness seems to be the most fundamental of the “negative” emotions. Weakness is a warming feeling that is experienced when one gives up control.

There are likely many reasons why I was not aware of the underlying lethargy and weakness, but one seems to have been that the misery was relatively quite strong. My conscious experience was mostly that of misery, and so lethargy and weakness went unnoticed, but did influence my thoughts and actions.

This seems to be relatively common, as lethargy is an emotion that drains energy and causes inaction and clouds perception. Weakness causes you to believe that your actions will not be effective, which causes you to not act, and inaction in a situation which is undesirable often leads to no or undesirable changes in that situation, which yields misery as a result of the fear associated with the weakness and lethargy growing (to note, the action of choosing to not perform certain actions is itself an action, the difference being that one is a deliberate choice made as a result of calculation and the other a reaction that is automatically compelled).


The following is a part of my dream practice. I suggest the books Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Dr. Stephen LaBerge and The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

There are four visualizations performed through the sleeping period. The first, as you go to bed for the first time, is visualized at the throat. Imagine the Enochian letter ‘A’ as a translucent form, and imagine a red light glowing in the throat, illuminating the form and anything in awareness. The first visualization is Peace.

The second is Clarity. Imagine a dot of bright white light on your brow (near your third eye).

The third is Power. Imagine the Enochian letter ‘O’ as a translucent form, and imagine a glowing blue light in your chest, illuminating the form and anything in awareness.

The fourth is Corruption. Imagine a dot of black light somewhere around your genitals.

Any time you wake up during the night (or whenever you’re sleeping) you can do the next visualization as you fall asleep. You may or may not do all of them every night, and this is fine. You can even repeat one if you feel like it.

Throughout the day, encourage the spontaneous arising of the awareness that your experience is of the nature of the dream state. In other words, occasionally remember to think, “Of course I’m dreaming, what else could I possible be doing?”

You can also, as you fall asleep, ask yourself “How did I remember that I am dreaming?” Then, repeat “remember, dreaming” to yourself as you do the visualization. This seems to help with dream recall. It is also good to keep a dream journal. I use an app on my phone and just record my voice because writing on paper in the dark at 3am is not the most appealing method to me.

You can also do visualizations during the day where you imagine yourself becoming lucid in situations that often occur in your dreams to associate lucidity with these situations. I ask myself “How did I remember that I am dreaming?” at the end of this little practice.


Damn dude. This, this ritual, this is how a ritual is supposed to be done. Gawd… good work. Simple, precise, effective, and no wishy washy ritual tools that don’t fucking matter when you’re tapped into your soul.

On another note, the ritual described is basically what I’ve been working on myself for the past few days. I wonder if you and I have been riding the same train with Lucifer. Or not, idk.


This is how I perform ritual 6 of the 7 Occult Money Rituals (by Henry Archer).

Begin the ritual normally and chant the names three times will visualizing the sunlight. When you get to the part where you would imagine the clouds rolling in, feel all the bad stuff the usual way. Sing the names, do the lightning, let the clouds avert and then there’s the blue sky, feel the new emotions, this is all pretty much by the book.

Then, project yourself a few years into the future. Don’t worry about it just do it. Bring to a mind a memory from a few years ago. The memory doesn’t matter and should be pretty neutral and mundane as what you are trying to find is the feeling of oldness or of passed time. Consider what you were doing, all those years ago. You were probably so worried about money back then. Sing the names again, this time feeling gratitude after each strike. See the blue sky again that’s been there this whole time. There was no need to worry at all, was there? You called on the three great angels of wealth. Everything worked itself out so easily.

Project yourself decades into the future. You can go beyond this life. Remember what you were doing, all those decades ago. I think I was worried about something, money, probably? But everything unfolded so magnificently. Feel the awe. There really was no cause for concern, now was there. Sing the names. See the blue sky again, the sun gleaming, and feel the weight, the heaviness of the power.

This is how I was doing it, but then it occurred to me that it’s better to put the heavy stuff in the bottom of the bag.

It is possible that practitioners of Lucifer magick who do not want to work with angels other than Lucifer will read this post. This is reasonable. I am simply sharing my magickal practices. I will note though that I recommend performing the RotNS in its entirety. It is designed to protect you from potentially undesirable side effects. Also, as to how often to perform the ritual, my suggestion is always to listen to the magick.


I kinda feel like doing some occult writing today so here’s a few scattered notes about the RotNS.

The ritual seems to attract situations that will allow you to see and understand how emotions influence human behavior. As you come to know the emotions within your own mind, you will start to see them in other people. Many reading this have likely already developed their psychic abilities to some extent or another, and if this is the case for you then you may find that your ability to sense emotion becomes enhanced by understanding the fundamental causes of these emotions and clarified by separating the emotions into more discrete, unique categories. I imagine that I probably don’t need to elaborate much on the possible uses for this here to you, dear readers. If you are confused then just do the magick and see what happens.

I’d also like to comment on the “be cold” part. This is a state where you are aware of the presence of emotions but are able to experience them in a way that is not compelling. It “takes the edge off,” if you will. This allows you to be clear about what is going on. It also allows you to consider if the current emotional states (such as which emotions are present and what they are associated with) are what you would like them to be and creates a state where you are able to engage in calculation to figure out what to do.

On the note of calculation, I have experienced an interesting event which I have called an “episode of calculation.” I was standing outside in a quiet place, alone, with a chill breeze in the area and an expansive view (I don’t think these are required, just synchronous). I started to think about a business venture I was working on at the time, and my mind began to very quickly cycle through exactly what I would need to do for my marketing, who I could contact, what resources I would need, how I could reduce costs, how I could appeal to customers, what order to do things in, the timing of the various marketing things relative to other aspects of the business, things like this. It was not like an experience of anxiety or panic (aka fear) which can cause you to rapidly ruminate through a loop of self-destruction. Fear, experienced directly without coldness, is not clear, but constricting. Calculation at this level occurs similarly to how magickal visions or messages from the spirits occur. You do not force things, but allow your mind to do the calculating while you watch.

A similar principle applies to controlling reality.


Twice in one day? Wow, amazing. Now I’ll talk about sex magick. Yep, sex money power, good ole magick.

Sex magick seems to work best when you raise large amounts of energy. Typically I ere towards doing as few rituals as possible for any given situation, but with sex magick it doesn’t seem to be a bad idea to do more than you usually might. With Enochian Sex Magick, with the Adventures in Sex Magick sigil, it does seem good to not outright repeat the same ritual with the same request, however. I’ve used the same key word twice in one working before, but with different questions (you should also read Masterworks of Chaos Magick for the sigil ideas, and I forget which comes from which sometimes). You can add in rituals that are intended to influence the past (to make something that has already happened happen) that are related to the working you are doing (for example, you could do a sigil to manifest a meeting with the specific person your working is about, someone whom you have already met).

This was a spontaneous writing session, so I’ll have to come back and fill in more details later, but I’ll share a few workings I’ve been doing. To be clear I am still going through them so do at your own risk (for legal purposes my entire existence (which includes everything I write) is a joke and most definitely not advice, don’t sue me).

There are four workings, two of which are completely general in nature and could be used by anyone (these being Career and Self), one of which was intended to learn a specific game, but whose concepts can be applied to anything that could be considered a game (though there are a couple rituals which I need to revise since they were specific to that game’s mechanics), this one being Play, and another which is intended to assist with learning to create speculative fiction, called Story, which I could also see being useful to anyone as well.

