Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

Okay but if its just an image in your head, how in the world is it gonna move without u possibly imagining it to do so, unless it just works that way cause I have not tried it yet

I would hand-draw it, but some say printed is okay.


When you evoke a spirit YOU have to give them some energy so they can enter this world.

This means you have to IMAGINE a shape for them to take.

This is like making a house for someone to live in.

This is called visualisation , and you have to visualise things to make magick work.

There are other ways to give them that energy, but for this method, use the exact steps given. :+1:

You’re creating a house for them to live in, I explained that in the start of the first post and I have just repeated it above. :+1:

Nothing is “just imagination” - not even fiction.

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Sorry lady Eva, i was just curious

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Idid this but nothing really happened, I tried my best to visualize, but the figure didn’t do anything, ot just stood still, did I do something wrong?

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No, it may take a few tries for you to perceive that the structure you have created is housing more than just the energy you put into it - but the spirit heard you call, so try to stay focused on that and ground yourself, think about something normal for a while afterwards.

Watch this if you mind keeps going over things:

Thank u lady Eva, and Satan bless

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So is it ok to repeat the evocation for the same spirit, for the same purpose, for several days?

Yes, go by your gut feeling and if you feel this is going to help you both connect, and also to feel reassured as you walk out of the ritual, then do it - but probably 3 times is optimal if you plan to do that.

I would also try to make surte they fall in the same moon phase, either waxing or waning, and not on different sides, because they have different energies - but that’s just me.

You can look them up here:

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I’m new here and just read this post. I find it very helpful and interesting!! Has anyone used this? I would appreciate it very much if you share me your experiences.

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thanks for useful text. how cani understand that Which demon is right for me to summon? i want a powerful demon to fulfill my wishes? i have heard pazuzu is perfect, but i dont have his ENN.

I thought you already did? :thinking:

You don’t need an enn. Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, and only the demons generally worked with in that paradigm have them.

If you want information on Pazuzu, try doing a search. There are many threads on him with useful links.

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i did but I have not reached a conclusion yet. i dont know why. Although I did it all right, Maybe something was wrong…

I’m not sure why you would be calling upon Pazuzu for “scientific success” anyway. That is not exactly his area of expertise. He is a demon of the Air, of Pestilence, and Death.


i dont know which spirit to call. you have experience, what is your opinion?

If you want a demon, King Paimon is the master of all arts and sciences.

If you want an angel, Raphael can bring creativity into scientific exploration.


i m really greatful. thanks

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Now that’s what I’ve been looking for - a step-by-step guide on evocation. Although I don’t feel ready to evoke any spirits yet, I’ll definitely do this in the future. Thank you, Lady Eva!

Well, can someone whose astral feelings have not developed can make these bells?

So. 3 am. I took a bath before, got my MaGiCaL ClOtHiNg and went to draw the sigil. By the time I finished drawing and have written the steps (so I can turn off the PC) its already 4 am. I turned off the lights, lit a candle, went up from my chair, read the steps for nth time, moved my right hand upwards to start the ritual AND THEN FUCKING CANDLE STARTED CRACKING . I looked at it like I was looking at a retard, like wtf dude I havent even started but whatever. So, I said 3 times “Amy, come, appear before me” and almost instantly CANDLE FUCKING FADED AWAY . So here I was in pitch black looking at a spot where the demon should be, almost shitting my pants. I even thought maybe I should give up on summoning kek. But I decided against it, slowly went back to the candle, lit it up again (which was quite fucking hard, as half of my special hunting match was burned down by the time this shit lit up). Then I proceeded with the ritual. Nothing was really going on but I realized that its quite hard for me to imagine the shadow of a demon for some reason. Which is surprising, considering usually I easily imagine stuff even more complex than this and impose it IRL no problem. Anyway, I decided that its time to tell my wish, which I must state thrice. I stated it once AND THE SAME FUCKING CANDLE STARTED CRACKING AGAIN AND ALMOST FADED AWAY . At least last time it started cracking a minute before it faded or so. But then it stopped as suddenly as it started. I decided to proceed with the ritual, stated my wish 2 times more, then completed the ritual without any issues. Though I did get a feeling that if someone was actually there, he left after I stated my wish once (hopefully to fulfill my request).
I also did use that candle before it had no issues
its been half an hour already, Im still shaking. Sry for the rough language btw