Some questions about Naamah

Well, like i said in my introduction i don’t know much about this and while i’ve beem trying to gather information about Naamah i don’t know if i’m going on the right direction to work with her, so i’m going to paste all my questions that have raised over the last months (hope they’re not stupid, specially the last ones).

  1. I’d like to know what she really represents and
    what should i know about her?
  2. what means being a disciple of her?
  3. What benefits i can get by bonding with her, or what types of things can she give me? what she could bring to my life and what she could take away from me?
  4. A relationship with her would be one way (the only one that benefit for it is she) or two way (both of us would be very pleased about the relashionship)?
  5. what should i do to show her that i’m trustworthy? I just wanna let her know that i want communicate with her so i can try to make her more famous without using lies.
  6. Any warnings about working with her?
  7. how can i communicate with her effectively? i’ve been meditating with a pic of her sigil on my phone, but i don’t feel it’s working (i do feel heavier and a little bit suffocated when doing it or by thinking a lot about her, like while writing in this forum, but i don’t know if that’s more something psycological); and i live with my family, so it’ll be hard for me to making her an altar.
  8. What offerings can i give to her and what can i do to make her feel honored, like what kind of tributes? I’ve heard something like cumming on her sigil and burning it after, also burning babies pics, but i can’t remember if that’s for lilith and i’m confusing it.
  9. What can i expect to the offerings after i truly feel her presence? I’ve read that desserts are good offerings, but after having an encounter with her i’d be able to see a bite on the dessert for example?
  10. what should be my approach towards her?
  11. how could i know if she accepts me or refuse me as a disciple?
  12. i would be able to really feel her presence and even be able to see her physically? Does she manifest and i if can see her, can i be able to feel her touch (like her touching or hugging me)?
  13. Is she jealous? Because when i was investigating about Lilith i saw that sometimes she doens’t like when a male that works with her interact with other women, since they are very related i don’t know if that would be the same case with Naamah.
  14. why there isn’t much information about her specially considering that there is a lot of it about Lilith when both are very related?
  15. would she like that one of her disciples try to make her more famous?
  16. Is it possible to making an agreement with her where she doesn’t help me until i make my part of the deal first?
  17. what would mean if she has a disciple in a very high steem and how can i reach that high steem coming from her? And how would be the relationship between that person and Naamah?
  18. Since she seems to be very sexual, can she help me incresing and controlling my sexual energy? Can she be sexually playful with those who communicate with her? Like caresses and other stuffs if i ask her politely?

I don’t know what else i can ask, but since i know almost nothing about her feel free to tell everything you know about her.

That’s a LOT of questions my dude…

I don’t see any reason to be a “disciple”. That’s not really a prerequisite to working with an entity.

I would think that depends on the nature of the relationship being sought and engaged in.

The straightforward answer is just do the work.

As for communication, you’re gonna have to work on your senses, there’s no way around that. Working on your senses as you try to establish communication with her would be a good show of intention to work with her and a “foot in the door” so to speak.

Giving her your time is itself an offering, but things like a piece of chocolate, or cup of coffee (or another drink), burning some incense, leaving small food offerings in a place outdoors wherever it feels right, etc.

You can make sexual offerings, yes, but it’s really more than just shooting your seed onto the sigil. There’s other topics on the subject that discuss it.

I’ve never heard this, and I don’t see the value in doing it. Sounds like some weird edgy shit. I would disregard that entirely.

I wouldn’t expect to see a physical bite on the food.

If your astral sight is developed however, you may see something like that in your mind’s eye telling you that the offering has been received (this would’ve more like a symbolic cue)

That may be a case by case thing. Your mileage may vary on that.

I personally haven’t sensed any jealousy from Lilith in regards to interacting with women.

However, she can be jealous when it comes to your work with other entities at times.

Usually it’s come down to whether you’re giving equal treatment/attention.

She doesn’t like to feel slighted or like she got the shorter end of the stick.

My limited experience with Namaah is that she’s rather easygoing and a bit playful.

Who’s to say? I’ve wondered the same thing, but that’s just how it is.

If anything, because there’s little info, really digging into the information that’s out there would be a good way of showing her your seriousness.

I don’t see the need for that.

These things don’t really need to be transactional like that.