The rituals are organized (L A Y E R E D) into multiple tiers, and I believe it is best to complete an entire tier/level before going down to the next level (an example of interleaving). So to clarify you don’t do one working all at once with these four workings. You do rituals for Career, Self, Play, Story in whatever order, then go down to the next level. The rituals get more specific but are still general the next level down, and then there is a sequence of four or five rituals for each of the four middle rituals that flow on from each other. I’ll show all the rituals with clear bullet-points and in detail, but for now I’ll just edge you.

I also performed a “bonus working” with rituals all aimed at a situation that occurred in my past, before I was even doing magick. I like to include one “bonus ritual” with each level of the main workings, but you don’t always have to if you’re not feeling it. I’ve fired off other individual workings (I did all the rituals together then went back to the main workings) occasionally while doing these as well, and I’m currently wondering what to do for another bonus working, though I have some ideas. I may or may not share the exact details but the key words I think are good. I also have a dream working which I suppose I’ll toss in here.

Enochian and Lucifer magick together, around the same time?? Yep

But use a single system! Yep this is my system

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Here yah go


Under Career

Under Finances

Under Influence

Under Following

Under Rest


Under Story

Under Prose

Under Characters

Under Plot

Under World


Under Play

Under Teams

Under Aim

Under Tactics

Under Strategy


Under Self

Under Magick

Under Healthy

Under Projects

Under Others

Personally I make a copy of each sigil in a small book, sort of like a sketch book you can pick up at an art store, but the one for these workings is actually one I got while in the country of my bonus working. It’s not exactly difficult to make a good guess as to where this is, but I’ll leave it blank so it looks more like a template.

Also, to clarify, it is important to remember that the intention for these rituals was to influence the past. The memory I brought to mind for the Major Process with each ritual was one where the magick manifested.

How did I come to have such a wonderful time in [name of the place]?
[Name of the place]

How did I come to have such incredible cuisine in __?

How did I come to see such wondrous sights in __?

How did I come to hear such wonderful music in __?

How did I come to experience such wonderful culture in __?

How did I come to be with such wonderful people in __?

How did I come to acquire such meaningful memorabilia in __?

How did I come to have so much extra money in __?

How did I come to travel so easily in __?

How did I come to experience such renewal in __?

How did I come to be so fluent in [language]?

How did I come to belong in __?

How did I come to be in __?
[name of the place]

Here is a Dream working

How did I come to have such wonderful dreams?

How did I come to have such wonderful dream recall?

How did I come to have such wonderfully sexy dreams?

How did I come to have such wonderfully healing dreams?

How did I come to have such wonderful adventures in dreams?

How did I come to meet such wonderful characters in dreams?

How did I come to experience such wonderful violence in dreams?

How did I come to experience such wonderful luxury in dreams?

How did I come to attain such wonderful insight from dreams?

How did I come to have such wonderful control with dreams?

How did I come to have such wonderful lucid dreams?

Remember to remember that your experience is of the nature of the dream state!


I suppose now I’ll talk about money, which is perhaps your favorite thing to do magick for, your least favorite, or perhaps both. To be clear this is not financial advice (don’t sue me) and I am still quite young and relatively novice when it comes to investing, but I have received a reasonable amount of education on finance and continue to educate myself on these matters.

The vast, vast, vast majority of content you find on the internet about money is blatantly and ridiculously wrong, deceptive, and overall just soaked in ignorance. But most people are so fucking desperate for money that they trick themselves into believing scammers who sell some bullshit trading course or the like. It is very possible for anyone to get rich, very rich, but you need to understand how money works. If you want to day trade and compete against physics Ph.D.s using math you’ve never heard of to make trades faster than you can blink you are allowed to do that, but there are way easier paths to building wealth if you aren’t into that kind of stuff (like me).

The first magical secret of money, that you’ve probably already heard of, is compound interest. But that’s pretty boring so let’s move on to the second magical secret.

Credit, aka debt, leverage, or access to other people’s money, is your friend. If you respect credit and treat it right it will do right by you. This is how you magically transform a smaller amount of money into a much bigger pile of money. So how do you use credit with skill? Let’s come back to this in a moment.

Here’s another magical secret, and a rather controversial one. Saving money is for losers. Winners spend their money on investments. Now I think it is a good idea to have a couple months of cash set aside for unexpected expenses or whatever, but money doesn’t do anything when it’s just sitting there in your bank account. Would you rather spend all day working, or would you rather your money work for you, 24/7?

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are people who sell their time to make money, and there are people who buy other people’s time to make money. If you work for someone else, they are paying you less than the value you create for them. This is just how capitalism works. If you pay other people to work for you, then you will enjoy the benefits of their labor.

This may either make you very pissed off or very pleased. Either way it just is how it is. Perhaps one day technology will advance to the point where we all live in super abundance, but in the meantime it is up to you to decide which side you’d like to be on.

But this may seem confusing. Spending money decreases how much cash you have, but I’m saying that buying stuff can increase your money. Money comes in many forms. Do you own stock in a company, like Amazon or Google? That’s money (if you own stock in Amazon then you are an owner of a piece of Amazon - if Amazon wins then you win too). Do you own bonds, like US Treasury Bills? That’s money (buying bonds is lending money to the government - they owe you money!). Do you own real estate? That’s money.

Money grows off of itself. It’s like hair on a dog or cat. The more hair it has, the more it will shed. The more money you have, the more money you’ll make. Maybe that’s obvious. But remember that magical secret from earlier, that credit is your friend?

Credit gives you access to more money. Poor people tend to get scared when they think of banks and loans because they just don’t understand how this works. Banks, to oversimplify things, are basically giant vaults of cash. But cash just sitting in a vault doesn’t do anything, it just sits there, like your lazy uncle. So someone comes along and says, hi bank, there’s this house I kinda want to buy and rent out to someone, but I’m a little short on cash at the moment. If you let me use some of your money then I’ll pay you back with extra after I buy the place and start making money from renting it out. The bank says, well we weren’t using this money anyways, and if it’s just sitting around in our vaults it’s not doing anything, and you seem like a responsible individual who can probably pay us back, did your due diligence, alright here yah go. So you pay for like 20% of the house, the bank pays for 80%, you rent it out to someone else. Some of your rental income goes back to the bank, some goes into your pocket, and eventually you stop having to pay the bank and fully own this house which keeps spewing out cash and generally increasing in value. Stonks baby

Investing in a nutshell - buy and hold things that generally go up in value over time and ideally also yield cash flow every year. Real estate rental properties are a pretty simple example of this. You can do things like flip houses, where you fix a place up and immediately sell it. If you do that you’ll earn a quick buck, but you won’t own anything. If you buy and hold you may not get as much cash right away, but if you keep buying you’ll increase your income more and more while you still own valuable assets that generally go up. Again, would you rather be working your entire life, or would you rather your money do all the work for you so you can relax on the moon with your fat blunts and instagram models and lambos?

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I’m feeling flooded with inspiration so I’m gonna write some more. Be aware, it’s about to get explicit, real explicit. I’ve been thinking that the instructions for how to do the sex magick workings I posted may be somewhat unclear, so I’ll touch on that again (it may sound complicated but really it’s simple once you start doing it), and then I will describe to you some of the experiences that I have had with sex magick. I’ve seen some truly out there stuff in my time with magick, but some of these experiences really make me think I’ve gone off the deep end sometimes. And don’t you worry, I haven’t forgotten about the RotNS (or that I’m dreaming).

The four workings, Career, Story, Play, and Self, should be worked through at the same time. If you want to do the magick, then you begin by making master sigils and performing rituals for Career, Story (I’m gonna elaborate on this one), Play, and Self, in whatever order you feel like doing. I keep copies of the sigils in a sketch book, but use index cards for the actual rituals (cause I smear my jizz on em). I also suggest doing a bonus ritual in there somewhere. After these four (or five) rituals, then you go down to the next level.

