Sharing details from my Glasya-Labolas ritual

I mentioned to Glasya I would do a post for him and for others who may be interested in evoking him.

He likes Gold and yellow candles, Rosemary (fresh) burning during evocation, Direct overhead sunlight shining on his Sigil. He likes his Sigil to be Gold. The altar cloth I used was also bright Yellow

He likes to fly in the bright Sun and so I let the ritual burn for a couple of hours in my garden with very bright overhead Sunlight.

He likes offerings of Gold rings, skulls, Dog ornaments placed on a mini altar for him and I bought him this ring, which seemed to please him

He is great and very intelligent, show him courtesy and great respect and keep your promises to him and he will be a great ally and teacher.


Was this a baneful magic ritual or something else like Love, money, power?


Baneful. I used the main criminals photo from the Paper and included his group in the written petition


Quiet for a few days recently after the vehicle chaos of late. Today he (must be him) set a Car on fire as it was driving and basically blew it up.

Direct vehicle collisions, weather related freak accidents, Fires are the results so far .Feelings of ’ whatever next’; in the group so it is working


1 more accident today and one of the group banned from driving and prosecuted for drug driving and ramming a Police Car. I love Glasya


Chaos! I recommend Glasya fully for anyone with persistent enemies. Car crashes, freak accidents , direct one on one violence between members of the group and devastation


The ritual has been a success as what I wanted is happening in a dramatic fashion One death so far of the target group and utter chaos. I did a repeat ritual to give offerings and further details. Four days later my new petition was showing results.

Glasya -Labolas spoke for the first time, just 2 words and one image. I Gave him what he wanted with pleasure.

The whole game has changed since this evocation. Hail Glasya-Labolas! I told him I would tell the results on here to encourage others to work with him… He is wonderful.


This is turning into somewhat of a journal lol. Last night a targets house burnt down and another unrelated very large building just down the road burnt to the ground.

A car flipped last night who was in the group and there was a pile up with 3 vehicles this morning in the area . No idea if it is a target yet ,but nobody else gets injured who is innocent.

I am dumbstruck by how powerful Glasya is right now. It is daily and intense.


Glasya-Labolas is awesome. I haven’t even asked for a spot on straight death and he delivered, like, in mere hours :smiley: Glad your workings going so damn fine


Thank you! I am shocked really as he is so fast and efficient. He even said ‘nasty’ when I petitioned him lol. It is rare I hear anything like that at all.

I think I need to evoke Leraje soon as you have interested me in him too.


Lel, Glasya-Labolas told me literally to “raise it up” when I asked him what WOULD needed to be done if I wanted him to get serious :smiley:
Do that, I think they just complete themselves just perfectly fine in some tasks :slight_smile:


Yes, I remember mailing you about Leraje from my old membership on here. I remember you saying how he has helped you.

Glasya also said ‘Cider’ and I saw I had 2 Litres of my Nephews strongbow in the corner, I gave it to him promptly,


You really seem to click perfectly with each other, it always warms my cold dead heart when I read your stuff :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep it up, please!


Thanks :slight_smile: I was a little scared when I first went to Glasya, I had no idea he would be this friggin cool! I have a little altar for him now with lots of skulls and Dogs and rosemary

This was my first ritual, before I added the blood and rosemary. In my back garden and in the direct sun for 3 hrs as he likes


So your altar is always outside? :slight_smile: Or do you have an inside “installation” as well?

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My ritual starts outside in overhead bright Sun as he likes Sun on his Sigil. I then add blood and burn Rosemary and do the ritual with my offerings and Petiton. I then burn the lot after about 3 hours and add the ashes in a jar on his altar .

My Altar is in the Garage and has all of his things there. Lots of Skulls, Dogs, Gold and yellow objects and alcohol. I burn gold or yellow candles there sometimes for him too.


I like the dedication you put into your work :slight_smile: Maybe you should really make a diary or something, I have the slight feeling that there will be more to come,anyway :smiley:


I might do. I never knew this would happen and unfold like this. I have been updating it so people can see in real time what happens from evocation day to results and what they consist of. It may help someone thinking of working with him.:+1:


How exactly do you give blood? I’ve never managed to figure it out without it being painful

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I used diabetic lancets or if I feel like offering my pain as part of the deal, I slice my finger a little with my ritual dagger

Sometimes I like to give a little pain to show how serious I am