Signs from insects or animals to look for

Today I had 3 different sightings of a spider. Very rare for me. I was wondering if any of you could have some insights on what it could mean. I mean, those 3 physical spiders today were almost right in my face. I mean, in the period of about 8-9 hours since I woke up, I had those sightings. Each one on some windows of my apartment. One of the event, I see a dark spot on my window, it was from outside, I look and I see very surprised that it was a VERY BIG spider (for my country it was way too big) and I was astonished by the size, more surprised than being disgusted (because the black or brown colored ones repels me). Anyway they were all very closed range seen. The 2 other events of spiders were like; I was kneeling and when I raised my head, there it was, at not more than 1 feet away. Thanks for all your opinions, insights etc,. Have a pleasant day everyone.

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Impossible to say. Did you ask for a sign from an entity? Have you done any workings and you’re looking for signs?

If not, they’re probably just spiders being spiders. The number 3 is good luck though, that itself is a good sign, as things come in threes and spiders are lucky, beneficial insects that kill disease bearing flies, and revered the world over.


Thanks for reply. No I haven’t done magical work but I can tell you that I seek answers about a certain topic and I have asked for signs to spirits that are favorable to me. I openly declared that very much so this week. Thanks for reminding me. Agreed, 3 is a luck number.

In my tradition - at least - the symbol of 3 combined with spiders is the symbol of a divine feminine.
Spiders are Saturn-Luna, and are emblems of the Ellahat She Ain Bo Machshavah (Thoughtless Dark Goddesses), manifest in the forms of the triune goddess of the Qliphoth who is Asheth Zenunim, Lilith and Naamah. But also with that the symbol represents Hekate, triune goddess of magick, or the Sophia Erebos - which means Dark Sophia: spoken of in an old possibly gnostic poem called “thunder: perfect mind” and is described as a primeval and formless goddess who is both the progenitor of and the chaos itself.

Seeing it in general as a synchronicity could imply an increase in magickal energy in your space or life. It could be a calling from beyond that wishes you to silence the mundane for a minute and listen in to the mysteries of the night.

It could also potentially be connected to the energies of the High Priestess arcana and the Moon arcana.

-Lotan Vovin

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I am glad you replied. Yes indeed a burst of energy came to me at night, following my post here. I have had a hard time to sleep because of the immense amount of energy I got. Also too much sexual energy to a point that I cannot function in my daily routine choirs. What do you suggest I do? other than silence my mundane and listen to the night. Your post was meant for me because another element that coincide is that, before those spiders events, I woke up before that, at 3h45am and done some outside bicycle ride outside when it was night and during this, I spoke to the night and listened…then, when day was up, those 3 spiders sightings I mentioned, came into my life. Thank you for replying to my post. I understand now more. in the coming days/night, I’ll try to listen more of the night. Perhaps I should make also some rituals of abundance today or tonight, since this energy can be used. I would also like some information about; what is the Glipoth. I know in the past I have been in contact with dark spirits such has Hekate. Never was able to confirm is that was her.

To rule out the mundane - is it autumn where you live? Because spiders are trying to sneak inside when it’s getting colder outside.

Nope…not yet autumn here. :slight_smile:

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