Tutorial: Testing Sigils

So, in a world where information is freely exchanged, there are many sources of power to evoke change in your life. However, one can unintentionally open doors to things that they are not ready/do not desire to fairly easily. While this can be done in various ways, sigils can be one of the easier ways as symbols have always been extremely powerful in terms of influencing our psyche. The conflicts can emerge from a various reasons, from the intentions of the creator or from a clash between the energy of the symbol and yourself. So, after years of having things blow up in my face in terms of magic using symbols, I developed this practice to test sigils, especially ones i did not create myself. You will be combining physical movements and visualization to work this technique.

To begin, you will need to memorize how the symbol looks in whatever fashion you wish. You can draw them yourself (which does not open them alone, so it will just be a drawing) or just look at it for a long time. You will then need to find a quiet place to meditate. Take a few deep breathes and relax your body, focusing on one area at a time. Once you are completely relax, you can begin.

Start by imagine that you are drawing the sigil. Do not feed or open the sigil yet, but draw it in passing. You can do this by moving your hand to trace the sigil in the area with your fingers, visualizing light emerging from your index finger tip to form the sigil. Hold the image of the sigil floating before you. Move your hands to where they are the side of floating sigil and move them to create a sphere, visualizing light emerging from your palms to create a bubble around the sigil. Using your hands, visualize forming a tube from the sphere to your mouth.

Taking a deep breath in, visualize light leaving your lips and down the tube as you exhale. Push it into the sigil, giving it the “breath of life” until it flashes, opening before you. Push the tube down into the sphere, creating a sealed environment.

You can then begin to observe the energy emerging from the sigil at this point through a variety of means. By just observing, you can see if there is an energetic clash if you see the sphere bulging at points, sparks on the sides, or signs of the sphere wearing. By placing your hands on the sphere, you can sense the energy from the sigil without being exposed to it through emotional responses, a sense of temperature, and other gut responses. Take mental notes as you go.

When you are finished, put your hands to the sides of the sphere. Begin to push the energy down, compressing it. Continue to do so as you want h the sigil dissolve from the pressure, “killing” it. Continue to compress the sphere until it shatters, scattering the energy. You can then go forward with a banishment method of your choice. Record your findings to decide if the sigil is something you wish to continue to work with.

This technique does take practice to perform but it has been an invaluable tool in my experiments when it comes to working with the sigils recieved/created by other people. While not everyone is out to get you, a little caution can prevent some major pitfalls as you walk down your path.

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