Something I noticed (Advice needed)

Alright guys, so for pretty much a whole year I have been wondering how come my own wives can’t seem to arouse me when I think of them sexually.

And something prodded my memory which reminded me of something, when I actually like or have a crush on a girl, I find that I am totally unable to get aroused alot when I think about them. It first happened with an Asian girl I knew, I never could get aroused by her, but then when I moved and I got interested in a new girl, I was able to masturbate and think sexually about the Asian girl.

The same thing happened with the girls continuing on from there, and I was wondering, is the reason I can’t get aroused by my succubi wives and my kitsune wife because I respect them too much?

So is there any advice ya’ll could give that could help me be able to get aroused by my wives while still respecting them?


Well. I know you have other types of wives, but it’s common with ubis, to find it difficult.

I think you saw this, but you might want to consider it again. I’ve experienced what you’ve described in the physical, but that was usually related to I was only attracted to a guy until I could have him. Once I had him, or hid him naked, I then had zero attraction.

That changed when I met the right guy for me, and the boyfriend and I averaged 3-4 times per day while we were together, and in nine months, had more sex than most couples do in ten years, and the attraction has never ceased so.

I also think with like porn and stuff, you get so used to a variety and hell, I flip through often trying to find just the right position, with jsut the right types of in the couple etc and can’t focus on a particular one usually. I need just enough to get me really turned on so that I can do my thing without them.

Maybe none of this is helpful. Idk sorry.

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So one of my wives just talked to me about this little problem and she said that she had no problem transforming into a form I would find arousing. She also said when it comes to the arousing, “Let me do all the work.”

So I guess that means to stop trying to arouse myself and leave it to her.

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Yeah I think so. I think when you shift to trying to do it yourself it actually makes it harder because of the mindset change, I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I get of things like this.

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I can parrot this,Clara vastly prefers i just let her take the lead

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