So many spirits!

There are so many spirits in my room, surpassing the number 10. It’s like every single time I open my window, more and more spirits come spending in like crazy. I be feeling their breathe on my skin. Touch my neck & whatnot. Even as I’m typing. Air is being blown onto my skin. I’m even smelling them. Some have odors to them. Can’t really decide if it’s good or bad. But the amount of banishing spells I do, do nothing! When I go walking spirits are like attached or attractive to me. I don’t really know how to take this. Sometimes when their close by, my eyes get cloudy (if oil or water got into it). Spirits are climbing my ceiling, darting all over my room but most importantly hovering over my head heavily.

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Learn a banishing and warding method that works well for you or try this:

Either way will work but you don’t have to take this, and shouldn’t as it isn’t safe nor healthy.

If you’ve been practicing a banishing ritual to the point you feel that you have it mastered and it still isn’t working, summon the above being. She can take care of it regardless of regular banishing failing you. Maybe your intent wasn’t clear with your normal practice or maybe you are so out of whack, that it’s rendered you somewhat unable to use it. I like some banishing methods better than others, but if my own intent is not strong enough or my will to do so, sometimes it doesn’t work for me, even when I use the one I’ve been using for a while. Sometimes you just have too much built up for one banishing to work.

Either way, if it’s truly not working for any reason, including ones I have yet to think of- the above servitor will take of the issue and establish strong wards that won’t let them just walk all over you or enter your space so that the problem doesn’t happen again, as this is at least the THIRD time you have posted something like this.

Three times in a few months is too many. You need to figure out how to take actions prevent this from happening. Twice in the space of less than two weeks, means something is not right.

If you are summoning things, you really should stop, until you can maintain operatorship and banish anything you attract and summon as this sounds like you are attracting parasites, if they are attaching to you and not real beings.

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Well how do I stop attracting?

I imagine that depends on what it is that is attracting them to you, but learning how to shield and ward yourself, or using the above servitor, will take care most of it. If you choose to implement the servitor into your practice, I would allow her to stay for at least a period of time to ensure that the wards are strong and the parasites have been fully removed.

Only chasing them away once, will often allow them to come right back, as they already know you are a great source of food and that they can come back as soon as you are not paying attention, which may be a literal half a minute after you banish, as this is an ongoing issue for you.

Drugs, mental illness, negative energies, environments, and perpetuating thoughts, intense amount of fear- can all lead to this and I am sure there are others ways that I am not familiar with, I just know I would personally consider it unacceptable to go through this as often as you have.

As long as you allow them to feed off you like this, they will.

I’d even be careful which magicians you hang out with, as not everyone has good intentions and some of the ones that accept money for their help, will intentionally send things to you or attract them themselves. Even the ones who don’t work for hire can be assholes, who just want to play hero by saving you. If you’re prone to issues, I’d be extra wary, from whom I even accepted help from, until I was certain I was in control again. It never hurts to be over cautious, but under cautious can be an issue once in a great while- so you should even question my help as given here and above, and ensure it is a fit for you personally.


They’ll leave eventually, generally real entities have lives to live and won’t just stay in your room or house for no reason let alone on the energetic layer of the physical unless there’s a shrine or something similar for them to live inside.


I don’t think it’s real entities, as often as they’ve had issues, parasites or imaginations maybe, but real entities? Goodness knows I’ve never encountered a real entity that just attached itself to my fat ass. :rofl: :sweat_smile:


A shine? What do you mean. Do you know why spirits are leaving strands of hair on me?

Have you assessed the mundane possibilities?

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Um I’m not sure what you mean

Logical and human possibilities, such as living with someone that has hair, Mental illness, drug and alcohol use, etc- are what he means by mundane.

At this point, I’d say you should just summon my servitor and see if it helps or not. That would answer if it was parasites or human causation quite quickly.

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What is a shine?

It was an example.

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I think he meant the word SHRINE, which is a physical object dedicated to a specific spirit or entity.

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…and it’s nothing wrong to have several spirits around, if it’s not bothersome. But if it is, you should do some banishing and cleansing.

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Well that’s what I’ve been trying to do

This is at least the third time, that they’ve been unable to banish things, and last time. Another member supposedly closed a portal in their bedroom for them. I wasn’t there, so I cannot verify if that was fact or fiction, only report that I read about it- and that the op seems to have an ongoing issue.


Another good resource, as you have received banishing rituals from the last topic, and a servitor this one, perhaps this sigil would be more to your liking. I actually used sharpie to inscribe it in the top corner of my windows, and above my doorways when I moved into my apartment as passive aid in protection.


Why not take the approach to learn through experience and see things as it is? You can learn to interact with them better. You can get stronger abilities with these spirits around just by the fact of them trying to reach out to you.

What happens when human kids gets lost in the wild and being raised by animals that accepts them? They learn and they adapt to the environment they’re in. The problem with that is when they get back to the society again, issues occurs and some of them can’t adapt to the human environment. There has to be some balance there, right?

Oh I thought this was the same post from before. Yeah if he keeps having the same problems, doesn’t do anything to stop it, they probably just want attention.



At this point if its not mundane, i think just let them feed.:yum: So many resources have been offered. :woman_shrugging: