Anyone here removed their chakras?

Just watched J.S Garrett’s latest video featuring Elric Ragoczy where they discuss chakra removal.

I always have problems with chakras being blocked or unbalanced and it’s a real pain.

Wondering if anyone here has removed there’s and what benefits or even pitfalls have they noticed.

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Have you tried a search? This has been discussed many times, and I know there are threads where people discuss their experiences with it.


Okay sorry can delete this topic

The only one I know of who has removed his chakras and is still around is @Faustus. Maybe he will chime in.


“and is still around” - nice way to word it. Is it dangerous?

He just means he’s still active on the forum :slight_smile:

No it’s not dangerous. Speaking as a qigong practitioner who looked into chakras after learning energy work, chakras, in my opinion, are artificial constructs providing a window into the underlying energy body - you won’t damage the qi body buy removing the overlay, you’ll probably be able to work with it better.

I created chakras once in a few hours of one class, watched them come into existence, and without putting any work into maintaining them they faded naturally, as thoughtforms that are not sustained will - new energy needs to be held in place until it can hold itself. So I don’t have chakras and I’m really glad I never picked up this mode of thinking. Like I’m glad I never started smoking.

They are a deliberate tool, basically, and as tools are, they can only fit with a certain range of applications - people tend to remove them once they develop to the point of needing to extend the range.

If your chakras are imbalanced because your energy body is imbalanced, you still have to learn how to work with your energy. Removing chakras isn’t a cure-all.


So if I didn’t want to have chakras (since it seems more like something you have if you follow that belief/thought) - how would I go about removing them from myself?

What are the downsides of using the chakra system?

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From what was said, I guess it can be limiting.

I meant in what way

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@Mulberry might know more.

There isn’t much more to add over what I said in the other thread. Obviously I didn’t die like all the experts said I should. Someone did try to read my energy by going through my chakras and confirmed that they simply aren’t there. She said it was her first “access denied” ever.


The same way they were created - you visualised them into place, you can visualise them gone.
I do recommend doing energy working however, and in my opinion qigong allows you to work directly with the energy system as it manifests naturally, as it was discovered by mapping the body observationally.

I sound like a cracked record, but it’s true: energy follows mind, intention is everything… ask and you shall receive.

Well, speaking as an outsider, as I’ve never been particularly interested in delving into it, I can just tell you what my perceptions are that put me off doing that.

My sense is they limit you into using your energy in a limited set of techniques, my analogy is that it’s like trying to understand galactic mechanics with only Newtonian physics.
There’s nothing wrong with the model, and it works, but it’s just a model that is too simple for the task only works under a certain set of assumptions.
In the case of Newtonian physics it’s things like, gravity is a force and bodies only move at low speeds. This shapes thought and limits the conclusions and ideas you can have. Under relativistic mechanics gravity is not a force, actually matter bends spacetime causing objects to fall through time towards each other. Totally different ideas and applications become possible.

Both work depending of what you are trying to do with them though.

Similarly, chakras fix you in to a proscribed set of techniques and ideas, in what feels to me like a simplified, dumbed down way. There are similarities and differences between the organ correspondences, I prefer the qigong ones but I think it’s not that critical thb.
Prana doesn’t seem to be recognised as sentient and cooperative as qi is, which you can see as energy follows intention you can aim badly or vaguely (or not aim at all as in Reiki) and still hit the mark by intention alone.

Qigong is highly technical with info preserved over 10-15k years, it’s thought, which means very probably through the last cataclysm 12k years ago.

Qigong is holistic and links humans to the environment. qigong covers human qi, earth qi and cosmic qi, and teaches you how to work with all levels. What we see in the west with acupuncture, tai chi, feng shui (geomancy), qigong, nei gong, Chinese astrology and qi therapy in the west is the tip of the iceberg compared to what is collected. Mantak Chia wrote like 30 different books about it. You can control the flow of your energy precisely down to your little fingers, into your cells, do alchemy, longevity work, sexual magick, everything chakras can do and then the rest. There are blinds in the old texts as they get more and more obscurely magickal and the modern works are more secular but censored, and there’s still tons to learn.

I just don’t see the same applications coming out of chakras, I’m not aware of dozens of books on the many and varied uses of prana. Perhaps that’s my fault for not looking into it. I realised the ridiculous focus on the rainbow of colors as locking you in to what should be just a correspondence is a more recent western convention.

I’m still put off by down dumbed down it all is. Even the tantric stuff that gets into passing qi back and forth leaves out tons, so that you’re not being taught how to watch the energy flow around the combined circuit. Theres a strong focus on the root chakra being ‘sexual energy’, which it isn’t, I suspect that’s a mistranslated and this “sexual” energy is supposed to be the only creative force - it isn’t. And this is what happens - the more I look into it the more misleading and blind-ridden it looks.

With an understanding qigong I can see what the authors in chakra books are trying to do and it’s just all a bit too little, too twisted or missing the point. Will it get a newbie started in developing thier qi body and hence spiritual energy - absolutely. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But when that newbie isn’t new and is interested in energy working for more precise magick than vague finger pointing, it’s just not going to give you that.

That’s the downside - you’re not learning adequate skills, and you will hit a ceiling on understanding and application. I don’t think it hurts, I think as training wheels it’s probably fine but I’ll never experience that myself to be sure. I find chakras are very up in the collective unconscious and easy to emulate, but doing to perturbs my meridians and makes me feel icky.

There is anecdotal info from E.A. Koetting that he got rid of his chakras because they were constricting him, by pushing them out of his body one by one then rebuilding. He demonstrates doing it in a couple of his videos. When you’ve had energy in place a certain way for a long time it is hard to shift, it likes to stay as it is and takes a lot of repetitive work to change.


Yeah I have done that, too, and I see what you mean.

I only meditate by chanting: LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, AUM, OM + some affirmation
I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do but my chakras feel refreshed

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I have. It was very freeing. I have since done some basic “chakra work” like during a meditation I’ll focus on that area but I enjoyed taking them out. Next month I’ll probably do another sweep and remove any of that lingering energy. I felt a bit sick-ish for a little while after, but it felt like my energy just flowed much more naturally. I think someone describes it like taking off training wheel and I would agree. For me, it was a slightly nauseating process but all in all it went okay and I’m happy about that choice. It’s been roughly half a year I’d say.
Edit: I realize I made this sound crazy simple with no consequences… it was “simple” in the motions or magick, sure but there were consequences and it took some willpower I guess, or effort. It wasn’t necessarily pleasant but I absolutely don’t regret it.

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Just visualize you lifting them out of your body and dumping them into a black hole in front of you and they will be reabsorbed into the Universe and start using your Chi energy centers instead. Problem is there is not that many clear pictures of the placement of the Chi energy centers.

An alternative those, if you are more hardcore, is going over to using the vortices of the Shadowbody/Body of darkness that EA Koetting talks about in Lucifuge - Lord of pacts.

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