Can anyone recommend a good pdf for working with sigils (beginner level)


We don’t give out pdf’s here. It is against the forum rules.

We can however recommend books you can purchase and here are links from this forum on that subject.

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When you say “sigils,” are you referring to spirit seals or the Spare style sigils of Chaos Magick?

yeah, hold on. I’ll try to send you one.

Nevermind. It’s a pdf and I can’t load it into a message right from my computer. Oh well, I guess you will have to make do with the super-simplified instructions here in the archives.

I don’t know about PDF’s, but EA did some videos on them:

Here’s one of him working with a sigil:

There may be more videos he’s done on them, not for sure.

Practical Sigil Magick

Also, check out Rune Soup by Gordon White. Excellent blog__


Spirit seals

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