So many spirits!

I agree, I decided after reading one of the replies above, that myself and others have all offered sound advice and it’s time to just bow out of the fight. :woman_shrugging:

I only jumped in this time, being it was the second time I’ve tried to help, because I had new resource anyways.


My house is probably a beacon for entities because it just really toxic. And the family member that’s creating this environment also drinks and uses drugs. Spirits are coming to me because I’m the only one that notices them.

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That’s what I thought before since I’ve dabbled with darker entities before in the past and with the unsere. All the spirits in my house are all gumbled in together. I can tell which are shadow people and which are light.

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Yeah I think this is what wards are for. It’s interesting that they come in only when you open the window- they don’t normally care about glass. This implied, to me, that there is a subconscious feeling in you that opening the window allows entry.

For the most basic ward, nail an iron horseshoe above the window and the doors. Works like a charm :slight_smile:
I would walk the grounds scattering earth and salt making a circle that nothing may cross without permission as well. You can also visualise metal or concrete walls slamming into place over the walls of your room, thick and impenetrable. When your room feels spiritually like a ww3 bunker you’re done.


A powerful repellent of parasites is vinegar, put some in opened recipients in every corner of the house. It works perfectly and in a closet put extra a lemon with 3 long iron nails in it.


I’ve had the same kinda issue before I think when you open your senses and spirits find out they can communicate with you they get attached or maybe just come by to say Hi I did The Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram a couple of times and I simply asked the spirit to leave me alone and It worked
you can call on a demon or angle or something to protect you as well

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vinegar salt incense and sage would help a lot try maybe burn some sage and walk around in your house make circles around yourself with the smoke put some salt in the corners some vinegar in a jar or something but leave the head open for the smell to get out
these are some of the things I did and I think they worked


How about you become a predator and feed on them.

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Make them your bitch

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I have the upmost respect for spirits. Though there are some spirits that do unacceptable things like staring at me using the restroom or like to join me in the shower… They would never put their hands on me or hurt me intentionally.