Sigil activation astral travel

reading 12 books at one time? I do the same thing but usually only 5 or 6 at a time. lol

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@DarkestKnight can you pm me

Your thinking of the god Talos from skyrim, not to be an ass, but it is spelt a little differently.

Lmao, I actually thought he wasn’t a daedra, god we’re nerds. Lmao, talking about skyrim on forums where we should be discussing black magic, heh heh. Reinstalls Skyrim on steam


I know my sleeping is always off every now and again

Skyrim has mages in it though I’m thinking about joining the mages college in winterhold my self lmao

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I remember doing that quest not having a lick of magick skill lol.

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Same but I was told I had an altitude for magic

is it safe ? who demon(s) would you recommend to me ?

No magick is “safe.” There are risks to everything.

Any demon is capable of helping you to achieve projection. However, Thalos, mentioned earlier in this thread, would be good to work with.

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Can archangel Gabriel help too ?

Yes, it is said he can.

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Can I use sigils this way, i print them, i will look at the sigil, and manifesting the goal with intention (for example i will imagine sigil of gabriel or thalos, and myself float myself ) ?
Can i let the sigil in my room and repeat it everynight untill I will sucessful ?

what is Thalos´ enn ?

Thalos doesn’t have one. Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, and only apply to the demons worked with in that system.

Thalos is not a demon, he is a Spirit, and he is from EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame.


and yet i´d like to ask you, can demons/spirits/archangels to donate gifts ( / psychic abilities as are : astral travel, pyrokinesis, remote viewing etc …) or they can learn it ?

I am not sure what you are talking about…

Are you asking if spirits can give you abilities, or if they teach them?

yes exactly

Both, though very rarely will they just give someone abilities. They are generally more inclined to aid in their development, and will give exercises to the magician to help build them (learning to develop skills and abilities leads to more proficiency than just having abilities thrust upon you. That is why magicians who actually work at their magick are generally more powerful than “natural-born” witches who don’t work on developing their talents.