Sometimes I just want to quit and walk away from it all

I am very stubborn when I want to be. But saying no repetitively wore that down. Although the break did help to rekindle the spark


It’s however we perceive things on moods. It’s naturally a trait for many but it’s a scarcity mindset and dishes significant matters to the side. Universally speaking, it’s a very sad outlook on life coated with disdain.

“Why?” You ask,
It’s metaphorically speaking. But climbing mountains are fun as well! :smile:

What significant matters?

I know. I asked why you believe we should metaphorically climb mountains?

Let’s no derail the thread, I’ll Pm you. :slight_smile::stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, but I have no interest in private debates.

Need an audience mate? :smile: :rofl:

Nope. It is important to have two opposing ideas out in the open so people can determine their own conclusions. And I could say that you wish to make this private because you are not as steadfast in your beliefs as you present, but that’s just semantics.

So, why should we metaphorically climb mountains? This is not a derailment because it has relevance to the OP’s statements.

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Metaphorically speaking, Life is a bit like climbing a mountain, there’s intervals that we must “climb” and it’s hard when we try to overcome obstacles then when we reach the decline, it is relief.

You want to plant your pride on top of the mountain and it’s all about determination, zest for life and vitality! If you need more elaborate responses I’m all for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Why must we climb?


That ends with no rapturous payoff; no great conclusion, just darkness, nothingness. So why strive for life and vitality? Perhaps it is just the instinct of self-preservation programmed into us that “motivates” us, and not our “selves”? Determinism, not free will.

You’re looking way too far into it. That’s quite annoying, I’d hate to be your friend in real life lol. Take things with a grain of salt and don’t over-complicate it like a neurotic adult, simplify it. there’s many parables, quotes, poems and epiphanies that use metaphorical jargon, if you can’t differentiate it between what’s been said and what they mean by it, that’s a social cue problem… what’s so wrong with peace, love and understanding? :slight_smile:

That’s just a cop out for people who do not or cannot analyse.

I can differentiate I just don’t buy into the blind optimism that you are selling, and so I’m questioning you about your product.

They are unattainable because they are constructs of the mind that contradict human nature, and a line stolen from someone as delusional as John Lennon is not going to change that.

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I empathize so much with what you said. The hardest thing is being in a desperate situation that you know you cannot recover from and also realizing that your best, desperate efforts haven’t produced any visible fruit.

Failure results in death for me, so I don’t actually have to worry about whether or not to give it up. I suppose that will be decided for me in due time, but in the meantime I intend to keep to trying because it’s the only thread of hope I really have to hang onto. I also don’t want my chronic depression to sabotage my efforts any more than I can help it.

I sometimes wonder if I should start a group working, but I also don’t know how many BALG members are interesting in helping other members outside of sharing advice. I do appreciate any advice given to me, though.


FUCK I just, decided to go Draco on this bitch… There’s no other way… There’s not other way… I treat it like military… I strive to slip into reptilian consciousness everytime… FUCK being human…im always in war every day… You know the nature of battle… You win some you lose some… But I’m definitely behind my deity… Not flinching an eye… The siddhis you, gain are good… But not the prime reason for this endeavour…


With the night I had I needed this… Cheers! To endurance.

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Go for it this is something that we actually do a lot here on the group. It’s just can’t be of a political nature.

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I’ve joined a few of these. Sometimes I learn something and others I don’t. Most people respond that it was a positive experience and they gained a lot from it- but I’ve not actually seen any fruit come from it other than experience in helping others and branching out in the type of magical practices I’d do. Maybe I don’t normally do love work, but someone requests it, so when it’s their turn I’ll give it my all for moment.

So it’s been good experience like I said, the lack of results has probably been due to either who joined or poorly choosing what I wanted the group to work on for me.

Whether or not I join, depends on the duration of the group- I have a lot going on always so anything longer than a month is usually too big of a commitment for me, and the nature of the work expect- as well what I’ve observed from the group former. Sometimes I’ll join just because I want to learn more about the theories presented and give it a chance.


I’m sorry you’re feeling down, perhpas a bit burdened as well?

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Maybe, a little overwhelmed too? I think there’s a lot of the oh shit this is real. There’s also the clash of why I grew up knowing and what I have come to learn. It’s just a lot. That’s why I wanted to make this a place where people can just talk about what happens in their lows. Sometimes it is easier when we are not alone.

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I actually normally join to help others. It’s actually hard for me to come Up with personal requests. My job is 100% people of the last group working I was in.


Hehe usually I’m thinking- wtf how is this my life… it’s become an most daily occurrence over the last year that I catch myself thinking it in regards to getting results- particular when I succeed lmao.