Welcome to Become A Living God

Welcome to Become A Living God!

This is a Civilized Place for Open Discussion of Magick

We openly discuss magick to help each other ignite spiritual ascent and create friendships.

Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would a public park. We, too, are a shared community resource — a place to share knowledge and experience with each other.

Our Values:

  • Individuality: think for yourself and allow others to do the same.
  • Freedom: use magick as you wish and allow others to do the same.
  • Power: aspire for greatness and allow others to do the same.

For the sake of social hygiene, we ask you to respect these simple rules:


  • Adult language
  • Sex-themed artwork
  • Consensual, voluntary cursing
  • Free readings, gifts, creations, etc.

Not allowed:

  • Do not harass, impersonate or expose private information of other people
  • No pornography
  • Non-consensual cursing or physical threats
  • Do not advertise goods & services. Also, do not bait and switch, i.e., give free reading then ask for money.
  • Do not filibuster or threaten on behalf of a religion, e.g., “Yahweh/Allah will curse you.”

This forum is a social hang-out, not a church or temple. You may openly share and discuss any topics or secrets related to magick.

Again, welcome to Become A Living God!

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I thought adult language wasnt allowed and what is non consensual cursing. Like cursing someone on the forum even though the petitioner said no? I think i just answered my own question


@Godmagus Pretty sure it was technically the threat of a curse that wasn’t allowed. You can curse whomsoever you please. Just don’t turn it into a legal issue by threatening someone. Am I right @Lady_Eva?


Legal is in: breaking the rules of the forum?


@Godmagus No. As in I think the reason for that rule was because threats could lead to messy legal action.


That Moment When tread is completely innocent in that part :innocent:


Shorthand way of saying don’t name people for curses, and don’t threaten people on here with magick of any kind. If people agree to duel that’s between them, but “You’ll be sorry you said/did/thought X” or any hint of using magick against someone for any reason is NOT permitted.

The thread @TheStorm linked was a comment to a situation where someone was playing silly games trying to “raid” other forums, long ago and not relevant.

These are the definitive forum rules, please read them because they answer everything asked in this thread - each item there is ONLY there to prevent problems that have already occurred before to the point where a line needed to be drawn, and the situation clarified:

Any questions, PM a moderator (me or @Claidheam) or contact Timothy if the answer is still not clear, and porn means actual porn not broadly spirit related stuff, sex-themed artwork. :wink:


OMG MAGICK DUEL LOL. Had too lmao. I win most but im not challenging had to quote the whole sentence. It takes ALOT for me to throw curse type energy on someone mostly if they violate my personal moral code


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Hi Lady Eva: If I wanted to start a new thread how do I do it?


Via the New Topic button with the plus sign to the top right of the page, when you view the main page:



Thank you for welcome me


I need a list of satanic prayer I need to pray it everyday to ask Satan to protect me everywhere


Try the following protection prayer from:-

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Where do I find the new users tutorial so that I can earn the badge? Badge…must earn badge…

I’m a badge whore.


Thank you i have read the rules and i agree


i agree with the rules

I agree with the rules

read & agreed.

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