Sometimes I just want to quit and walk away from it all

I’ve joined a few of these. Sometimes I learn something and others I don’t. Most people respond that it was a positive experience and they gained a lot from it- but I’ve not actually seen any fruit come from it other than experience in helping others and branching out in the type of magical practices I’d do. Maybe I don’t normally do love work, but someone requests it, so when it’s their turn I’ll give it my all for moment.

So it’s been good experience like I said, the lack of results has probably been due to either who joined or poorly choosing what I wanted the group to work on for me.

Whether or not I join, depends on the duration of the group- I have a lot going on always so anything longer than a month is usually too big of a commitment for me, and the nature of the work expect- as well what I’ve observed from the group former. Sometimes I’ll join just because I want to learn more about the theories presented and give it a chance.


I’m sorry you’re feeling down, perhpas a bit burdened as well?

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Maybe, a little overwhelmed too? I think there’s a lot of the oh shit this is real. There’s also the clash of why I grew up knowing and what I have come to learn. It’s just a lot. That’s why I wanted to make this a place where people can just talk about what happens in their lows. Sometimes it is easier when we are not alone.

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I actually normally join to help others. It’s actually hard for me to come Up with personal requests. My job is 100% people of the last group working I was in.


Hehe usually I’m thinking- wtf how is this my life… it’s become an most daily occurrence over the last year that I catch myself thinking it in regards to getting results- particular when I succeed lmao.


We’d probably see more success if we all joined with that mentality for sure. Or half if half of us joined simply to be sure a single person got what they wanted, I imagine we could see the world move. Sometimes I read the request and go, god thats petty, I know their need is actually different… b it they don’t want Ben see it yet…


IF things are tough. Just keep walking. It’s better then staying in one horrible place. =o) Anywhere but here right? lol worse comes to worse. It will be another hell. Atleast you get variety. haha.

Forget the mountain climbing. i’m tired of it. Can we find a path that leads down the mountain instead of up? hehe.


Oh we can clearly see which one is really really depressed on this thread :rofl:

Edit: you’re full of blind pessimism which is equally as unsupportive, albeit, why are you trying to reason with yourself that life is shit?

I like helping people, I tend to do that more in other groups.

I feel like I’m at a calm state now, considering I I orginally joined to make sense of boyfriend going crazy and getting possessed, it was a weird month.

Damn, what happened there? Do you know what kind of possession it was?

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2 demons and a bunch of parasites. The demons basically told me to leave one is really harsh way the other in more of caring parent way telling me this isn’t the lifestyle I want. Weird mental tricks were played. The parasites wanted to consume me.

When I left it got messy, and he used others to try to destroy me, it was mess, but it all happened after he had a taste of my soul.

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How were you able to get away?

Family got a message and yanked me away, and cut off my forms of communication and by then he was on a vengeance path so I didn’t want to go back.

The message was more divine.

Found out recently bad things happened to the people he used against me 2 months later. But it is what they deserve :woman_shrugging:.

Also I think out souls are still connected.

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I found my time in a coven was my most fantastically strong spell work. Strength in numbers. It was without boundaries. An alchemist, a spiritualist, a rootworker, a chaos witch, a thelemic. We just had such momentum when we worked together. My ex til this day doesnt bother me and this motherfucker was A-BU-SIVE. But we bound him. Distance was an issue for us but we made it work. We synchronized time and sometimes calls at certain hours or Skype sessions. It’s possible for those of us who care.

So instead of defending your view on things (which got CLEARLY challenged by someone who doesn’t see life or its contradictions with a filter) in a manner that either supports your point of view or that invites a constructive debate you decide to fake-mock and “diagnose” someone with an illness that is a harsh reality for other people and that is not ROFL LMAO for the ones who are ACTUALLY fighting this kind of condition day in, day out. Respect.
This thread is an opportunity for other members to find a way to deal with this conclusion:

And you are basically walking around and telling people that they look too deep into things and that they don’t try hard enough to love life despite XY and that they only need enough self-esteem. This is the kind of shit that I’ve cancelled out of my life because of its superficial nature and toxic approach towards other peoples struggle. I really hope that your life is easy enough to be hold together by enough self-esteem and “feeling your power”, mate.


Coming back to THIS conclusion:

No, its not. ESPECIALLY the part where your efforts are showing success because in my experience practicing the art comes with the price of “understanding” and knowing your own BS and your own contradictions that you carried through life as a protection mechanism.
At some point this protection mechanism and “veil” got ripped away from you and you discover things and gain knowledge you’d rather not have at all.

I’ve been through the “doubting your abilities” phase and I’ve been through lengths of “I can’t do this anymore” moments, where all of my hidden and ugly truths have been brought to plain daylight (its part of the deal, I would think).
Success doesn’t equal instant happiness. It makes you dig deeper and it makes you find a lot of rather unpleasant things about yourself, your surroundings, your construct of safety.
As miraculous as some practical outcomes are to the outside world and the watching eye: it robs you off your delusions and your concepts about what you think you are. And I don’t think that everybody can handle that.


Why are you so sure of yourself when looking at context? There’s no guarantee for anything buddy lol

How is it “blind”, exactly?

Possibly because there is no support to be given to someone with depression, especially if it has been obtained as a byproduct of existential investigation? That conclusion has been reached through logic and honesty; there is no explaining or reasoning it away. Whereas your out of touch, self-help, can-do attitude and “solutions” can be torn down in minutes.

The only temporary fix that can stave off the depression is being in the company of another who is the same way or copious amounts of drugs and alcohol (limiting consciousness). But the only cure is suicide, logically speaking.

I don’t “try”, and I never said that life is “shit”, I said that it isn’t alright. “Shit” implies that I hate life when I do not. Life is not alright because our place within it is an error. We are a supernatural and accidental extension of nature because we are conscious of the pointlessness of all the strife and suffering in existence, and we are conscious of death, as opposed to every other organism in existence which is not. We are strangers in this world, an anomaly that plants its roots in foreign soil, successfully subjugates every species that was here before it, and then exalts itself as supreme ruler. Do you not find it odd that no other species can rival man in ferocity and intelligence yet every other animal is food for another?

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I think you should turn to Buddhism not nihilism. You are very focused on trying to pick apart phrases like a pedantic linguist. I’m waiting for the part where you decipher my words, that have came from a relatively relevant place as many on here. On some posts I express my woes like a cry baby. You need to be flexible, because when you bend, YOU BREAK! :smile:

That’s not odd at all, how is it?