Social Anxiety

I suffer from quite bad social anxiety. In 2 weeks I am starting a new job and just thinking about having to meet so many new people is such a terrifying thought to me that I constantly get panic attacks. I’m wondering what sort of entity could help me with this.
this is a problem I’ve had since early childhood and all my life I have felt isolated so I really do need something to get the job done because I don’t want to waste my life.
I have already searched through the forums all day yesterday but I didn’t find anything especially helpful for me. any help is appreciated.


Maybe go through your chakras too. Though I would say evocation is best. Maybe some goetia demon that is about charisma or confidence.

But yeah with the chakras you could have an imabalance with your throat (expressing self calmly) and third-eye (confusion and anxiety), and this could all be cause of a lower chakra being imbalanced. I can send you the link to the topic I made. But if I were you I’d do this after evoking someone.


thank you. can you send me the link? and do you know any demons I could evoke for this?

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Haagenti, Ipos and Lucifer are Spirits who could assist.

Here is a layered spell that could help


thank you very much :slight_smile:

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This takes longer but has really helped me.