The next level for Career includes Finances, Influence, Following, and Rest. You can find the other rituals in the above description. At this level, you again perform one ritual for Career, one for Story, one for Play, and one for Self, and a bonus ritual, as a “batch” or however you want to think about it. So for example, you could do Finances, Characters, Strategy, Projects, and a bonus ritual (like Travel). You can do any combination of rituals in any order, so long as you complete the entire level before moving on, and do one from each working in each “batch.”

After completing each of the rituals on this level, you go down to the next. Perhaps I’m getting a bit redundant, but just to be clear, each of the rituals listed under these middle categories should be performed in descending order. This is different from the middle level. So under Projects, the first ritual you do is Pleasure. Before you can do Passion you should have performed every other ritual listed first on this level (such as Value, Emotions, Information, Energy, etc.). You can do these in any order (though keep batching them together like before), but it is important to gradually work downwards as at this level each ritual flows on from the one before it. Passion flows on from Pleasure, Pride comes from Passion, and Freedom from Pride. Really they are all interconnected, but I think it helps to do the magick in this way to build a strong foundation of understanding.

Here are a few examples of how to word the questions:
How did I come to have such a wonderful career?
How did I come to integrate such wonderful rest?
How did I come to wield such powerful influence?
How did I come to create such a delightful world?
How did I come to live with such wonderful nutrition? (of both mind and body, btw)
How did I come to experience such powerful magick?
How did I come to understand such wonderful strategy?

Some of these rituals may seem rather abstract, particularly the Story working. You may want to perform magick with more flexibility, targeting your rituals at situations as they occur in your life. I also feel this way, which is why I also do other magick, but the great thing about sex magick is that it is just so easy to integrate. Unless you are asexual, masturbation and sex are already things that you do, and making these otherwise mundane activities magickal is both easy and enjoyable.

You may wonder why you should spend the time doing something such as the Story working, which may not initially seem to have obvious benefits compared to something like a money spell. It has been said before that you would be a fool to absent magick from your activities. In my opinion you would be a fool to absent magick from any aspect of your experience. Magick just makes things better.

I believe that stories are so powerful and meaningful to people because we experience our own lives as a story. There are characters and events and an entire world around us which we move through and experience the ups and downs of life within. I have seen magick do some truly incredible things, but there are times when I wonder why magick does not just make every problem go away. I believe that without conflict and challenge, life is not engaging or pleasurable. Magick has removed by far most of what used to be a problem in my life, but it is unlikely to make you a master artist with billions of dollars and a harem of partners just to your liking all at once because it is the process towards attaining such desires that opens the mind to accepting that it is possible to live in such a state. Magick protects you from your own self-sabotage.

The pleasure of life comes from engaging in activities which you enjoy. Continuing with such activities creates passion, which fuels your pleasure even more. Passionate activity, paired with the removal of ignorance, leads to achievements and to pride in what you have done. Pride gives you freedom from suffering. Freedom allows you to experience the pleasures.

But grasping and aversion! It’s better to be equanimous about everything! You’re just walking on an endless hedonic treadmill and creating your own suffering! Please take your RHP preachy pattering somewhere else. We both know you’re taking the bodhisattva vow anyways. Just because I choose to live in the material world differently from how you do doesn’t make me wrong. Here, have a coin from the prosperity I have created for the world, have protection from the armies I create so we can sleep in our homes in peace, have the ability to spread your words to those who want to hear them through the internet, have the knowledge gained from the boundless, unfathomable suffering of masses of humanity that allows you to live your holy life in comfort. Take it, for I offer this to you.

Alright it got a little edgy there and now I’m hungry so I’ll be back with the promised aforementioned explicit content in a bit. Turns out there’s a lot to sexuality and the potential of magickal sexual experiences.

I want to start off this post by saying that I sometimes like to think that I’m a pretty Big Fucking Deal, so I want to thank all of those who have aided me in my magickal education and practice, and really in my life generally. You know who you are. Thank you.

And before I go into the sex stuff, I will say right now that I advise you to skip this one if you are attached to your ignorance and with a closed mind. I have seen so much hatred directed at those whose sexuality deviates from what popular culture (typically popular religious culture) dictates to be “normal” and “acceptable.” If you are disgusted and afraid of how I am then really all I have to say is that I would laugh out loud at seeing you get your face blown off. I’d rather you just learned, but if you are so attached to your ignorance then that is really not my fucking problem.

Alright, now let’s get into it.

To start, I really recommend doing kegels, aka pelvic floor exercises. At least for male-bodied people (you could say “people with a penis,” but if you have it I think it is worth overcoming discomfort with this term for medical and such reasons, although I do go out of my way when I can to respect people’s wishes with things like this), kegels will increase the intensity and duration of your orgasms as well as improving sexual stamina and orgasm control. In other words they’ll make you cum your face off. I’m not a medical doctor, but essentially what you do is flex the pelvic floor both ways, inwards and outwards. If you’re not sure what this muscle is, stop the stream the next time you urinate. I learned from a yogi that you can imagine two triangles, one pointing forwards and one backwards, and pull up or push down at the tips. I suggest doing both long holds of the muscles and quick pulses. Be careful not to overstrain the muscle. I’ve done this before and was very confused as it lead to some embarrassing bladder issues (also common with women post-birth, apparently), but gentle, regular exercise will do you well. I usually do two or four quick sessions per day, with at least one rest day per week.

Ok now for the magick.

One of the most common phenomena I’ve heard about and experienced myself is sensing other people’s sexual energy in a very tangible way. You’re probably rolling your eyes at how obvious this one is, but in case you’re not, here yah go. I started to experience this way back in my Goetia days and played with it more while doing Lucifer magick. Something I used to do all the time back in college was to “hold onto” the sexual energy of someone who was sitting next to me (they can be further away too), merge it with mine, and allow the energy to envelop the both of us. I imagine my magickal professors were either annoyed or amused. This didn’t always lead to anything, but it was pretty obvious it had an effect on the other person. Sometimes it lead to a conversation and some flirting, sometimes to pretty extensive flirting, and sometimes they seemed a bit flustered by the intensity of the energy, like, my God, I just came from sitting next to this dude and they hardly looked at me, what even the fuck, and didn’t say much. I’ve never really done this unless I sensed attraction in the other person, but I will say that god damn people are horny, especially in college. Good times. Good dreams, too.

Another pretty common experience is one of succubi or incubi. These labels are usually associated with demonic sexual spirits, but you can have similar experiences with any sort of sexual spirit, in my experience. I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical about this one at first and didn’t really get into it until I started practicing Enochian sex magick, but once it happens you can’t really deny that it really, really felt like someone rammed a big hard cock inside you, or that someone danced on your lap and licked you all over. Oh yeah, sex magick.

There are many ways to do this sort of thing. You can masturbate as normal, but allow for more elaborate sexual fantasies to arise, perhaps with the assistance of pornography of some sort. Here I will say that porn is not bad. It can cause you to limit your imagination, but if you have masturbated with any sort of porn for an extended length of time it can take some adjustment to do something else and still orgasm. I will also say, however, that you may find that certain forms of porn, such as still images or prose, allow you to engage more with your imagination and have more fluid and engaging sexual fantasies. If you want to switch or just start trying new stuff you can start with the new stuff, get as far as you can, switch to what you normally use, and then switch back once you’re close. Looking at the new stuff while you orgasm (it can just be one or some of the pulses, doesn’t have to be the first or all of them) also helps.

