Should I pay someone to make a pact with duke dantalion, King paimon or duke sallos for me?

I desperately want/Need to make a pact with the mentioned entities on top (Dantalion, King Paimon, Sallos) but know how to sum up the energy/ get into a trance or have any astral senses necessary and I saw that Purgatory apotheca dot com is offering demonic pact for $190. any thoughts???

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It is completely up to you. We can’t make the choice for you.

We cannot review services here so we can’t tell you if the website you listed is legitimate or not, so as with everything, caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.


imo, its better to make the pact yourself


I do have my pact written down but I don’t have the astral senses or the know-how to get into a trance.


Dude you need to do this yourself. You can run a Goetic ritual without being able to hear or see the spirit. Look at lady Eva’s thread simplified Goetic summoning and darkest knight s petition thread.
End of the day the decision is yours but I’d do it myself. Those two threads I mentioned to you are literally treasures. Using lady Eva’s method I got a Goetic Prince to visibly manifest for me. First time in 20 years.


Others have given the same advice I would. I will add an additional aspect to it - your pact may not be accepted. You may be offering too much for too little or the opposite. What you’re asking for may already be coming your way and the offer would be too lopsided. They could reject it for any reason at all and if you don’t have someone (preferably yourself) to negotiate for your desires and make it worth their while, it could be rejected outright. The person you hire may not relay this or may not be advanced enough to understand what’s going on. None of this would help you.

But if they did the pact for you and said it was accepted (when it wasn’t), you’re stuck with upholding your end for no benefit.
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you don’t need astral senses or knowledge of trance. both are just states of your mind. you can do this unconventionally without a magical background. Dantalion is easy, you have already thought about your pact now it is time to clarify it. do you know his seal? then you should spend time with him, buy a couple of bottles of good red wine. drink and start thinking about it and you will become your experience. with sallos or paimon you can do the same with them and find out what they like.


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uh it’s best to do it yourself… why pay for something you can get for free unless you got MONEY money lol. good luck to you


Of course not! A pact is something personal and it is between you and the spirit

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Only if u trust the person

You really believe that? And would you send your body hair/nails, blood, date of birth, etc. to someone you don’t know? :flushed:


Not really,… But I want to see some results, and me trying it out for myself not really happening

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It’s better to do it yourself thou. Hmmm try it every night till they will have to respond. If they hear you day after day, every day… at some point will tell you through dreams or signs if yes or no

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I have to agree with Rav, sending blood, hair, nail clippings to some Magician you don’t know is really asking for it.

This practicioner could be a fool that ends up getting you cursed or smote badly. Or just be a charlatan taking your money.

Yes there is a CHANCE that he’s both genuine and competent. But man…there’s Alot of risk.

I already told you on an earlier post that you need to do this yourself. I don’t even need to bother reading the thread to know at least 80% of my peers feel the same way I do about it.

Face your fears, breathe and let the ALL flow you, pick up the wand and perform the magick. Change your life.
And that’s real talk…

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A compact is a serious and powerful agreement of long term cooperation between Magician and spirit and needs to be carefully considered and duly respected.

I know that. It doesn’t mean though that he can’t do it himself. There are many scammers out there unfortunately and in my opinion the pact should be made by him

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Oh I totally agree he needs to make the pact himself.