So I contacted Lucifer


I had the same thoughts as when I “summoned” him I was driving to work one night last week, and as first contacts go, he was very kind, warm and referred to my as " My boy" … in a kindly older English gentlemanly way.

With the Norse Gods I have always been able to just Talk to them out loud and feel that they were there and heard me, even though I have very few times audibly heard a response.

I seemed to with Lucifer.

I am like many others, but I feel bad sometimes as right now my life is pretty much a mess and I want things to change, but I hate coming to him or seemingly to in only a time of need or want…
Timing I guess… does not lessen that I have been hearing him for over a year now which sparked my interest…
I still love and believe in my Gods and Goddesses, he just seemed to also “fit the bill in my life” …

My best to you,
If you happen to chat with him let me know…



As long as you feel connected to him and that you don’t just want to summon him for favors but it’s just so happens that things go wrong sometimes, then it’s fine. You can sometimes summon him just to talk or ask advice about things.


I have found him to be an excellent ear as it were…


Yesterday I tried to summon Lucifer as I use to do everyday because I really need his help so I ask him to give me a sign but I don’t feel anything or hear anything nor see anything so can someone asked him for me if he did show up yesterday or not becoz he is angry with me becoz I try to call him everyday and really afraid he will make my life like some hell and eventually kill me so guys please help me out by asking him for me the next time anyone just try to summon him thanks guys


@Tenneson We say the same things to every new member here, because they all ask the same thing:
No one will summon any spirit for you nor ask things for you. Spirits don’t like it and we don’t like it either!

If you don’t understand why it didn’t work, then you should be aware, that in order to listen/feel/etc. spirits, you need to open your astral senses.
You can use the search function on the forum to learn how to do that.

Opening your astral senses, should be the first thing every magus should do. It’s really important and really useful as well! You should focus on that first.


I said asked him if he was there with me when I evoke him not summon him for me please…


I want to ask Lucifer something… should I? I have talked with Belial and he said it should be fine, but I’m still hesitant. I want to ask Lucifer to train me and most of all… to be my friend. I feel like people talk to him, but not enough really ask this question. I want to make a blood pact with him once I can trust him truly(trust issues). Should I ask him to be my friend? Or is that something too small to ask of him? I’m just worried about… everything I guess. :sweat_smile:


@Tenneson As I said, no one likes to ask questions to spirits in behalf of others (even spirits don’t like it).

@UnknownFandoms00 I believe you should talk to him. Lucifer is really understanding in these matters. I mean, you can summon him even if you want to simply talk to him and ask him questions. In fact, I urge you to do it, it’ll be an amazing experience for you. You really don’t have to worry.

Also, make sure you really need a pact for something. You don’t always have to make pacts. There are some forum posts about that.


Thank you for responding! I’ll make sure to talk to him soon, but first, I might talk with a couple of Goetia Daemons first just so I’m mentally prepared. And besides! That’s just a couple more new friends to talk to!:blush:


Do your best and good luck!


Mansonman. Can you contact me?. I tried to send you a pm but it won’t let me. Thanks!


There’s 2 simple advices i give you here.
Always assume it worked!
By assuming failure you may upset the being called, as it listenes to you and waits for something worthwhile being said towards it (like a task).
When you hear a voice inside of you, which isn’t yours, listen well and recieve it as comming from the Entities you’ve called.

Most regular mediums percive the message within them,
and when channeling opening their mouth as being the Entity and letting it speak through them.
The same applies for when recieving answers / information.
However, not all Spirits commune verbally,
some just send bolts of Energy.
Generally, changes in your direct enviorment which aren’t induced by a pet or child being around,
are signs to be taken in,
questioning all of those sensations should really be done after recieving and being open to them.
That’ll make it much easier for you, and the Beings you contact.




I have a great ritual that can connect two souls if needed


That’s good! However, it can be doesn’t have to be complicated. Soul travelling is a good way to do it I believe!


I learned that the hard way. I didn’t think my evocation of King Paimon worked and now I’m where I’m at lol.

Heres my viewpoint on Lucifer so far :
He shares knowledge you’ve had but can’t already see.

That’s what he’s done for me but I’m sure he does more.


Many spirits do that and they actually help you connect the dots.


He’s how I ended up at Lord Belial’s door, so I can’t complain.


What is the purpose of connecting two souls?


There’s many in my opinion. The sharing of power and knowledge are two main.