It is also the case that certain fetishes are more readily available in forms other than standard videos. My first ever orgasm was with a drawn image, and so I’ve been masturbating with hentai, more specifically sex manga (comics) called doujinshi (I just call them doujins), for a long time. The still images provide the external stimulation that is helpful, especially if you want to fantasize about someone you have not had sex with directly, while still giving you the space to imagine and fill in the blanks, as it were. I’ll come back to this, but I’ll say now to all the horny weebs out there that you can totally have sex with your waifus (husbando doesn’t sound as good as waifu to me but you can do the same with the anime boys) in dreams. If you’re not into anime girls, perhaps there are forms that are not strictly human that you think would be pretty nice to get it on with. Gotta love demon girls.

You can do all this while masturbating as normal, manually stimulating yourself, but it is also possible to do it hands-free. I think this works better if you do (or at least have done in the past) some form of energy work. I know, I’ve talked all sorts of shit on energy work, but it does have its uses. All I do is a body scan, which includes the genitals and other erotic areas, at the beginning of some of my meditations. I recommend looking into Robert Bruce’s “NEW Energy Ways.” You basically stimulate yourself like you would with your hands (or a toy), but with your energy. It sounds weird but if you’re reading a long-ass post about sex magick it’s probably not that weird.

Here’s where it does start to get weird, though. If you have a good imagination and can experience sexual pleasure without directly masturbating, and you can have sex with spirits, including the spirits of other people, while awake (but you said we’re always dreaming! yeah yeah you know what I mean). It can help to make similar physical movements, which may make you feel a bit silly at first, but perhaps the vividness of the experience and the experience of your partner(s) doing stuff on their own will help you stop caring about what other people would think about something they’ll never see or know about anyways.

Did I mention weirdness? Yeah we’re just getting started. If you’ve been around this forum for a while you may have heard of the ability to give people “remote orgasms.” This is partly what I mean by having sex with another person’s spirit. Before I go into this stuff though, I will note that you can also intend for any partner you are fantasizing or dreaming about to simply be a representation of the other person and not their actual spirit. This way you keep your energy to yourself (and perhaps keep some of your sanity as well).

I’m hesitant to share this as I have not confirmed directly in an explicit way whether or not this is true and sometimes it makes me feel absolutely cookoo bonkers nuts, but again at a certain point it’s difficult to deny what is happening (so I’m happy to share but stay off my turf, yah know). I have psychic connections to people whom I’ve never met in “real life,” but have had interactions with over the internet. I have had psychic conversations with these wonderful and lovely people where I could communicate with them in my mind and also see their physical responses that made sense in the moment. I have felt their emotions, and have had the distinct feeling that our minds were connected in such a way that we were directly aware of each other’s thoughts as they arose. There was no hiding or filtering. Again maybe I should be drugged up, lobotomized, and tossed in a padded white room, but at a certain point the connection is very, very difficult to deny.

To quickly note, if you find yourself having this sort of experience, whether initiated by you or someone else, you can imagine a screen of silver over your mind to end the experience. It seems you can still have a psychic connection ongoing if you want, but you can make your direct thoughts private. Something something tin-foil hat

I have also sent and received sexual energy to these (and other) people. To the woman with a vagina, I will imagine that I am performing oral sex with her, flicking about my tongue and whatnot. Doing this causes me to feel what seemed to be female sexual energy, but now I would just call the sexual energy that arises from the vagina or prostate. This sometimes gets more intense than what I feel with regular penile masturbation, and even anal prostate masturbation (I am an Aneros shill for sure). There was once when I must have done this for thirty minutes or more, with many, many orgasms, and afterwards I was blobbed out in my chair, strong pleasure tingling throughout my entire body. There have been other times when I was interacting with her online and felt a similar warm, tingling, intensely pleasurable feeling arise throughout my body while I was trying to play video games. Needless to say I was pleasantly distracted.

Oh, you thought that was all the weird stuff? What follows is probably more common than I realize, but these sorts of things are rarely talked about, especially in a relatively more public space. Before I continue, I should say that I consider the most accurate labels for my sexuality to be bisexual and non-binary. I am attracted to both men and women, and I feel like both a man and a woman. I suppose pansexual could be more accurate, as I also find other non-binary people attractive, but I like the bi flag more and it’s easier for your average cishet person to understand. My experience of non-binary gender is basically that sometimes I feel masculine, sometimes feminine, and sometimes I just feel like me. You could also call me 50% gay in two different ways. He, she, or they are all reasonable enough. He/she aren’t always accurate to how I am feeling in the moment, and they feels kind of weird since it’s plural, but “they” is my default I ask people to call me, and you’ll get used to it.

That may or may not be weird to you, and the same goes with the sex magick stuff I’ll describe. Basically it is possible to vividly experience the sensations of having genitals that your physical body does not have, even while stimulating what you do have. I have stroked my penis while feeling like I had a vagina that was being stimulated with a lot more detail than I could have expected, especially considering that I have obviously never had a physical vagina on this body. I have experienced the sensation of having an entire female body, while awake, and having that body played with sexually.

Again this may or may not be new or surprising to you, especially if you are trans or also nb. It is a bit strange, as I did experience the regular penile (what a funny word) sexual response while mainly feeling the sensations localized where a vagina would be while seeing a female body with the waist and boobies and stuff. This is probably a limitation posed by biology, but I have also experienced what seemed to be vaginal stimulation, while awake, with “hands-free” sexual energy that arises from prostate stimulation. I don’t really want to use the words “male” and “female” all the time, cause you can be a girl with a big ole dick. It’s really all in the vibes.

For people with female bodies who want to feel that penis energy, you can do something similar to what I described above, though you’ll probably want to move more than just your tongue. I almost said “big dick energy,” but I’m not tryna be a size queen.

In case it is not obvious by now, the potentials of an advanced dream practice with sex magick are quite extensive.

Alright I think I’ve exhausted myself for today. Tune in next time for either more on the RotNS or for some musings on how I’ve integrated the RotNS, Enochian sex magick, the 7 Occult Money Rituals, and recently Corwin Hargrove’s new book on Enochian Universal Magick (before that I was occasionally doing Lucifer rituals).

Damn dude, you do a lot of magick. Yep, it’s pretty fuckin awesome.

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Ok actually real quick here’s another working


Under Music

Under Melody

Under Harmony

Under Rhythm


I kinda threw this one together a bit back, and for the record (heh) I’m not currently doing it. I will at some point, but as far as artistic endeavours go I’m otherwise occupied at the moment.

I could dump a bunch more stuff here on learning music, but really what to do depends on what kind of music you want to make. I can’t emphasize enough, though, that every musician can benefit massively from learning how to sing. You don’t have to sing well and you don’t have to sing in front of anyone else (in music school we had to sight-sing in front of the entire class, which included actual singers, fuck me dude), but if you can sing correctly it helps to internalize the sounds and improves your Ear (ability to recognize musical sounds, like knowing that note was a Do, that was a Mi, that sort of stuff). If you make music with electronic instruments, it does also help to play an acoustic one, which can be your voice if you’d rather sing than do something like guitar or piano or whatevs.

Aside from singing you just gotta make a bunch of music and practice regularly. Get lessons from someone good (I recommend jazz musicians but I’m hella biased) if at all possible. It is absolutely worth it. It’s good to “be serious” and practice like you mean it, but it’s also good to just fuck around and noodle and laugh at your janky sounding stuff and see what happens. I remember back when I sucked real, I mean real fucking bad, and then one day after doing an archangel invocation I sat down at the piano (not even my instrument) to improvise and it just clicked. Practice is required, but magick is pretty busted.

