Soul Forging = Immaculate Conception


Koetting writes:

"Another power or ability that Azazel says he’s willing to share is the creation of souls in what he calls a Soul Forge .

I only have vague ideas of what this could possibly mean but I do have an idea what the implications of soul creation could be."

Then it occurred to me…

Soul Forging = Immaculate Conception

#nosexnomess :wink:


The Immaculate Conception just refers to Mary being born without sin.I don’t see the connection you’re making here.


Not sure what the definition of soul is here, but I’m not sure there’s a rule that a new spirit has to incarnate immediately into a human body, or any physical vessel. Seems a bit harsh to me.


Well interpreted, OP! Jesus works like that too; Mary’s the real witch in that system! :slight_smile:


Yes, Mary certainly is—and there are legions of good Catholics who worship Her!

I’ve always thought of Mary as a Goddess! She was the first entity to connect with me when I was very young–and no–I wasn’t from a Catholic family. My family was never religious and didn’t go to church either.


This is a misconception.


@SoliMar - she totally is! The thing that’s wrong about the link above this post is that it promotes the veracity of words and ‘sources’ of information. Don’t listen to dweebs bicker about the origin of a being, experience it! :slight_smile:

Interepretation is what makes reality, so while they’re just talking about the facet they can access, the misconception is in believing it to be the whole consciousness they are squabbling about. This is why you never should do ‘preliminary research’, it entangles you to an interpretation that is specifically controlled!

Mary’s a Goddess, a Saint, a Human, a fountain, a spring, a current, an image, a puppet, etc! But don’t take anyone’s word for it, use your experience to define it! :slight_smile:


Objectively she isn’t though, you should study Mariology more in depth to understand what people have historically for ever thought of her as.

This is relative subjectivism which has logical contradictions that don’t match real life objectively, for example-

I can subjective interpret my mother as Isis, but me thinking this would not make it true as it has no basis in reality.

I could believe my my cat is Bastet but this would be insane and lead to mental degeneration if the idea was continually upheld.

People can have subjective experiences in and objective world.

Like how someone can say -

“I hate roller coasters they are scary to me when I ride them” and another would say “I experience thrill and fun when I ride roller coaster.”

Both are subjective experiences based on on objective emotions about an objective event.

But when it comes to spirituality regarding historical figures like Alexander the Great or Mary, these are objective, the only thing that can be interpreted are the miracles that happen to her.

Which is why I provided blog showing all the interpretations of Marian doctrine, as well as the misconceptions that she is a goddess and where that idea came from and why it is illogical to believe she was.


Objectivity is just what people tell each other they’re looking at! ‘Mariology’ doesn’t mean anything for any purpose unless you’re entangled with it, because humanity isn’t fit to categorize ‘objective reality’! Being in a body means you are filtered, and getting convinced changes your filter automatically. They say belief is what makes magic work; I say it’s how one believes!

For what it’s worth I did meet a cat that was a physical extension of Bastet, so I think that kinda thing happens more often than ‘objectivity’ and ‘logical analysis’ normally account for. You can’t get anywhere good on ships humans have built!

Logic’s just madness the masses have agreed upon. That’s why Haiti, Nepal, Hawaii, the Philippines, Australia, are some of the most energetically unique places on the Earth- Haiti’s got so much stuff it flies off the shelves and into the people, Nepal is Olympus, Hawaii has a bunch of guys that are super stringent about their patterns and that includes stuff like the ghost marches, the Philippines are practically bursting with chaos due to the relation of politics and power there, and Australia’s got some of the deadliest pieces of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!

A roller coaster is just assembled vibrations, like the body you use to experience them. The only thing that makes the difference is how the mind relates to them, and defines them within the scope of itself. Fear, pain, solidity, distance, size, temperature, height- they’re all illusions, assembly line products rather than things operating the assembly line!

The world is weirder and more wild than any map or system can define, and certainty in the system becomes a self-fulfilling limitation. Logic, objectivity, thought; they’re all patterns made to apprehend and understand the world, but because they’re patterns, they are inherently filters.

Experience determines reality, IME! If you like sticking to beaten paths, then life will become one. If you like exploring and experiencing, then life’s an adventure! It’s entirely malleable. :slight_smile:

Ideas and interpretations come from all sortsa places, saying any idea or interpretation is more correct than another isn’t only wrong, it’s a lie! One that you box yourself into believing through repetition and insistence. :slight_smile:


Yeah if you’re a person who can’t remove their own bias which most people can.

if we couldn’t we wouldn’t have alchemy, chemistry, or nuclear weapons and architecture.

We are obviously capable.

No, it’s not. It’s based on deep philosophical concepts such as possibility or impossibility.

You should study Plato and Pythagoras.

it’s not though. :slightly_smiling_face:

They come from your mind, if you had no mind you could not interpret anything. it’s based on what you are exposed to from your environment and if you project your subjective belief on a Objective person place or thing, you are wrong.


That is extremely true. A motto for lack of a better way to say it, is what my old band director told me. “If you think it, it will be so”


So, dogmas and doctrines aside (words just get in the way of feelings), how’d you know it was her? You didn’t have a reference, so I’m interested if it was her vocabulary that got transmitted or vice versa. It’s really interesting stuff! :slight_smile:


If you think life is shit and continue to do so, what happens?


Idk depends on the person, one might persist through depression, another might end their life, another might realize their presumption about life is wrong and avoid both.

What’s your point?


I asked that question from the perspective of a sorcerer. From a mind, reality is viewed from a lense.

If one thought to themselves “life is disgusting, it will never change” and they truly believed it. It will be that way, because they have trained their perception and belief to hone in on the negative aspects of daily life.

To quote the axioms “Belief is a tool” and “there is no one overarching truth”

If reality wasn’t malleable, be it through perception or whatever, we wouldn’t have sorcery.

Perception is apart of what makes experience. Together, that determines reality.


You’re assuming bias is a filter! I’m not talking about something as low-hanging as that; patterns are defined systems and the human vehicle is one such pattern. Bias is just something that arises with it, the human filter is the scope of possibilities available to mankind! Nirvana is the catch-all name for stepping beyond human boundaries. :slight_smile:

Alchemy, chemistry, nuclear weapons, architecture, and all sciences are just byproducts of the human filter- they’re things that are only understandable in such ways through the human vehicles that interact with them. They’re ‘human-adjacent’ patterns of study, in that they concern types of vibrational interaction, but the interpretation of such is what makes a human and a scientist. ‘Objective reality’ extends beyond what’s reachable! We have paths, sometimes maps, but neither will ever encompass everything. That is, until humanity becomes a voluntary lens and not a condition of existence! :slight_smile:

Possibility and impossibility are also only defined by what people think they are. Everyone has different possibilities and things that are out of reach, another way to define Nirvana is the erasure of impossibility! Forms are patterns too, they’re just patterns as we can make sense of them. Individuals and groups all have different possibilities! Thinking everything is uniform is a trick of the eye, an assumption that the human senses and their extensions are capable of sensorily recording unknown-unknowns, things which we don’t know that we don’t know in the first place.

The only ‘objectivity’ humanity can achieve is the understanding that there is no such thing as objectivity! Only patterns common to the human experience, and how they interact with our possible interpretations.

Certainty is a deadly feeling! It creates false preparedness, and when your filter adapts to unforeseen advancements, well, that’s how worldviews shatter and people become fragmented! Life is uncertain by design, anyone telling you differently is selling something to appeal to other filter-fragments. :slight_smile:

But hey, I’m not trying to convince you of anything! I’m my own kinda weird, so everything is malleable for me- everything follows focused thought! I could tell ya that I’ve been portal-jumping since before I was born, or that I can bodily experience the memories of people past, present, or future; or that I’ve made shapes that later appeared in scientific papers; none of it is believable to someone that isn’t me, but IME, the world just doesn’t abide by the rules we map out on it. :slight_smile:


Thats exactly what I was trying to say here. Exactly what I’ve experienced.


I disagree.

Someone who thinks life is disgusting most likely has a problem with themselves rather than the world at large, like depression and various mental illnesses.

I could think for 1000 yrs that “my ten dollar bill is worth 20,000 pound gold.”

No matter what this will never happen.

I could think all year long I’m the Queen of England and no matter what I’ll never wear that crown and sit on that throne or be a woman monarch, any one who does is deluding themselves.


No, it’s defined by what thing are and are not.
(you can not convince anyone water is not water)

This is a logical fallacy.

Thinking there are patterns when there is none is a trick of your subjective interpretation.

:laughing: No it’s convidance and suredness.
(anyone who thinks that certainty is a deadly feel probably has trouble dealing with real life, if I had to guess :man_shrugging:)

Key words in bold. Its subject.

You think your thoughts are unlimited in ability and interpretation when it isn’t.

(even you with all the power of the mind will not be able to turn water into gold)

I’m open minded person, but I’m not so open that reality flies out the door with common sense and logic.

Like I said you’ll never be the Queen of England no matter how much you think it.


The flaw I get from you is that you’re not thinking about this like a state of being, like a vibration- you’re looking at this as a part of the human system, and that’s fine, it just pins you tightly to the less interesting paths.

The problem with ideas is that they’re like addictions- when you entangle with one, it has a tendency to stick to you until you learn how to fix it and become aware of it.

The biggest question to ask yourself when interpreting an idea is ‘says who’? If it isn’t you that says who, then, you’re subscribing to someone’s interpretation- the only limitation is what your mind can accept! :slight_smile:

So, who says you can’t think your way to becoming the Queen of England? If it’s actually you, and not a lie you told yourself often enough to believe it, then you probably can’t. But everyone’s capable of different things! Everyone’s always lied to, too, though, so figuring out the difference between what functions are a lie and what’s the truth is up to the being. You never know what you can accomplish until you unabashedly try with everything you’ve got! :slight_smile:

My point to you is that you are what is subjecting yourself to these patterns. They can and do change! All the things you’re talking about as if they’re objective and certain are only that to you, because you relate to them as such.

Hey, if you like being set to a pretty bland range, that’s your deal. Dress it any other way and you’ll see that saying “these are things that exist and that don’t” is the definition of dogma! Any idea can become an addiction or dogma, and that’s includes logic, science, materialism, thought, power, etc- this is just a pattern that you’re claiming to be ‘reality’! :slight_smile:

Just remember you can always change it if you try. You don’t have to abide by what people define as logic or common sense, but you do by choice and the lack of awareness that it can and does change.

Everyone is their own greatest enemy! Good luck! :slight_smile: