Something is happening in my journey, in my path SOMETHING BIG

Something is happening in my journey, in my path something big.

For years I have been guided, taught and have met many entities, engaged in many path-workings, many journeys. Only now do I see that all of the paths and entities were pushing me towards the same things. I was looking over some of my oldest workings and my earliest ones with the nine demonic gatekeeper path.

I felt something strange, a connection between it all, it wasn’t a theory or just a feeling, but it was as if i already knew it. After exhausting myself I fell asleep on my table, with a glass of whisky in my hand and my head in my piles of books.

I woke up but not in my body, I went to the window and instead of being my regular street, I saw nothing but blackness. I walked out and stood there, a thousand whispers could be heard echoing throughout the environment. Suddenly faces began emerging, the elemental kings emerged whispering my name, many of the angels of ascent began whispering my name.

Flashes of the divs, the jinn, Ahriman, Az Jahi, Odin, Hades, Nergal, Thoth, Papa Legba and various other gods and goddesses I have encountered.
Devilish faces with demonic sigils as brands on their heads, that of the nine demonic gatekeepers, the nine demonic kings, Lilith, Naamah, Eishteth, Agrat.
My demonic child, Pherishel (The Crooked Man), old masters, the most impactful entities all emerging and re-emerging from this blackness, even the father of darkness Satalos.

It was at that moment that beyond what seemed like a infinite blackness, shined a fiery surge before me, I cannot even explain it or even its colour.
It was like a opening, I felt gravitated towards, more than that, all the spirits were pushing me towards it.

“This is your destiny, we are the ones who set you on the path, that no other has walked, but you will, you will”.

These were the words of all the entities, their voices acting as a pressure building behind me, a unbearable critical mass pushing me.
I then was slammed back into my body, I cannot for the life of me get back, I cannot make sense of it as of yet and none of the entities will answer me on the subject.

All I know is that opening leads to something, maybe someone or I don’t even know, yet I feel like this is it. This is my purpose, my destiny and I cannot shake the feeling, I cannot stop thinking and even dreaming of it.
This is insane, I just had to share this, I had to do something rather than it fester and boil up inside of me.




Oh yes. You have a special place in this and other worlds. I’ve seen your power. Many of us have. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


A fiery portal? Maybe you’re discovering a new realm to explore?
They all seem to know about it, can you call them back and ask them?

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wow congrats man sounds like big stuff!

Hi Connor,
Have you heard of any potential demonic/angelic births that could soon be born into this world of reality and not the Infernal world? A potential birth that has already been designated an extremely powerful guardian who are in constant communication with each other?

Thank you all, my mind is racing I haven’t even slept


Ok, this creeped me out a little reading this, in a good way. After you get some sleep can you DM.
I think I should share some of what I been seeing and figuring out with events with you.

All I can hear is “We are so proud of you!”

I really sometime hate you, you kick my senses into high gear.

"The oath you swore and the path you walk is fir you and you alone. You have torn a rift that will never be closed, and you should feel pride at this, for you have accomplished what many have sought to do, you have transcended (my own mind interrupts, barely believing what I am typing) states that most will not even consider.

Stop the doubt, allow your pain to be transmuted into further power. Wear your crown proudly, but never stop your work. A king is only as mighty as his sword, and a kingdom can still fall if undefended."

Not really sure who that was from, but it was VERY strong, my head is still buzzing.

I am still unsure if this was a spirit giving you props through me, or a spirit telling me to dive back into my work…


Yeah maybe if you want to journal these dark driven experiences why not start a journal thread to write all the experiences you think should be another topic.

I don’t really hate you, you have not done anything to me — but I’m naturally competitive and since we’re within the same age bracket; I feel compelling urges to fossil out the vanity that you have and my overcompensating notions I have of you.

You’re just a person of interest. Maybe you were/are great inspiration and help to some which is why we hear all the excessive clapping and vague brown-nosing of how he is the Don.

The Don of what again? :smile: And I really do mean no hard feelings as I think you worry about yourself only and that makes you great at knitting some kind of fabric of reality…

— with many of them sparked with daemon/deity enterprise and pure darkness fuelled seething undercurrents that premise most of your contentions.

Now when you do post a thread which would be your journal log if ought to make one, I’d be as keen as a bean to see what you post next. You’re interesting.


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Thank you for this post, I have many things in common with you Spiritually, but I’m interested in your dreams you mentioned. I’ve had two I can’t explain. One was two nights ago, I dreamed I happened upon my sisters corpse propped up in an alley. It was bloated and putrid, but I picked her up as if I had super strength and carried her into a building, my sister passed in 2016. Last night during meditation there was a Hawk flying in my room, of course when I came out of my meditation there was no bird in my room, but my dog who had been lying at my feet woke up and became quite sick without explanation.

And i thought Nergal (orNurgle) was only someone for warhammer 40K but thats not true

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Conner, I’ve always thought after reading some of your posts, that there is a grand purpose to your life. Perhaps they’re pushing you to do just that. You’re right, something big is happening, you’re going to do something in a big way. What they’ve been teaching you, that and your talents, will be put to use.

I would love to inquire of my spirits regarding you, but of course not without your permission. Psychically speaking, and intuitively I know what you’ve learned and your talents will be used in an even bigger way than they have in the past.

Maybe you’re the legendary anti-christ… not even kidding.

It is an interesting vision.

Just my own impressions, but these are the vibes I’m getting.

Spiritual fire is usually associated with awakening and ascension. E.g. Ascetics in India were often said to generate great amounts of spiritual fire, so much so, that it shook the three worlds and the gods would descend from Heaven to ask them to stop their austerities and grant them any boon they wished for (such as eternal life and youth).

Fire is also associated with Kundalini, especially in its early stages as it rises from its slumber. I’m not sure what your relationship to or experience with Kundalini may be, but it is another possibility for interpretation.

Finally, spiritual fire is also associated with the Holy Spirit and there are references in the Bible to Baptism By Fire as opposed to Baptism by water,

The vision could indicate the future inevitability of some sort of profound spiritual transformation in you, something that will shake the three worlds and cause the gods to gather in awe.

That would be my interpretation anyways.

Also noteworthy are references to spiritual rebirth, as in the phoenix, burning away past attachments (Karma) and being reborn as a new person.