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Hello to everyone :raising_hand_woman: I’ve been learning new information via this forum for a while and finally decided to make a profile. Long story short:
My name is Kate, I’m 25 and from New Orleans. I grew up Baptist, but have always been interested in the occult, mainly “demons”. My dad passed when I was 16, and my mom passed this year (January), both from cancer. With both of their passings I’ve experienced first hand what they saw weeks upon passing: talking to past loved ones, seeing the ‘light’, etc. Amongst other powerful moments. I’ve always been able to sense energy and have been able to decipher from optimistic, neutral or dark energy/presence, as well as strong vs weak, and the area in which the presence(s) are. When both parents passed, I felt an overwhelming optimism/peaceful energy prior and after they passed.

However, now that I’m on my own I’ve been studying the occult/demonology/magick freely since February 2019. I wasn’t aware of anything. One night I saw an entity at the foot of my bed, it was in a black cloak with its face hidden. I didn’t know who it was at the time, but within the next few days random information about King Paimon kept popping up during my studying, and I had never heard or searched that name before. Long story short, I found out the entity at the foot of my bed was King Paimon.

To keep this post relatively short-- I’ve had amazing coincidences happen and various forms of communication from Him in the beginning, and I have done a few Thank You offerings. Right now I’m trying to learn how to communicate better via hearing Him (hopefully).
*the only issue I’m coming across is that I keep feeling the pressure to make a pact with King Paimon, and I do want to, but I don’t feel like I deserve to yet since I have limited knowledge about banishing, etc. However I keep having the urge/pressure/gut-feeling that He wants me to make a pact regardless. * Any advice?

– Sorry for the long post. :raising_hand_woman::ghost:


Paimon, is awesome! Just relax and be yourself. Make the pact when you feel the time is right. He will still be waiting for you. :heart:


I don’t feel like what you’re feeling is exactly “pressure from his part” . I believe it’s your own excitement that is pressuring you. If King Paimon declared that you’re not ready for a pact, he would have given you a sign.
But right now, I think he is waiting and not rushing you to the pact making. You are rushing yourself. It works as a form of self sabotage :grinning:
-Take a deep breath (sure , a king wishes to form a pact with you, sounds like a typical monday right?)
-Think about wether YOU want this pact or not. You should always care more about what you want, you are the master of things. If you feel you’re not ready, give yourself some time. If you’re completely sure, go for it.

*However, I suggest you firstly find a way to communicate with him before jumping into the pact making. You will need to work out the details with him, how are you gonna do that if you can’t hear or receive his answers?

Good luck and welcome to the forum :black_heart:


Welcome to the forum, Kate :grin:

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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you’re here.

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Welcome to the forum !!!

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Welcome to the fuorm and sorry for your loss my baby girl almost died from cancer so I can imagine how you feel

As for king he reached out to you and is telling you he wants a pact that right there shows your worthy and ready for it keep your head up and keep moving forward to your success


I Lost my mother after a 7 yr battle with Cancer when I was 18; and just two years ago I lost my wife and son when we were all hit by a drunk driver. I sympathize with your loss; if you feel you need to talk, feel free to PM me.

P.S. I am from Texas, so we are practically neighbors​:grin::rofl:
P.S.S. Also, I apologize for not commenting more in depth the first time. SHTF in my locality and I had to cut my msg short.


Thank you all for the welcoming and advice. It’s helped tons. I feel as though I can communicate with Him, because I asked if He could give me a sign or something so I would recognize that he is communicating, until I learn better skills, and He has and uses the same sign each time and it’s something that doesn’t pop up in my life very often-- and its significant to me-- which is how I know that it is a form of communication. However, I’ve heard that learning to meditate helps alot, my goal is to try to actually hear him, instead of the form of communication currently.

So, thank you each for your advice. I don’t have anyone around me who’s knowledgeable, most people here are Catholics, so I really appreciate it


Thank you, I definitely do feel overwhelmingly alone sometimes.
And, same for you, PM me if you ever need to talk or something. Not many people can understand on similar levels, so I’m always all ears.

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Thanks for your advice. I have asked in the beginning for Him to allow me to see a sign of some sort as a form of communication/validation for now, until I learn better skills, and He has. It’s been the same sign each time, and it’s something that doesn’t pop up in my life very often, so therefore I know it’s His way of communicating so far.
I’ve heard meditating is a good thing to practice in order to actually hear entity’s. So I’m working on that. Unless you have any advice?


Yes, that is correct. Developing your astral senses will boost your sensing of spirits. Clairaudience allows you to hear their voice in your mind and clairvoyance allows you to percieve their form. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. :joy::woman_facepalming: I always forget about those terms.


Hey, no worries :stuck_out_tongue::confounded:

Welcome to the forum. I’d say your instincts are dead on respective to wanting a solid foundation in the basics of grounding, banishing, and other magics that’ll aid you in manifesting YOUR will exactly as you see fit. Welcome to the forum, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it, crack books and study hard :slight_smile:



@kaykatexo this is, with the forum guardians´permission I hope, my temporary account. My LCD on my phone broke and I run everything through my phone while I am traveling. In the famous words of Samuel Clemmens, (AKA Mark Twain) “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”

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Aah the adrenaline rush when a spirit wants a pact with you I felt it before with King Paimon and Azazel. You should go for it. The results will amaze you.

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It reminds me of something I encountered twice in my sleep.
Black cloak, opaque.

Can I know what led you to believe what you have seen was King Paimon, specifically?

I asked to know his name many times before sleeping, the one I saw - never got an answer… except one hint one time, I had this dream just after where I encountered a being who wouldn’t help me if I asked his name, so I have to trust him basically without knowing who he is.