Sickness after ritual

One weak ago i was doing ritual. (I used chant for makeing altar this chant was given by Connor) but it wasnt ritual for makeing altar it was for money
I used this chant to invite powers of darkness into my ritual that was for manifesting money

And day after i was sick little but it was getting stronger i mean sickness
I was sleepy, without energy, headache and sinusitis.

Now i am still sick
What it means i am sick beacuse of chant ? Or beacuse of ritual
If i am sick after ritual it means that ritual was great and will manifest something or not ?

One time, probably has nothing to do with it. If you always get sick after this kind of thing it would be worth looking into.

Bear in mind it’s common to need a recovery period after heavy magickal workings. If you try the search you mind find that there’s many posts people feeling off or sick after rituals, esotericism big ones. I’m Josephine McCarthys work she talks about this extensively. You do want to take care of yourself after doing workings while your system recovers.

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In terms of the ritual and chant you performed, it’s important to note that rituals and chants are subjective practices and their effects can vary depending on individual beliefs and perspectives. While some may believe that rituals and chants can have an impact on manifesting desired outcomes, there is no scientific evidence to support such claims.

It’s possible that your illness after the ritual could be unrelated to the ritual itself, and may be due to other factors such as stress, physical exertion, changes in weather or environment, or an underlying health condition. It’s also worth considering if there were any other changes or factors in your life that could have contributed to your illness.

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