Sigil activation astral travel

Hello guys, I want to learn to astral project and I’m actually struggling with that. Is it okay to use a demon sigil to activate for astral projection?


Yes, you can use a demon seal to help with astral projection.


Is there a particular one?

There is a spirit in Kingdoms of Flame who specializes in all forms of projection. I dont have access to my copy at the moment to find his name but can post it later if you’re interested.

Some people have said Lucifer is helpful in projecting as well.


Yes please and thank you.

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Teaches self-projection, mastery of the Astral Body, gives the keys to the Astral Portals after you have the basics down.



Thalos? Really? He is real?

Yep. Hold on… looking up some details…

So, he’s a member of the Kingdom of Blue Flame under Satagraal. Satagraal is the Grand Demon who represents the essential essence of the currents in the Kingdom of the Blue Flame, which are “seership, self-projection and prophecy”.
Thalos teaches self-projection specifically.

There’s others under Satagraal that E.A. found can help with aspects of this whole area then:
Paltator - angel dealing with the ‘gifts of Vision’ [clairvoyance]
Sastan - spirit for Higher Faculties, also knows about shapeshifting
Fortiar - demon for Binding

A Kingdom is a kind of part of the Astral a bit closer to this plane than most, E.A. said overlapping even. He works as all the various kingdom rulers do to keep the energies of the kingdom in balance and on point.

I’m really enjoying working through this book, albeit very slowly and I’m doing my usual, read 12 books at once thing. :slight_smile:


@DarkestKnight please can u PM me

That makes me wonder what other daedra is derived from a real aspects of skyrim lol also shapeshifting I want to learn about that can u pm me what you know?

I am confused by these comments. Do you think the name Thalos is from a video game? :thinking:

@Mulberry yes, it was Thalos I was thinking of. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thalos was a daedric God from a popular video game called skyrim in the game he was the first mortal man to ascend to a God and the war broke out between nerds n imperials the imperials wanted to band Thalos worship and worked for the altames to do so as the nords(stormcloaks) rebelled against this…I just kill them all the war is stupid any way…

There are adra and dadra. Gods u can pray/ worship/serve in the game I know of two that are factually based off of real deities in the game so finding this out is an intriguing thing for me it’s one of my favorite games to play on Xbox

I googled and the god you mentioned in Skyrim is actually called Talos, not Thalos. That “h” matters lol

Kingdoms of Flame was published before Skyrim so they most definitely are not the same. The only other reference to the name Thalos that comes up is the name of a river in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Edit to add: And Skyrim stole the name from Greek mythology.

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It’s a game I know but It’s still pretty cool lol I think they are all based off of one of them still cool I’d like to know about Thalia and astro travel n scanning n other stuff u know

I haven’t worked with Thalos myself, but I have worked with Sastan, and Paltator, who are also from the Kingdom of Blue Flame, and if he’s anything like them, he’d be pretty friendly and helpful.

The angel Frotasch, from the Ninth Kingdom, can also help with astral projection, as it is said “Frotasch will guide the magician through the veils and portals of the Astral Plane, teaching him the secrets of gaining power over each. In time, under the Angel’s direction, the magician will even learn to move above the planes of causality into the domain of the Gods.”

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Talos is a Aedra not Daedra

Anyways getting back on subject i believe Bathin may be able to help “can move men from one country to another” it doesnt necessarily say Astral Projection my you know food for thought


Thank u for correcting me your right been a few months anyway has anyone here astro projected before how was it like

This thread turned out to be a synchronicity, which is always nice. Satagraal is very interested in the Unveiling Rite @anon72564005 has have going on in another thread.

Thanks for that @Lotusarcane!


You’re welcome :grin:

I felt my heart beating fast and warmth on my body does that mean I’m activating the sigil?

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