"Sing a Sad Song"


Alright so this is a continuity of this topic that I started a couple weeks ago. There were multiple things that happened over the last two weeks that indicated that Lilith, of all, was attempting to contact me. I’m going to bullet point the main events here just because I’ve already provided the link above with more heavy details and I more or less want this discussion to focus on my interaction with her last night.

Events -

1.) Dream of a demon imp thing that tried to kill me and my family. Rotting, greenish, had straggly hair, male aligned, when disemboweled it scooped out its rotting greenish-black organs and kept fighting anyway. Died by me repeatedly stabbing it in the eye socket.
2.) Crossed paths with a dead cat, knew it was significant. This happens sometimes when there is a powerful entity I am dealing with. Either prior or post ritual, I will cross paths with a dead animal normally in my direct path.
3.) I hooked up with a random guy online, camped out at his place about 2 hours away for a night of debauchery. Only to find out he has a black cat named drumroll LILITH!

So my evocation went remarkably well, she held back a lot, even just being in her presence was enough to make me feel stoned and skullfucked by the end of it. She responded “Perfection” when I asked her if she had approved of my offerings. I used white candles, fragrant scarlet roses, dragonsblood, 2 myrrh sticks, dark chocolate, and ground cinnamon. She only wanted 1 myrrh stick, 3 of the dragonsblood cones, 3 drops of my blood on her sigil, and the chocolate. So, maybe I gave her a bit too much?

Anyways, because my brain was pretty overwhelmed with interacting her for the first time she told me it was okay if we communicated through bibliomancy. I grabbed my tarot book (it’s an actual book, not a booklet) and we started gabbing. From this point on it alternated between telepathy and bibliomancy. I asked her simply if she had a message for me, and she said “Knowledge.” I asked her if she was here to help me deal with the individual that brought me to this site in terms of a curse, and she answered in the affirmative. She instructed me to write the spell and so I did. She instructed me to repeat it until I couldn’t anymore and then write a final set of words on it prior to burning it. When I asked her what I should do next, I bibliomancied her answer as a concise “Sing a Sad Song.” Literally, verbatum the phrase my finger landed upon. I followed up with her and she said that that was exactly what she meant.

Her instructions by this so far are going step by step. Is this a normal happenstance with her? Also, the other aspect I was wondering is if it’s “normal” for her to reach out in the way she did? She’s one of those entities where I seem to have so many questions and then I’m in contact with her and seem to forget them all. She seems to be more… of a teacher, at least to me at this current point in time. Either way, she’s an awe inspiring entity, I’m looking forward to working with her on this. There is a permanence to her presence now, she doesn’t feel as fleeting as other entities I’ve worked with.

I’m also looking forward to hearing from some people who have worked with her in the past.

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NEVER! You can’t make me be happy! :rofl:

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Don’t threaten me with a good time… :grimacing:

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Gives Fate worse than Death
Tells the Tragedy of Darth Plaegius The Wise

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Be happy before @Micah decides to stab you.

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Haha. Again, I’m always into a little kink.

But seriously though, any thoughts on the starter post on this thread?

The sad song, I should have clarified, was her instruction for the next stage of the curse :man_shrugging:t2:


Did I need permission? :joy:

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If she wants you to sing a sad song, then sing a sad song.

Did she clarify what song in particular?

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No, just sad song. I think I am supposed to write one? :man_shrugging:t2: She was nonspecific.

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Well, then I guess write one and sing it.

The Queen demands it.

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Indeed she does!

All I know is that this stage 2 of the curse we started last night. So :man_shrugging:t2::thinking:

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The Funeral Dirge.

She is telling you to meld Death Essence with a Song of Your Choice.

Combining it with Will And Intent will fill the mind of your enemy with the Curse to be cast against them.

Like a Deadly Earworm


One way to do it is:

Vizualizing a grey mist around you that is Death, and inhale it, pulling it into your Throat Chakra.

Feel it convert to Sound, then sing the Song while focusing your hate on your enemy.

This is also a Good way to do the Banshee Scream/Curse with Extra Power

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And 5 Minutes ago I was wondering just how to do the Banshee Scream

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This is invaluable and confirms what I suspected. Thank you @Micah, @Prophet!

You guys are da bomb.com!


I’ll be doing this stuff later tonight, probably after the gym. Will keep you guys appraised of the situation.

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Lilith? That can depend on what you want from her. Otherwise, yeah she can teach.

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