Sigil for Energy Storage [a battery for other sigils] Could someone see if it is legit? tks

Hi all I can across this Sigil to store energy as a battery to be used later and thought it was a GREAT IDEA!! but as I know jackshit about testing these things to see if it has any hidden agenda or traps I thought I would ask for some help on it.
It is free to use, link at bottom.
I would like to know if it is:
Safe to use?
Already charged and ready to load?
Is the energy I put in able to be changed, tainted or taken by others?
If it is charged do I need to print out in colour to use or can I draw black&white by hand?

This is the Blar for it…



Original link or found at

thanks heaps

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Just going to drop this link in as I removed some stuff, but @anon97554939 is correct to always urge caution:


If I want to do this, I would store it in my energy body, in a crystal or in a thoughform. I might make a sigil for my thoughtform… I’m in control of these things.

I’m not feeding some other mage’s constructs by accident, or who knows what, so yeah, I’m not clicking that.


Yes I was thinking of a servitor but then I thought the reason I am trying to store energy is because I need to make some servitor to help me learn, improve parts of my health and blar, blar, blar to the infinite…

I think I will need about 4 - 5 servitors so that they are only focusing on “A” area not trying to do everything. As I have issues and some days are so heavy the only thing that is not pinned down is my anger, so I just don’t or cannot get anything together so I know that getting any positive or should I say any energy that is not totally destructive is impossible. So with a fleet of shinny servitor’s running around somehow I found the page above. I like the concept of being able to at least have some back up energy to give them if needed.

This was one of my main concerns, like who has access to the energy as I don’t fully understand the yours and mine and the servitor source. As in if I make or get or use a copy of said Sigil/Construct whose is it? Is it part of a group that is only paying lips service to me?

But due to the destructive comments by some on the forum regarding inexperienced idiots like myself asking dangerous questions from other who know how to do it already, I should go learn to answer or test myself as I have gotten the reason for this forum all wrong! It is not a place to get help and advice to keep you reasonably safe as you learn at all!
So thanks for your time it at least has highlight some of my concerns so at least I know I am not just jumping into shit blindfolded without thinking.

Edit: the members comments are not up any more. And it was NEVER “Lady Eva” as her is the only other post up here I don’t want any to think it was her words.

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