And don’t be afraid to just rip stuff from other musicians and tunes that you like. That’s how we all do it. I don’t really seriously practice music at this time, but I do sing in the shower quite a bit and generally bop around, and I basically sound like this saxophone dude I listened to a bunch with some personal twists that developed as I played around with it more.

As far as music theory goes it helps to learn some, but I’d stay away from anything classical-oriented unless that’s what you’re doing. If you want to really do classical you sort of have to get pretty educated on just classical though, and that’s sort of the case for jazz although the old-school cats would laugh at the idea of a jazz school. You can learn music just by listening to music and playing along, but really it does help to have a teacher, especially to explain some music theory concepts. If you learn I-IV-V-I you’re pretty much set for most music, but with like four techniques and a willingness to become familiar with all 12 keys you can make pretty much any possible chord progression. I’m not going to spew all this here for personal reasons, at least right now, but if you’re interested you can PM me. Also learn voice leading. It feels kind of like doing a music puzzle that sounds nice.

Alright if there are any requests I can maybe put another together but I’d encourage you to let magick guide you in your own magick.

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Alright I got shit to do so I’ll probably start doing posts on Saturdays or something like that. I like doing occult writing and I like seeing my impact so I’ll do a post if I have something good to say. Maybe I’ve gotten some people to try out my stuff too. Welcome to my current, bwahahaha. Also if you’re doing the music working flip around motion and shape (hard to have shape without motion).

I do have stuff to ramble on about today though. Something interesting I’ve noticed is that there are people who seem to mostly exist in a state of weakness. By that I mean the emotion they experience by far the most often is fear in the form of weakness. I have known two people who seemed like this.

I find this quite interesting because of what it makes these people do. The first, who (whom?) I actually realized was this way long after I met him, was a friend of mine who turned against me. The reason for this was that another individual in our social group, who is a narcissist, tried to use me as his source of narc supply (I’ll touch on this later too) and failed, so instead he settled with just trying to torment me as much as possible. Because he couldn’t use me he tried using this weak person and was very successful. I’ve seen some synchronicities with narcissists and vampires (and the Goetia), which is sort of strange and I wouldn’t take it too literally but narcissists do need to “suck blood” from people to not destroy themselves.

Anyways, a couple years after I was no longer interacting with this narcissist I interacted with the narcissist’s thrall (the weak person) again. I needed him for some stuff. He had started dating this girl, and once while with the two of them she started to flirt with me right in front of him. That was great, and he started getting all defensive, which was hilarious. This guy had also tried flirting with me in the past when he found out that I’m bi, and he did so repeatedly and in rather undignified ways. Because of this I started to influence him to see if I could make him believe I was interested in a threesome. I didn’t actually flirt with him, I just said words with no sexual charge behind them that made him think of threesomes, and he started to imply he would be down and tried flirting with me again pretty much immediately.

Alas, the girl moved before I could steal her away (I don’t know how he attracted her, probably horny desperation), and shortly after this I stabbed the guy with my words and cut ties. The point in me telling this story is not to brag about how I attract women. He was still willing to hang out with me after all of this, including all of our past. I did sense, though, that he seemed to think that I was a narcissist, which is incorrect, and was perhaps trying to manipulate me or get vengeance somehow. I don’t really know how exactly he was thinking he would do that, but it amused me cause that’s like a malnourished man with his arms chopped off picking a fight with an attack helicopter in an open field. I wouldn’t exactly recommend it. Maybe though you, dear reader, will learn something about influence today (probably not all of my dear readers but maybe you’ll enjoy the story).

The other guy whom I’ve met was actually much more interesting cause I think I pretty much figured out his psychology. It’s not exactly a secret that I’ve been educated on this, but if you work with demon magick you can learn to do this too. Knowing someone gives you many options.

This guy and I started out as friends as well. Co-workers, really, but we became friends. We hung out and stuff, and I will admit that aside from the beer-gut he was kinda cute. I didn’t flirt with him at all, as I wanted to be platonic friends with him, but I slipped a bit and occasionally exhibited “passive” non-verbal behaviors which signaled sexual attraction. He was clueless to this so I didn’t worry about. One evening, however, from the look that flashed across his face and the jerky motion his body made it seemed that the realization hit him like a fucking ton of bricks. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit the lack of control on my part, but I was (still am, really) budding in my bisexuality and in terms of social skills this guy clearly was not well developed.

He started to flirt with me, and I had a bit of an oh shit moment and went on a walk to think and make a decision. I ultimately decided to not pursue a sexual relationship and to make it clear that I was not interested. Part of the reason was that I just wanted someone to hang out with, but really it was because the guy just obviously did not respect my intelligence at all, and by extension me (I admittedly have a bit of a complex here, exactly because of people like him). With covid going on new socialization opportunities seemed scarce so my plan was to either make him respect me after he had a stronger attachment to me or just move on when I could meet new people.

We met again (with others) soon after, and he behaved as if he already knew my decision (he implied something or other with words and was kinda pissed). I did strongly intend (no ritual) for him to understand my intention to not pursue a sexual relationship prior to this, so that was interesting.

This was, however, short-lived. The next time we met he started flirting with me again. I went out of my way in this and subsequent interactions to demonstrate that I was not interested. Not only did I cease allowing non-verbal signs of attraction to arise, I actively and obviously put physical distance between us many times. At no point did I actively flirt, then or in the past. The difference is that signs of attraction are mostly subconscious and automatic (although you can control them with practice), whereas flirting is an active behavior where you attempt to send sexual energy to the other person via words, touch, looks, whatever.

Normally at this point I would just have outright told him to his face I was not interested rather than attempt to do so more subtly (though clearly) to prevent potentially more damaging conflict. The thing was, though, that I had found myself in a bit of a tricky spot financially at the time and needed some funds to get me through to money I knew I would receive in the near future. This person was also in the only social circle I really had at the time, which I was a newcomer to while everyone else had known each other for years, so if he ended our relationship the probability that the others would also do so seemed very high. This was also not the first time I have lost a friendship due to unreciprocated sexual attraction (being a sex god does not oblige you to literally fuck everyone).

It is also relevant for me to note that this person was raised in an extremely, extremely conservative Christian environment (father’s a preacher and everything) and at no point admitted to being attracted to men (but you’re non-binary! I look mostly male, the nb stuff mostly comes out in non-verbals and I like wearing leggings, but I don’t really feel compelled to transition like trans people do). He lacked the social skills to detect my previous non-verbals, and his sexual desperation seemed to consume him so completely that he likely did not register my attempts to gracefully turn him down even if he would have been able to detect them and know what they meant.

At this point I considered the probabilities. Given the intensity of his desperation and his background, it seemed that an outright rejection would have caused severe rage and probably hatred from him, ending the relationship and causing me to lose access to money I really needed.

I outright told him (while he was drunk) that I consider myself to be a reasonably well-adjusted psychopath. I also talked a little about God. I did not talk about my magick or anything, but said enough to create an air of mystique, which he likely perceived as a sort of religious devotion on my part. I did this to accelerate intimacy as much as I could push it. Right before I left his place, I told him that I wanted to help out his friend with “anger issues,” give him some Hannibal-style therapy. I also said that I would find a way to get inside his head (not his friend, his head, the guy I was literally talking to, I told I would try to manipulate him). I then squeezed the top of his head, twice. I told him I was gonna get on in there (woops, I already had!). Ok I’ll admit most of why I wrote this was to amuse the demons out there with that one. I straight up told him! Why do I even try!

Long story short I got the money I needed from him after that. I had to shut down his advances a couple more times but hot fucking damn this guy was desperate. In hindsight I could have very easily gotten it in other ways, it was like $200 and I had at least 40x that much in reasonably liquid although sentimental assets (my financial position now is way better, btw), but I was going through some shit and fear of my two greatest enemies was fucking with my ability to operate effectively. I did also learn some very interesting things, and that hatred did need to go somewhere.