This sounds like some kind of weird worship thing/mentality tbh.

It sounds like you want to be her special boy, more special than the rest and have some huge perks that come with being said special boy.

Yes, she very much in the sexual current of things and can help you with your sexuality, hangups, shadow work, etc.

The rest of the question sounds to me like you’re looking for some kind of succubus interaction, no?


You should ask one of the mods to pm you the “core shamanism” course

Sorry, but what’s that?

Btw, give me a moment to answer your other reply, i’m in the middle of something rn. Oh, and if you wonder about how started my interest in Naamah i answered the user DarkKnight (i think that’s his name) about it in my Introduction post, and sorry if it’s kinda long too😅

One of the mods can pm it to you.

It’s a tutorial, I think it’ll be helpful/useful to you especially in working with namaah and learning to communicate with her.

Sent it to you thru dm.


Core Shamanism

I see you got it, but yes we can send that if needed.

The previous member who shared it believes there are no copyright issues, though it’s thier write-up of paid training they received.

Sadly that member s no longer with us to support it, but there are many members here including me who are at least somewhat familiar with shamanic techniques, so ask away and we’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:

How i should do “the work”? I try to meditate with my eyes closed and her sigil on my phone placed in front of me, but i don’t know if i’m doing it right or if that’s the way i’m supposed to approach to her.

Also, how can i work on my senses and what that means exactly?

What would be the way then?

I think this is what you mean on “senses”, but how can i develop my astral sight and mind’s eye? And what can i expect from those while still developing? Like what i’m supposed to experience with those two.

I explain this better on my Introduction post, but i started working with Lilith before Naamah, even tho i don’t know if i was doing it right and it wasn’t during a long period, however, i had some dreams where i was aware of Lilith and after finding Naamah i politely asked Lilith if it wasn’t a problem if i instead started working with Naamah (since she represented exactly what i was looking for), so after not dreaming with Lilith again or experienced anything like a response i took it as a greenlight, but after starting meditating for Naamah i haven’t been able to dream with her yet, and i think that i have spent more time wotking with Naamah than Lilith (even tho i haven’t did it consistently), so i find it weird. I don’t want to think this, but do you think Lilith can block me from reaching Naamah?

When i was searching about Lilith i read that while working with entities i should not look inferior but also not cocky, that aplies for Naamah too right? Because if that’s the case, what are the consecuences if i act like a worshiper instead of a regular person that just wants a mutual relationship?

And yeah you got me😅, i’d like to be someone special for her, but basically what i look for it would be able to communicate with her very easily, like dreaming with her on a regular basis (just if she’s available and ok with that obviously) and getting a ton of affection coming from her maybe. That’s why i want to communicate with her so i can get more information and spread it without lying (with her permission), in an attempt to make her more famous.

The hangups thing is something i didn’t know she could help me and that is insteresting to me, thanks for saying that.

Also, what do you mean with “shadow work”?

Tbh, my interest in succubus was the reason i got interested in Lilith and then Naamah, so i guess they’re the beggining of everything for me about this occult stuffs, so i’d yes, i’m still interested about interacting with succubus.

We have a thread for this:

Honestly, you’re overthinking it dude.

It wouldn’t make sense for Lilith to block naamah as they’re both very much connected (thus naamah is also called “Lilith the younger”)

In a nutshell:

Shadow work speaks to self exploration in the Jungian construct. Jung held that we all possess undesirable qualities that we have learned to hide from ourselves. A person who wants himself to be kind may put his anger in his shadow. One who wishes to be chaste may put their libido in their shadow.
Now the undesirable aspect doesn’t disappear. Sometimes they thrive in the shadow. They generate complexes, possibly even psychoses. They frequently result in cognitive/behavioural disonance, which is a clinical way of saying one’s mind and one’s actions are not aligned. This causes all sorts of trouble.
Shadow work is the courageous exploration of one’s shadow self… to see what latent desires or belief’s are sabotaging us. By bringing the so-called defects into the light of awareness, they can be examined and hopefully transmuted into something that serves us better. Some people also refer to this as fighting one’s demons. Wish you the best of luck as you follow this noble pursuit.

The forum has a search feature at the upper right if you click on the magnifying glass :mag_right:

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Thanks, i’ll look about it later.

THANK YOU for this!