Some Questions About Sigils & Videos

Hello Good evening, I had been looking through videos, of E A koetting from few days, they are awesome and very knowledgeable to be frank. I had few questions, if you don’t mind answering them.

1st I don’t know it was just a feeling or the real thing which happened to me during one of the video in youtube, where EA Koetting, was summoning all the 9 demon kings, my brain was completely got into some other world, like I started to feel the vibrations of some kind n body start to shiver a bit even after the end of the video. i mean it was kind of i was not present in this world, i was somewhere else whatever i was seeing, it seemed unrealistic and temporary. Was that feeling is normal??? (Not being Scared)

2nd Question is about sigils, EA koetting has explained how to use sigils to get what i want, just through concentrating (GAZE) on the sigil and imagining what i desire. Does this has to be done on any particular time or day, or it can be done at anytime??? holding just a sigil and nothing else???

Your reply would be helpful for me to clear the doubts i have.

Thank you for your help.


The videos are specifically made to create a magickal effect in the viewer so I am not entirely surprised.[quote=“Sumeet_H, post:3, topic:8”]
Does this has to be done on any particular time or day, or it can be done at anytime???
Anytime[quote=“Sumeet_H, post:3, topic:8”]
holding just a sigil and nothing else???
If you want to keep it bare minimum, then sure.


Hi Thank You for reply. However one more question, the sigils which are shown in the book of lesser key of solomon, i have been through that book. N i was researching on sigils, and came across few videos in youtube which teaches us to create our own sigils, do they really work???

Thank You

Here is a whole list of experiences from different people on this forum. @Verdo has collected them into a list.


You’re watching genuine magick videos so yes, it is normal to get a reaction, like watching a cookery video when you’re hungry and starting to salivate - your body responds to different input.

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Hi Sheogrorath,

That’s a pretty big list out there, Thank you for Sharing

Sumeet :slight_smile:

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Hi, What and Who are SERVITOR??? any ideas I can Get?

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The search bar is one click away at the top corner. You find pretty much anything if you type it in there.


That one technically depends on context. Every group seems to have a different definition.

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