Remember how I mentioned that this guy seemed to reside mostly in weakness? This whole debacle should not be altogether surprising if you assume this, but there was a moment in this time, before the head-squeeze chat (fuck I still can’t believe that shit worked how it did, I’m proud of that one) but after he started flirting again, when we were sitting on a couch, and he looked at me, and on his face all I could see was weakness. It was fucking disgusting. This was not like the moments I have with myself when I know weakness to find it and kill it, or the moments I have with Lucifer when I show them my weakness so that it can be transformed into strength. The look on his face said, “I am weak, come be weak with me.” I dismissed the urge to vomit as it arose and looked away as quickly as I could.

You may think that this is what some describe as “being vulnerable” with someone, which can be a sign of intimacy. Perhaps this is the case for some, but this is not what that was, at least for me. A relationship built on respect, trust, and generosity allows for both sides to reveal weakness so that they may find strength with the other. This was an invitation to become like him, to make weakness the emotion which characterized our interactions. If you’ve been paying attention at all or have at least half a brain you should realize that two people interacting in constant states of weakness (fear) will only lead to toxicity.

Remember the aforementioned individual with “anger issues”? They were childhood friends. Remember how he has deeply repressed homosexuality while believing fanatically in a religion, a religion enforced by his own father, whom he admires greatly as a fervent Christian, which calls such sexuality a grievous sin? Perhaps you can see how he came to exist in such a state.

Some time passed, I got my money, and we stopped seeing each other as much. I encountered him one day and he invited me to have lunch. He brought up how I had talked before about being able to read people’s non-verbal behaviors (I can read a lot more than that but clearly he wouldn’t have been able to understand this). I then looked over at him, and he had put this expression on his face that looked like a mix between malice and weakness. It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. I went back to eating my sandwich and continued our conversation as though nothing happened. He seemed surprised and then continued with the conversation. Again, armless and blind man against the attack helicopter in an open field (amusing analogy aside I’ll admit I’m a bit out of practice and that I know of people who I really would not want to go against with these sorts of things, though perhaps I should give myself more credit). I think he may have expected me to react to his little move, rather than very quickly be aware of the emotions he was experiencing, calculate why he was experiencing them (not exactly difficult in this spot), calculate a response given what I know about him, and then execute that response in my internal emotional state and by extension my verbal and non-verbal behaviors, but the thing with ignorance is that if you have enough it will severely limit the options that you are able to see. This is, of course, not even to mention the lack of ability to execute upon those options. But I digress.

If you follow my writings perhaps I don’t need to say that there’s quite a bit up in that to chew on, and doing this does get a bit fatiguing, but I did say more on narcissism and stuff before so here’s that real quick. I believe that narcissism and psychopathy (antisocial PD, but whose ability to operate socially and professionally you callin hampered? oh that’s right I’m not a fucking normie so I must be disordered, super sorry) are both caused by large amounts of hatred being present in one’s mind.

The difference comes from how the person deals with the hatred. A narcissist uses downward comparison, which is a psychological process everyone uses, to an extreme extent. If you have hatred inside you, that hatred will either point at someone else or it will point at yourself. If you have lots of hatred inside you, it will pretty much inevitably point at both. Your average narcissist will hate themself a whole fucking lot, and to avoid self-destruction (cause hatred makes you destroy) they project that hatred onto other people. How this manifests in their behavior is they attempt to lower the other person and make them subordinate and generally as obedient and inferior as possible. This makes the narcissist feel relatively superior through downward comparison, which then makes them feel very good about themselves. The thing is, though, that they tend to feel way more pride than is actually warranted given the reality of their achievements, so it is a feeble and unstable pride. When this pride is inevitably challenged, either intentionally by someone else or by the narcissist’s own perceptions, it is found to be built on nothing, and the whole thing comes tumbling down and now the narcissist feels intense, intense self-hatred once again, and the whole cycle repeats, endlessly. I imagine it’s possible to be a narcissist who is not so weak, however.

Psychopaths are different in that we just use sadism to cathartically release the hatred. I don’t particularly care if you’re a King or a janitor, if I hate you making you suffer will fill me with delight. Spoilers - if you have a lot of hatred inside you, and most of your interactions with humans make you hate them, you’ll probably hate humanity in general, which means that you’ll be pre-disposed to hating any new person that you meet. This would be what can cause problems for psychopaths. Because a psychopath’s pride is not typically hyper-inflated (you may be pretty damn proud, but the pride is rooted in a solid foundation of genuine achievement) there isn’t typically as much a problem with ego as there is with an addiction to sadism. Hurting people you hate feels really good, and it can become a habit to seek out this feeling, which can ruin otherwise good relationships. I don’t suggest denying your urges because they will just fuck with you in your subconscious, but to figure out how to live with them without sabotaging your life. Sometimes you just need a victim, and you don’t want that to be your friend. This is not advice, don’t sue me.

It’s also worth noting that narcissism and psychopathy are not mutually-exclusive and are found together reasonably commonly. I believe the root cause is the same, so it’s really a matter of other factors as to how someone will turn out. I probably turned out antisocial because trying to fight back directly against my parents always lead to extremely harsh punishment and gaslighting so I turned to more subtle deception and control to survive and ensure they didn’t prevent me from getting a good education (they threatened me with community college in bum-fuck nowhere while living with them after I got into an ivy-level school), which involved letting my ego take the punches. Maybe I’m talking about myself too much but maybe you should see the fucking value I’m giving to you for free you dipshit. Fuck, humans are dumb. Fuck, that includes me.


The nice thing about the RotNS though is that it helps you stop doing stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong, tsunamis aren’t exactly peaceful little waves, but I think that reconfiguring your mind like this helps you get along with the people you’d rather get along with while bringing you people to have your fun with.

We’re all just here, in our own little universes, interacting with illusions of our own minds projecting across unreal separations.

Are we though, really?

Or are you the one who thinks they’re the true box?

Oooh a bit of a throwback with that one


I almost didn’t post today but I suppose I’ll act on my intentions. I’m thinking I’ll do weekly Saturday posts so you all know when to check for new content.

I’ve written quite a bit recently, and so I’ll just provide my general routine with my magick in case anyone is interested in trying a similar approach. You’ll find many authors these days that advise only one ritual per day, but in my experience it’s ok to do more than that so long as you don’t scatter your intentions all over the place or try to dump a whole load of magick onto a situation out of fear of the magick being ineffective. It’s a tricky balance but one that I believe is not too difficult to figure out.

I start my day with either ritual 2 or 6 of the 7 Occult Money Rituals, depending on where in the cycle I’m at. I like to do these rituals every moon cycle, so I’m usually doing one or the other with occasional short breaks. I like to grind my coffee beans and drink some water and stuff to wake up a bit, then I do the ritual, then I have my breakfast and read an occult book of some sort (sometimes it’s not “actually” an occult book but it’s something like a meditation manual or lucid dreaming book, something relevant to my practice). It feels good to start the day with some magick, and these rituals are pretty quick and importantly I don’t have to make a decision about what to request - I can just do the magick.

Most every day I’ll do a sex magick ritual at some point. If I feel horny then I’ll go ahead and do one. If you’re doing sex magick you’ll probably generally be more aroused than you would otherwise, and sometimes you’ll get like really super horny to the extent that it would be pretty hard to do something else, I mean like damn it hits you. I’ll either do one of the rituals from the workings I posted above or if I’m doing a one-off working I’ll do that. I rarely do just one ritual on its own. Usually I’ll have at least three grouped in a working to do over several days, and usually I’ve done more than this, with general rituals at the beginning and end and very specific ones in the middle.

