Sooo....I have a succubus in a box

Fantastic! Can you please ban vivisection and introduce anti-smoking laws? :smiling_imp:


Just please do not hurt her, you do not understand her, it does not mean she has to die.


Or ban anti-smoking laws and introduce vivisection.


Nah, let’s not. :smiley:

(Sorry if my reply’s a bit on the heavy side btw. :man_shrugging:)


First the “rape rack” and then the “pit of despair”… say what you want about Harlow, at least he knew how to pick a catchy name. :joy:


Let the succubus go. Let Lilith deal with her.


:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: My heart hurts… that’s so awful.


Same here


Didn’t mean to derail though, soz, though relevent to what humans are capable of to sentient beings in a roundabout whay, and therefore, why some of them may be a bit weird around us.

Returning things to their natural habitat, or something like it, has always been a good solution. :slight_smile:


Yes. Like my ancestors should have been returned to their homeland.


Do you have any idea how much I smoke? Anti smoking laws are never going to happen if left up to me :joy:


So she attacks his family? Yeah, no. I don’t think so.

I agree with Dragon, this succubus gone to far and started attacking the wife and possibly the baby that is his neighbor

There are emotionally unstable people who are want to hurt, make suffer or even destroy those who are against their nowday comfort, instead of taking a look inside and noticing who is the real problem in their life and force themselves to change, but everything has changed when the “target” is actually a Demon? Interesting, but everyone has his own imagination about the way how he’ll reach his goals, and what kind of tools. The consequences are always variable, and opinions about them are always changes person by person

She has her choices, as @UnseelieDiabolus told us. I’ve met Spirits whos actions are wasn’t reasonable depends on their actual situation, which isn’t that wise what most of us would expect from them, but oh well, you make your own choices, and your own problems as well, you can be ‘whatever’, consequences won’t care.
You don’t have to agree with what he’ll do or what aren’t, and whatever will he decide, it’ll be his ‘cross’.

His friend have to learn from this incident. He would do better to make his own home more safer, he have to protect it better, to avoid this kind of problems in the future. It will helpful even when the OP decides to let this succubus go.

I’m a strict one, so I wouldn’t let the succubus get away from this situation so easily if I’m not about to forget the fact that she had her choice, and she continued looking for the trouble. She have to learn from something, as we do. Sometimes our Teachers, Deities will give us painful lessons (you can see it daily), and in lot of cases we get those by our own ego, faults etc. So what is the problem or difference?

I bet that if this succubus would be a person, lot of people would want to hurt her and/or kill her as a revenge, and lot of people would wish good luck for it… :wink: (Also you can see these kind of posts everywhere)

He can also ask Lilith’s help in this case, to put Her hand on this Demon, or find a way what will be fruitful to everyone.


Sell it on eBay


Well you just puzzled me again LOL

You keep doing this from time to time.

Keep doing it, it challenges my mind :slight_smile:


So what was the succubus’ purpose

The choice:

Why did she choose the box?

So there wasn’t a choice, or was there, I’m confused?

Still confused?

Still confused.

I think she’s exactly where she wants to be.


Yes there was a choice. Either she followed the command of choosing one of those two or she will be devoured.
So there were 3 choices.
Leave and never return, get in the box, or be eaten

Intriguing energy I’m getting from that box.


LOL too funny

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