Soul Forging = Immaculate Conception


Oh and you’re right, it is subject, but that’s my entire point! Everything is subject, though some things are more convincing than others, like logic, common sense, humanity, Distance, etc- what’s possible for you is based on your interpretations!

Limitation is one’s addiction to illusions. :slight_smile:

Oh, and regarding your edits- have you tried? Not the kind of trying where you don’t believe something and go through the motions anyway, but the kind of trying where you have no expectations and try with everything you have to get the result? That’s the kind of trying and concentration that makes change! :slight_smile:


There is no flaw in my logic I know all about vibration, frequency and energy, that’s my M.O, I don’t extrapilate those onto subjective interpretation,

Doing that is flawed.

It keeps me in reality and not fantasy.

That’s honest really ridiculous and makes the occult look like silly make believe, when it’s actually part of the real world.

Lol no they’re not, it’s based on evidence and history I’m not interpreting here. I’m call things what they are, you’re the only one here interpreting things to their subjective interpretation.

Lol you call it bland but it’s as diverse as the colors of the rainbow, but by your interpretation there is no rainbow, it’s whatever you want it to be.

Yeah you should research that a little more.

Could you please change the value of 10$ with your thoughts so I can buy 20,000 pounds of gold with it ?

Lol seriously your on some newagery non sense. :man_shrugging:

I’m not a materialist, I’m just not insane.

People of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane - Nikola Tesla

That’s not what I was getting at, clearly. :rofl:

I’m starting to see that you live in a fantasy world so this conversation is futile.

Nope That’s a task for the insane, you’re not Neo, you don’t live in the matrix. :man_shrugging:

I suggest you classically educate yourself about all of these philosophical concepts, lest you damn yourself to a life a fantasy.

Read Plato and Pythagoras if you can tolerate it.

Magic, Science, Logic and Philosophy are all mutually inclusive.

And remember to think clearly rather than deeply.

  • People of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane - Nikola Tesla

Thats about all, peace out.


Reality is fantasy! Its quite convincing in many respects, but every interpretation from every source is a story. ‘Magic’ is just rewriting the story! It’s an editor’s game. :slight_smile:

Stories at the core are experiences, so if you peel back all the echoes and voices that swim around the soup everyone calls reality, all you have is stories; patterns that govern every last thing you can, could, and can’t think of. Every story is self-contained but interacts with and draws from every other story.

‘Telling things as they are’ is really just ‘telling things as they are in my fragment’! Your filters are yours alone to handle. :slight_smile:


Feelings obstruct truth. Just because you feel something is true, doesn’t mean it is.


Not for me! For some reason, my feelings are never wrong. Probably has to do with my weirds! :slight_smile:


Intuition is often a great guide, but when placed against established fact, facts win


Facts change, too! Nothing is static. :slight_smile:


Then it wasn’t fact to begin with, just illusion. But ig i can’t really be saying anything, cuz i believe that the Gods are, while powerful, not truly gods.


I was 3 yrs old and I saw a lawn statue of the BVM and I remember being so happy to see her because I recognized her. My mom later confirmed this for me, that I ran up in a stranger’s yard to hug the statue…we weren’t catholic and I had never ever heard of Mary or seen a statue of her. So it was either her or some spirit wearing her image, but a strong, loving female force. In later years I would have her in dreams. Smell the scent of roses all the time (that’s King Paimon though as well) Once I had holy water that transformed into rose oil. I know it sounds fantastical but it’s all true. I put the oil in a plastic container and the oil turned the plastic pink and it still smells like roses.


Another encounter with Mary, I was on a tour in Israel and we were in a shrine that was the childhood home of Mary. When I was walking up a staircase in the shrine I felt a very hot, electric loving presence envelope me totally and I knew it was her.
Of course I was on this trip after I had been crown Oshun for a few years.


The Catholic dogma about Mary to me is ridiculous. To me Mary was the human avatar of a Mother Goddess. Sort of like what is supposed to happen when people are crowned with their Orisha and function with Iwa Pele or good character. She encompasses a powerful spirit from her human form and is at the same time one of the great Mother goddesses. I feel that can be said about other people who have come to be called saints or the man who was Jesus who came out of the human Mary. Can you see where I’m coming from on this? If humanity knew these truths they couldn’t handle it and it would be the end of organized religions. Thats what i think anyway.
The dogmas are the age old way to control the masses.


Yeah, I understand! Doctrine and dogma are usually just deliberately ‘locked’ interpretations that set people into patterns of possible energetic interactions; no matter how much they believe they’re right, they just have a shard! It’s like picking up a piece of broken glass and trying to use it as a cup, you may be able to catch some light, but you’re probably not getting any storage or change!

People hate knowing that they don’t know everything! That’s why you’ve got to flow with it in order to work with it. Mary’s always been more of a spring or oasis presence to me than electrifying or vivifying, but she made Jesus! So I wouldn’t be shocked. :slight_smile:


All the Gods are, are just powerful spirits. Nothing more, nothing less.


I concur