The third ritual of the day varies. I usually stick to max three rituals per day. Any more than that and I’d probably just be spinning my wheels doing a bunch of magick but not acting on my intentions and getting my mundane stuff done. I don’t always do three in a day, but I quite like doing magick so I often do. I don’t really have to make any decisions with the money rituals, and this sort of also goes for the sex magick. The money rituals are also quite general, as are the sex magick workings. They’re not really totally “in the background,” per se, as I notice signs of the magick all the time and see it working in my life, but I don’t have to spend a bunch of time figuring out requests or which ritual to do. You’ve only got so much “synchronicity space” and space for the magick to communicate with you anyways.

Sometimes it’s one of the 7OMR. The author suggests doing them all separately, but I like to do the two 11 day rituals frequently at this point in my life (I always get results of some sort with them) so I’ll overlap them oftentimes. Ritual 1 or 7 I won’t count since for 1 it takes less than five minutes to empower and the diffusion happens in the background and 7 just takes a minute, but 3, 4, and 5 I count as being the third for the day if I do them on the same day as 2 or 6. If you don’t do this magick this probably sounds convoluted but really it’s not complicated. If I don’t do ritual 2 or 6 after getting up I’ll probably just do two rituals in the day.

If I’m not doing a 7OMR, I’ll probably do a ritual from Universal Magick. I’m still new to it and getting a feel for it, but it’s worked well with my other stuff. The 7OMR are all pretty short, which doesn’t mean they aren’t effective, but I do like having a “proper ritual” that takes more than five minutes to do cause I like doing rituals and I like the Enochian energies. There is actually quite a bit to ritual 6 if you do it like I do it, and I suppose you could linger and really bask in it if you wanted to, which I suppose I pretty much do. Like I said, I like doing magick.

I’ve also been getting into the I Ching as of late, and I recommend the book The Original I Ching by Dr. Margaret J. Pearson. I trust the author is correct when she says her translation is true to the original ancient materials and not corrupted by later commentaries and translations from people who were blatantly misogynists or who imposed their own biased views on the original materials or were just plainly kind of dumb. I like having a divination method of some sort aside from summoning spirits cause sometimes you get tired of magick’s shit (the journey sparkle sparkle can be fuckin confusing cause my puny human mind doesn’t always comprehend what the spirits are up to) and just want a straight answer. I used to use Tarot for this but I like to shake it up sometimes, and the Changes have been pretty helpful. To note, though, I don’t include a time-frame with my question like the author suggests, mostly because of the aforementioned puny human mind, but also because I can sense when the situation has changed significantly and I don’t really care how long it will take. If it is the most efficient and effective path to getting what I want then it is what it is and it will take however long it takes. If I do a reading I’ll count that as a ritual.

It’s actually been a minute since I’ve last done the RotNS, mostly because I’ve been figuring out my other magick, and I’m thinking I’ll be doing it sometime around the new moon. The Jupiter ritual happens around the full moon, so this seems like a reasonable approach. There was a time when I did the RotNS every day or every week or so, but if you’ve done the magick you can probably see how that would be exhausting. The RotNS is a fuckin ritual. It’s good to do it regularly though. If I were doing mostly Lucifer magick I’d probably just do it whenever I felt like it, but for now scheduling in the chaotic demon madness that is what this ritual does kinda feels appropriate, strangely enough.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve been getting back into mindfulness meditation. I know, kind of boring, but it does good shit and I want to experience the jhanas. I use The Mind Illuminated cause everyone else is like “just meditate” and rarely give good instructions like this book does, especially for cultivating both insight and concentration (dry insight people are fuckin wack), so you can actually make progress and know what’s happening. Stage 10 practice kind of sounds like the early jhanas anyways, but I’ll have to see for myself. I do an hour sit before bed. Sometimes I’ll do a sit in the morning too, depending on my mood and how much mundane stuff I have to do. I’m around stage 5 now, which is where I left off back in 2018 after around a bit under six months of practice, so that’s cool that my skills more or less stuck around.

There’s also my dream practice. Yeah I do a lotta magick, it’s a pretty great time. I already described what I do earlier in the thread so you can read that if you’re curious. I haven’t always been the most diligent with my dream practice, mostly because in the past if I was recalling around six dreams per night probably four or five of those would be trauma dreams, which are not fun, but the visualizations I described have changed that. They are surprisingly powerful. My rate of lucidity is currently less than when I was doing just MILD, but it seems like I’m cultivating a more solid and long-lasting foundation with my current practice. You can kind of “cheese out” lucidity by doing things like naps or repeating something like “remember, dreaming” after sleeping for close to 8 hours when you’ll sleep pretty lightly (if Jeff Bezos can get 8 hours of sleep so can you), but apparently it’s possible to attain a state where you can get/be lucid all the time, and it feels like being more relaxed with the practice and cultivating mindfulness as well will be more effective in the long-run.

Alright dear readers take it easy.

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Happy Saturday! Here’s an excerpt from my journal (the entry was on 4/9/21) describing a dream.

Last night I became immediately aware of the strangeness of the situation as I began to experience a dream. I was a female idol performing on a small stage. After dancing on the stage I went backstage with the other female performers. Around then I gained a degree of lucidity. The faces of the girls alternated between normal living faces and the faces of dolls. This was while, having reverted back to my waking body, I wondered if I could then change my body to be like these little girls. In the moment I understood this to mean that I can change the people around me and control them like dolls. It now occurs to me that I can do the same with my body and my mind. Interestingly as well, my body did undergo some transformation. It felt like I was gradually shrinking down to their size and that my various parts were morphing into another form. It seems now that I did not fully believe in the possibility of what I was attempting to do. It was like the times when I have attempted flying. When I could not get off the ground for more than a few moments I had been experiencing uncertainty as to the nature of my experience. When I have flown with ease, I knew that I was dreaming, and so I could do anything.

Last night I also experienced a sequence of dream events that seemed to indicate possible futures. These events and situations were all, to my recollection, undesirable. It seems that magick has shown me what to discourage from coming into being.

So what does it even mean to believe? Short answer - the association of emotions with ideas or concepts are beliefs.

I believe that the contents of the mind can be boiled down to emotions and ideas. Emotions, as in raw emotion or pure feeling, are perhaps simpler to understand. I think I’ve listed them all above. You may find that a different choice of vocabulary is more suitable to your personality and your magick, but I think I labelled all the different emotions you can experience. There do seem to be a variety of different forms of pleasure, but I believe they all have the same function.

Ideas are a bit more abstract. If you have studied the works of cognitive psychologists, you may know that our memory system can be broken down into a collection of subsystems that do different things. We figured this out mostly from some people with different types of amnesia. One such individual seemed unable to form new memories. He could remember his life from before he received the brain injury that gave him the amnesia, but if you met him after this he would not remember you. He never remembered the psychologists who studied him, for instance. Every time they went to visit him they would have to explain who they were and what they were doing.

Interestingly enough, however, they had him start to learn piano, which he had never played before the amnesia, and they found that he could learn pieces of music. Every time they did this he would say that he had never played piano before in his life, but then, after he had been practicing for however many days, he could play. It was like his hands were acting on their own. They just knew what to do. As a side note I’m pretty sure one time I got possessed by some angels during a concert I was playing cause I most certainly had not played anything close to that good before (bass player was like wtf).

Aside from that being pretty fucking cool, the point of me telling that story is to be clear that this is not intended to be an extremely rigorous and technical breakdown of the mind’s cognitive functioning. I’m just trying to be close enough for practical purposes. I’ll let the actual scientists do the science. I’ll do the magick.

Ideas, though. For the purposes of this here rambling, ideas are also pretty straightforward. “I went to the store the other day” is an idea. So is “forks are used to eat stuff” and “blue is a color” and “2+2=4” and “it is possible that __”.

Psychologists often represent individual ideas or pieces of information in the mind as little ovals or circles (if you google neural network you’ll see what I mean). You can consider the mind to be entirely made up of these ovals. Yes, there’s also the processes that go on in the mind and stuff like attention and emotions. The ovals are all the stuff in there (in addition to emotions), and things like attention are what the mind uses to interact with this stuff.

Let’s say that the statement “I believe that I like apples” is true. This means that you have associated pleasure with the idea “I like apples”.

What about “I do not like running” (and again let’s say it’s true). This means that you have not associated pleasure with “running”. Here there is no particular emotional association with the idea. It is neutral.

What about “I dislike gay people” (and again let’s say it’s true for our hypothetical example person). This is where it gets more interesting. Let’s say that this person has associated hatred with “gay people”. You may recall that I believe all hatred cannot exist without some sort of underlying fear. Does that mean this person is also afraid of “gay people”? Perhaps. I will not claim to know with absolute certainty. I could also see it being the case that fear associated with one idea could develop into hatred associated with a different idea. At this moment, I am inclined to say that if there is hatred associated with an idea then there will also be fear associated with that idea, but I want some more evidence in the form of direct experience to verify this.

That also brings us to desire. But first, some more about emotion.

So you’ve got all these ovals bouncing around inside you, and these ovals are oftentimes associated with emotions. A bit more on what this means. You’ve probably heard of the “conscious mind” and the “subconscious mind” (sometimes people call it the “unconscious mind,” but nowadays subconscious is the preferred term as “unconscious” is used to refer to states such as when you get knocked out, they’re basically the same but scientists tend to be very careful with their language). The conscious mind is also called your “working memory” by cognitive psychologists (close enough for practical purposes people). This paragraph is kind of bulky so I’ll do a new one now.

Whenever an idea enters your conscious mind, it also “activates” the other ideas it is associated with. What this means is that they become easier to enter your conscious mind and also influence subconscious information processing. You can imagine a network of ideas branching off and connecting to each other.

I’m going to tell you a word, and then if you want you can write down whatever ideas come to mind when you consider this word. The word is “tiger”.

So some examples may be “stripe” and “orange” and “animal” and “blood” and “pack” and stuff like that. I thought of “hedge fund” because there’s a group of funds known as “tiger cubs” who all learned from this one dude and history stuff and yeah ok anyways.

Technically speaking you can only ever have your attention directed at one thing. You could say that things become associated with each other whenever they are in your conscious mind at the same time, but if you want to be more precise you’d say that things become associated whenever they are activated at the same time. The stronger the activation, the stronger the association. You don’t have to be consciously aware of an idea or emotion for it to be activated. If it seems like you are experiencing two things simultaneously, what is actually happening is your attention is rapidly alternating between the different things faster than you were able to directly perceive. Vipassana meditation deals with things like this.

Ok so where’s the magick. All this “theory stuff” is what I used to create the above version of the Ritual of the Neutron Star, and if you have any experience with magick that involves what some call “emotional transmutation” then you should have some idea as to why this works on a psychological level. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that we are working with magick. The psychological stuff I consider to be “my half” of the work. The powers of magick do the more magicky stuff.

I’m kind of just rambling at this point but I did mention desire up there. I don’t believe that “desire” is a real thing. Desire is just what you feel emotionally compelled to do. That’s what emotions do - they make you want to approach some things and pull away from other things. Grasping and aversion. The tricky part with this though is that in terms of personality, which you could say is the general pattern of someone’s behavior, people seem to be partly influenced by biology. Psychologists pretty much all agree that the answer to “nature vs nurture” is both, so this makes things complicated.

I’m not trying to deliver a grand treatise on magick and human behavior here, though, so I’ll wrap this up. There’s a good bit to process anyways.

I’ll leave you with some closing remarks, and also another sex magick working in its own post. I likely won’t always do posts this lengthy or this technical, but I do enjoy my occult writing and presently intend to continue to post on Saturdays. I am reminded of something my old jazz professor once told us. When you are playing with anybody, no matter who they are, do not hold back. Holding back doesn’t do anyone any good. Elevate them. Sometimes, it is not in good taste to play this way out there complicated shit. But sometimes, you can let it all flow. It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand. It is not for them, it’s for you.

Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past me I will turn to see fear’s path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.


Sex Magick Working


Under [Name]

Under Sex
Male (or female) (you can do these in whatever order)
Female (or male) (you can replace these with something more appropriate to you if applicable)

Under Together

Under Apart

Under Sharing

Its fucking uncanny, how you and I seem to use the same methodology for understanding the science of magic and the philosophy behind it. Damn.

In regards to the doll thing though, sexuality is probably the single most effective modality to go through for creating legitimate long term puppets. It’s basically spiritual BDSM, if you will, since it’s not actually about sex but rather about eroticism. It’s especially easy when it comes to women or highly feminine individuals. I’d advise you to draw inspiration from bdsm symbology and incorporate it, as well as subconscious animalistic behavior. MK u_ltra scientists have studied that craft specifically in depth. Just try not to be as gross as they are if you can help it.

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Yeah I can’t claim to have made all this up myself. My stuff here is a product of what I have learned from others, though I will give myself credit for putting in the time and tinkering around.

I’ve thought a bit more about the whole doll thing, and I’m surprised I didn’t immediately think of that one episode from Ishuzoku Reviewers (I give that show an unironic 10/10 can’t wait for the blu ray). I’m still very much so a novice when it comes to my dream practice, but according to the books I posted in this thread it is possible to attain a state where you can attain lucidity whenever you want. So you can cultivate the ability to make every dream a lucid dream.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this stuff goes, but it does also seem possible to connect with people in the dream state. I think part of the doll stuff was magick reminding me that you can create “soul-less” dream characters, like mannequins from a department store, but ones that look and behave like real people. I imagine it’s possible to create all sorts of characters.

In a similar vein, I have a sort of “dream palace” I’m building in my mind. It has various rooms for different activities, like sexy things (lotta rooms for this, the luxurious bedroom, the sex dungeon, outdoor areas, lotta rooms), and a room filled with instruments (and good acoustics) for music, and a dojo for martial arts training, and space for just kinda chillin. Something like a “mystery door” that always opens to somewhere sounds fun too.

I do also create fantasy fiction, and I most definitely want to spelunk around in my worlds. I imagine it is quite possible to live out narrative experiences in alternate worlds like this. You, of course, don’t have to always make them up yourself and can visit other people’s creations too. In Dr. LaBerge’s book he describes this sort of thing. I’ve had a dream before where I was in a medieval-style fantasy army and we fought off some orcs, which was cool. I saw Beelzebub before waking up, and the demon was technically “the bad guy” in the dream narrative but it was more badass than spooky.

I probably don’t need to elaborate too much on the possibilities for sexual (or other) practices which would be much more difficult to carry out in the waking world. There is violence, yes, and also things like more extreme exhibitionism than you could reasonably get away with doing in the “real world,” and things like having sex with forms that don’t exist or are much more rare in the mundane world. I remember seeing a photo of a guy with two dicks, for example, and I’m sure furries can have a great time. You can have sex with a group of clones, and even go on a date beforehand. I have also seen the “sex angels” or whatever you want to call the Enochian spirits from the sex magick book I mentioned, and I imagine you can experience sexual states that transcend what is possible with more limited physical bodies.