So it begins

It seems to me an important and necessary exercise to tell those who may be interested about my experiences, as they occur.

I have read literally thousands of posts, soaking up as much knowledge as I could from this forum, and yet I feel like I’m barely scratching the surface of a universe that I’ve denied myself all this time.

Now to business. My idea is to initially work with the demons of Goetia, and also to develop my senses which today are virtually closed. I have started working on meditation daily, and have asked Paralda and Sastan for help.

I am very optimistic and I know that all this work will undoubtedly improve my life. More to come soon.


Good luck on your journey and ascension!

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Ok, I got a pendulum myself and Ive been practicing with, and I’m making a black mirror also.

About the pendulum, is it normal that it responds correctly every time I use it, or am I kidding myself? Every time I ask him if this is my name, or about my age, my family, etc, it always gives me the right answer, from left to right for yes, and up and down for no.

ah yes, I have been following the steps of this excellent tutorial


OK, after doing enough research, the decision for the first evocation was the great prince Orobas. After drawing his sigil, I arranged the candles in the shape of a triangle, I also arranged a plate with oatmeal cookies and a glass of water as an offering. Then I started trying to open the sigil while chanting his enn.

I have to admit that at first I was not sure what the visible effect to achieve was, until it happened.
After a few minutes, the circle of the sigil began to flicker and disappear here and there. Some parts of the drawing also appeared to move and appear 3d, subtly.

After that I began to ask the prince if he was present, and to give me some sign. I also asked him if he was willing to work with me. Since I didn’t get any answers, I repeated them over and over again, and then I was silent for a long time while trying to catch any kind of sign, which got awkward.

I admit that my expectations were too high for being the first time, and even more so without having the appropriate senses to communicate with him, for which after a while I thanked his presence and finished the ritual, somewhat disappointed for not being one of the few lucky bastards to get it right the first time (yeah, a stupid thought).

Looking back, I realize that it was foolish to expect the spirits to do all the work themselves, and that while there are people naturally gifted for the job, I am not one of them and I will have to work harder to achieve it and keep practicing over and over again and continue pestering the demons along the way (I hope they are understanding) :joy:


Little update, I have practiced another 3 evocations, same result EVEN THOUGH I consider them works in progress because I have made requests. I have used the pendulum for the first time, and although I have had positive responses in each case, I really don’t know if it was them or myself who responded, I choose to believe it was them.

I also have included the LBRP to keep things tiddy. I must confess that my first ritual felt pretty clumsy, too stiff and with some mistakes here and there, BUT I feel Im getting a better grip and more confident.

I keep asking paralda for help, following several steps described in the forum. I have also been working a little with the angels of omnipotence. I´ve been busy.

I am going to share what may be a misconception. None of the evocations practiced was with the 9 kings, because I think it would be disrespectful to try without even being able to hear them. Now I doubt if I should actually go to them to ask their permission to work with their dukes and princes…

Finished reading Magical Servitors from Damon Brand. Nice book. I think Im gonna go for it a second time to take notes for my first servitor intent.

NOW, I´ve started Demons of Magick from G. Winterfield

In the meantime, I keep on going trough meditation. Its SO fucking hard to quiet all my inner chatting and random toughts.


As a side note, the other day I took a nap and as I began to wake up, still with my eyes closed and completely alone, I could clearly hear a conversation that seemed to come from nowhere, yet I felt that it was happening very close to me. Immediately upon opening my eyes, the voices stopped and I couldn’t catch them again no matter how much I tried. Interesting :person_shrugging:t3:

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I’ve thought the same when working with my pendulum. For questions like that, he’s always correct. They just know, I guess.

It’s not til I get to the bigger questions like what could happen in the future that it starts to get shaky on the accuracy, understandable though.

Also with hearing voices, I get this too! I think it happens more and more when you open your senses. I find that when I’m falling asleep, like on the edge, I start to hear those conversations.

If I’m in a space where there is a lot of activity it’s especially common. Before I realized what it was, it would really bother me to try to go to sleep. I’d get up and tell everything in the room to shut up so I could sleep in peace otherwise I’d get the sage out.


What form of meditation are you doing? Have you tried using an external focus, like a candle flame or a spot on the wall?

Sorry for dropping late. Im trying several methods posted here, including the one you mentioned somewhere about the cloud and the countdown, eyes closed.

I didnt try open eyes meditation so far.

Small update about one of the previous evocations. Ive made a petition to Dantalion for another person. It didnt happen exactly what i’ve asked for, but yes, there were favorable changes.

Thanks Dantalion.

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Ok, finished reading DoM. Very nice book.
Now, Im going to start taking notes and prepare my first DoM style evocation.

Im also shaping my first servitor, which I intend to share with everyone for testing purposes.

I started reading a couple of books to help opening my third eye with some interesting excercises.

It seems like I put a little too much emphasis on the third eye exercises. It’s still sore to the touch :roll_eyes:

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I also finished taking notes for the DoM ritual. Im practicing visualizations through scenery pics, and actual materials like soil, barks, stones, and so on, memorizing textures and sensations. It helps a lot.

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And another update…

Previously, I asked for help from Bune with debts, and also from Fehu. Today, while making a complaint with the internet service provider (about the significant increase in the last bill), they decided to discount the entire monthly bill. I didn’t even ask for that, it was a total surprise.

This is not coincidence. THANK YOU Bune and Fehu.

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Something odd to comment…

I was meditating using a candle while giving an oil massage to the third area zone, when I decided to close my eyes for a while. I expected to see the candle afterimage which is a visual effect, but I couldnt, and suddenly, in the blackness, a bright purple flame appeared floating right before me.

I stopped the massage thing and the flame dissapeared, so I applied some pressure again with my thumb to the third eye area, and the flame came back.

It was a wtf moment, truly. I have NEVER seen colors with my eyes closed and this was a perfect, deep purple color.

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Busy as hell, I feel like trying to meet everything I don’t finish anything completely and satisfactorily. About the purple flame in the previous post, it is just a visual effect with no psychic element involved. I realized that by moving my closed eyes from side to side, the flame followed the movement, bleh. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Regarding the practice of clairaudience, I think I am going to follow in the footsteps of Mike Bee and ask Orobas to be my mentor in this regard, and practice daily if he accepts and bears with me.

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Been practicing the Soham Akaal thing. As I have a lower tone of voice, I make it resonate reaaaally good in a profound way. Puts you in the right mood for workings. Love it so far.

Also, Ive got myself a private place for a couple of bucks where no one can disturb me, day or night. Im soooo happy I can practice safely.

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Man thats worth so much. Congrats on that!!

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