So it begins

I have finished reading Universal Magic and about to start The Master Works of Chaos Magic.

I cant stop reading! :metal:t2:

I almost forgot, before those I also read Magickal Attack. I have to admit, I really enjoy Gordons writing. I bought this book because I have some targets that really deserve whats coming to them :metal:t2:

I wonder if I can use the blue flame ritual before other practices? I really like that mantra, puts me right into the mood.

Finished reading The Magick of Influence. Not what I expected, didn´t like it tbh.

NOW, 2 new books in the line.

Jason Miller’s Consorting with Spirits and Mat Auryn’s Mastering Magick. I really believe these two will give good reading sessions :clap:

I´ve started using real incense in resin form. Its another world really, LOVE copal and myrrh so far.
Incense sticks made me sick latelly, I read they are putting some nasty shit on them, not healthy at all.

I just finished reading “Consorting with Spirits” by Jason Miller. I really can’t recommend this book enough; it’s perfect for any novice magician. Miller demonstrates his extensive knowledge in a simple manner. He is also an excellent communicator, and it’s evident that he enjoys practicing it.

Do you want to get good information and honest advice for your first steps? Do yourself a favor and read it.

Im realizing that Im taking in a lot of information but not dedicating enough time to practice it properly. It’s essential to find a balance between learning and practical application.

Just out of curiosity, I bought the tarot deck “Goetia Tarot in Darkness.” Beautiful indeed.

I am still undecided about undertaking the learning of tarot. If I were to do it seriously, I would need to dedicate a lot of time, and right now, I prefer to invest it in other activities. Perhaps later on…

Last saturday, I made a ritual just to thank every spirit I have been calling and working for the blessings I have received.

Thanks goes to
King Paimon
Duchess Bune
Duke Dantalion
Prince Seere
Prince Orobas

I hope you guys enjoyed the cheese cake with strawberries as much as I did.

There is still a lot of work in progress, but I feel confident.

Im really looking forward to work with Belial and Astaroth.

I have finished reading Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. Nice book.

I have become quite good at imagining, so I will give it a try soon.

Also, I think I have found a perfect target for cursing. A little mf who truly deserves whats coming to him, so I will make it rain mountains upon mountains of shit over his fck head.


I would really appreciate some recomendations for books about Hekate :pray:t2:

Well, got my hands on the kindle version of Hekate Liminal Rites. More to come later…

Well, well, well! Tonight will be the first of several using LHD’s pathworking. I feel very confident that everything will go smoothly.

This will be the first time I will attempt to apply multiple layers to my magick, so I´ll need to work with several demons for different objectives and a common final goal.

Although this form of pathworking doesn’t require it, I’m still going to include my setup of ritual elements like candles, copal incense, and some other things just because I like adding a ceremonial dose to it.


… that moment when things start to manifest strongly… im in awe.

Thanks to every spirit involved :candle:

Two new books in the line.

Rites of Lucifer from Asenath Mason and Hoodoo for Beginners from Angelie Belard.

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